7 Best Nagoya Foods to Try

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7 Best Nagoya Foods to Try
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Nagoya is a beautiful part of Japanese country. This city has great culture and tradition that you meet at every corner. Also, you meet here many different restaurants and it is not surprising. The Nagoya`s cuisine is very unique, some of the dishes you can try only in this city, and sometimes only in one restaurant. Let’s take a look at the best dishes you can try in Nagoya.

1. Miso Katsu

7 Best Nagoya Foods to Try 1
Source: David Pursehouse

Miso Katsu is a pork dish. Local chefs prepare this meal very professionally and truly delicious. At first, pork is fried in breadcrumbs and only then it dips into the hot miso sauce. When the pork is ready, the chef serves it on a plate with adding shredded cabbage and rice. Perfect meal for people who are trying Nagoya food at first.

2. Tebasaki

7 Best Nagoya Foods to Try 2
Source: ManEatManila

Nagoya is very famous for its chicken dishes and Tebasaki is a great example of it. Hot and delicious fried chicken wings that were pickled in cold beer are a great addition to the main meal like noodles or rice bowl. Also, you can order the plate of Tebasaki and enjoy it with your friends and few bottles of beer.

3. Ebi Fri

7 Best Nagoya Foods to Try 3
Source: Alpha

You can find a fried shrimps in every restaurant of Japan, but you will never find so big like in Nagoya. Nagoya`s cuisine is very proud of this dish. Ebi Fri is big fried shrimps that are served on a big plate with some salad and simple sauces such as tartar. Ebi Fri is a good dish for people who love seafood.

4. Uirou

7 Best Nagoya Foods to Try 4
Source: Sakura Mutsuki

Uirou is a Nagoya`s sweets that are made from rice powder or flour with adding a sugar. This sweet has a jelly texture and very sweet taste. Uirou has many taste variations, you will have a chance to eat it with a taste of simple sweet beans, pumpkins or even chocolate and watermelon. You will find Uirou very tasty in addition to a green tea.

5. Hitsumabushi

7 Best Nagoya Foods to Try 5
Source: pelican

Hitsumabushi is a perfect dish for every season. Marinated and grilled little pieces of eel are served in a big bowl with a hot rice. The eel has many vitamins that our body requires, so it will be a perfect meal before or after long working day. Hitsumabushi has a wonderful flavor and the eel’s meat is always delicate. This dish is perfect for families with children.

6. Miso Nikomi

7 Best Nagoya Foods to Try 6
Source: amanderson2

Miso Nikomi is a long preparing but very delicious Nagoya`s dish. It can’t be prepared at home by yourself, so you need to find a perfect restaurant to try it because it is worth it. The chef mixes udon noodles, onions, chicken and sometimes he adds large Ebi fry. The taste is very different from traditional Miso soup. Totally must-try food for everyone who will travel to Nagoya.

7. Oyakodon

7 Best Nagoya Foods to Try 7
Source: George Alexander

Oyakodon is a unique dish of Nagoya`s cuisine. It is simple in the preparation but it is very tasty at the same time. Chef simmered pieces of chicken and onions in a soy sauce with eggs. Сooked toppings are served in one big bowl with hot Japanese rice. Oyakodon is very popular among locals, they love it for its simplicity and rich flavor.

Сertainly, Nagoya has one of the delicious and most traditional cuisines in Japan. You will never regret if you try few dishes from this list, even more, you will have unforgettable food experience in Japan.

Have a good trip and travel!

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