10 Best Beaches You Must Go in Malaga

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Malaga Beach
Source: Romtomtom

I consider Summer to be the best part of the year. Time to bask in the sun and probably get a tan too. Autumn is around the corner, and before you know it, it will be winter. You are going to miss the hot weather. If you happen to be in Malaga, or you are looking for a place to have some fun and some heat too, Malaga beaches are the ones you should be at or purpose to be there. Get your ticket. Here are some of the best beaches that you should visit.

1. Playa de la Malagueta

This beach is a 10-minute walk from the city. A great place to spend the rest of your day away from the rush in the city. Do you want to sit, stroll, skate or even cycle? The beach is flexible and will accommodate you all. They have very affordable prices that won’t make you feel like you have been ‘robbed,’ this applies to both the locals and tourists alike. There are enough sunbeds with parasols for hire, showers, etc. It’s a great place to spend time with your kids. No forgetting the soft, warm sands. Oh!You won’t want to leave.


  • Name: Playa de la Malagueta
  • Address: Paseo Marítimo Pablo Ruíz Picasso, s/n, 29016 Málaga, Spain
  • Phone: +34 951 92 60 10
  • Website: http://www.malaga.eu/

2. La Caleta Beach

Basking in the Sun
Source: Martin Haisch

Ever thought that you could have a history lesson on a beach? I know the idea seems boring, but that’s because you have never paid a visit to this beach. La Caleta Beach is found in the historic Cadiz City of Spain. It is enfolded by cliffs and meadows, and the water is dark blue. A favorite of the locals as it is somewhat private. The beach is close to two historic Castillo’s that are worth having a peak. What better way to have a history lesson than while walking on the Atlantic waters on the shore with the sound of waves crashing on the cliffs?


  • Name: La Caleta
  • Length: Roughly 400 meters
  • Width: Roughly 15 meters
  • Beach: Dark sand

3. La Cala de Maro

Maro Beach was voted Spain’s number 2 Best Beach in 2013. Lined with cove-like borders and its picturesque surrounding, you can’t argue with that. It has crystal clear waters which are lavishing with marine life. You may be tempted to go hiking on the cliffs nearby. But why not? Apart from that, there are numerous exciting activities that you could be part of, such as snorkeling, kayaking to see the underwater caves and caverns, etc. It will be a worthwhile experience; I can assure you.


  • Name: La Cala De Maro
  • Length : 500m
  • Width : 20m
  • Popularity : Medium
  • Urbanized : No

4. Playa de Caletiila

At the Balcon De Europa
Source: Jose A.


  • Name: Playa de Caletiila
  •  Length: 50 m
  • Width : 15-20m
  • Sand: Dark

5. Cabopino Beach

Cabopino Beach
Source: Konstantin

It is surrounded by sand dunes and was given the status of a National Monument in 2001. The beach shores are covered with gray sand the waters aren’t deep. Time to get your feet wet, right? Offers you a splendid view of the sunset and you can hear the waters and sand beckon, for you to take a stroll around. Would be a beautiful setting for a romantic getaway. It is popular with LGBT groups, and it also has sections for nudists. That’s for those who feel like they can’t stay in their clothes any longer.


  • Name: Cabopino
  • address: Marbella 29600, Málaga, Spain

6. Pedregalejo Beach

Pedregalejo Beach is the best beach to go try out some Spanish dishes while you are at it. It was recently reconditioned and thus has beautiful artificial reefs on the shoreline and a u-line promenade. It is also lined with various bars and restaurants. You don’t have to worry about what you will eat. Take time to try out some biznagueros; made from jasmine. There are also ember stands for you to do your cooking if you want to. Don’t forget to watch the sunset too.

7. Puerto Banus Marbella Beach

Playa de Puerto Banus
Source: sksachin

Puerto Banus is a fantastic beach to be at, during your stay in Malaga. The warm and quiet waters, and the surrounding too. Everything you need on a beach, you will find there. It is mostly frequented by celebrities, and thus the prices may not be fair.You can be sure to spend a splendid time with family and friend as you enjoy the locally made tapas and other foods available. It has a serene environment. What better place to get some peace and quiet?


  • Name: Puerto Banus Marbella
  • Length: 1km
  • Width: 50m
  • Sand: fine

8. Fuente De La Salud Beach

This beach is in proximity to Puerto Marina in Benalmedena. It is popular with tourists and locals, so you best get there early. There are loungers and parasols rentals available. You can participate in various water-sports with Pedro Kayak found at the water’s edge. This is a shop that rents out water-sporting gear and equipment at dear prices. You will also be able to sample diverse local dishes from paellas to Sofli bars. You can get coffee too, depending on the weather.


  • Name: Fuente de la Salud
  • Length: 160m
  • Width: 80m

9. Las Gaviotas Beach

If you want to take a ride in the waters, this is the place to be. Las Gaviotas has yacht rentals; you can have some fun time in one. It is lined with piers that make small arcs on the shore each with a sunbed. You can also go for a spa at the beach. The sand is warm and soft. Whereas the water is calm and thus suitable for kids too. There are lifeguards on site in case of any dangers arising.


  • Name: Las Gaviotas
  • Length: 1200m
  • Width: 40m
  • Sand: dark
  • Occupation: high

10. Arroyo Hondo Beach

View of the Beach
Source: boaski

Its shores are made of gravel and dark sand. The waters are calm and ideal for walking, though. It is surrounded by hills with thick vegetation. This makes it somewhat secluded. The main road passes close by, and it is therefore easily accessible. Loungers and shades are rented at an affordable price. There are public telephones, showers, and various restaurants nearby.


  • Name: Arroyo Hondo
  • Length: 400 m
  • Width: 20 m
  • Occupancy rate: High

There are many stunning beaches in Malaga, each with a unique feature that sets it apart from all the others. If you want to brush shoulders with celebrities, try some local dishes, hire a yacht, you name it. There’s somewhere to go. Have the time of your life, hoping that it won’t be the ‘Tan of your life.’

Have a good trip and travel!

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