10 Places to Shop in Cadiz: What to Buy

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Cadiz Shop
Source: Stephan Kiessling

Shopping is varied in an urban center, with everything from designer garments to distinctive Spanish handicrafts out there. Columbia and Ancha streets are maybe the most effective places to begin your memento searching whereas the previous town’s Sunday mart is right for collectors of surprising things.

1. Fresh flowers at Plaza de las Flores

This plaza has flower markets further as alternative nice retailers and cafe’s, there’s additionally a pleasant white marble sculpture with water feature at its base. The plaza is enclosed by pretty historic old buildings and has trees planted around it. The place is really nice and well value a visit. It is simply off the Western rear of the Plaza.


  • Name: Plaza de las Flores
  • Address: 11010 Plaza de las Flores, Cádiz, Spain
  • Type: Flower Stalls
  • Hours: 7am to 10pm
  • Open: Daily

2. Delicious Pies at La Gloria

Horno La Gloria sells pies, tortillas, and bread made more special with the fillings and more juicy of the province flavors. You can make yourself at home with their  tasty pies history. They started with a food snack of Vienna bread amazingly stuffed with the good tortilla. For that if you’re going to the central market of Cadiz, just get one of those succulent La Sartén tortillas.


  • Name: Horno La Gloria
  • Address: c / Gloria 1-3. 11006 Cadiz
  • Phone: 956 292 510 / 956 270 481
  • E-Mail: info@hornolagloria.com
  • Type: Pies Shop
  • Web: http://www.hornolagloria.com/

3.Luxury Items at El Corte Inglés

Who knew that a small tailor shop with the street price would become the first department store in Europe and the third in the world. In addition, there’s a reference in the daily lives for many generations . They can not be happier. Therefore, they have designed their place to celebrate and enjoy in the same little way that allowed them to get there by the client’s side. Come there, discover, enjoy, as well as participate and of course buy.


  • Name: El Corte Inglés
  • Address: Avenida cortés de cadiz 11012 Cádiz
  • Type: Department Store
  • Phone: +34 956 26 63 03
  • Hours: 10am to 8pm
  • Web: http://www.elcorteingles.es

4.Seafood at Central Market

This is a covered place market that sells a large variety of food products like the fresh catch of the day, the freshest fish you’ll get, meat, vegetables and different souvenirs. though you’ll not essentially get something here since that sometimes means you’ve got to possess the means that to cook what you bought, it’s fun to observe what the native housewives and cooking chefs are shopping for.


  • Name: Central Market
  • Address: P.I. Libertad, Near Plaza de las Flores
  • Type: Public market
  • Phone: none
  • Hours: 6am to 8pm
  • Open: Everyday

5.Special Honey at Pan De Lux

Have you tried a different range of specialty honey? They come from exotic places and countries such as Mexico and Guatemala. Check out the varieties available in the store of Pan De Lux. Also, try their fresh fruit smoothie for breakfast. They’re awesomely packed full of full energy but is light and tasty. They are open for your breakfast as well as lunch. They are just ten minutes stroll from the beach. drop by and pop in for a great snack and have a cool drink with all your family and friends.


  • Name: Pan De Lux
  • Address: Avda. Archipiélago Ctra. de Cadiz N340 Km 189.2 (salida urb. pinomar)
  • Type: Food shop
  • Phone: +34 952 83 28 91
  • Hours: 6am to 8pm
  • Open: Everyday
  • Web: http://www.pandelux.com/

6. Sports items at  Decathlon El Puerto de Santa Maria

Everyone in the store was helpful as it goes with particular for guests to have a great experience shopping at Decathlon in almost all areas. It is especially true in different sports like surfing, hunting, and fishing. Both the manager and the kids who in service as always to the public. They treated everyone correctly and perhaps they are giving more of themselves not only for the work but putting their experience at their disposal so that they will have great value for everyone.


  • Name: Decathlon El Puerto de Santa Maria
  • Address: Poligono Comercial La Isleta. Valdelagrana, El Puerto de Santa María.
  • Type: Sports Shop
  • Phone: +34 956 56 90 26
  • Open: Monday to Saturday
  • Hours: 9am – 10pm
  • Web: http://www.decathlon.es/es/store

7. Surf Gear at Homies Surf and Skate

Amazing and great finishes of the new tables of manual surfboards. They have new colors and shape improved! They are all in good table quality and of course great price!.That’s what you can get in Homie’s Surf & Skate. There are other things to buy like shirts, shorts, gears, souvenir items and collectible merchandise.


  • Name: Homies Surf & Skate
  • Address: Crta.Playa de El Palmar. S/N, Vejer de la Frontera
  • Type: Surf shop
  • Phone: +34 856 92 06 36
  • Hours: 8am to 6pm
  • Open: Everyday

8. Gifts at Tienda Cucaracha

The Store La Cucaracha is known by many people and many people know the woman owner for many years. Customers have always bought some clothes, accessories, and necklaces for someone else in their family. Others buy necklaces, bracelet or other things. Most people take note, especially of the kindness of the owner.


9. Arts and Crafts at Manuaticos

The best shop craft materials and tools . All quality and very good price. The shop is charming and advises and counsels if you have doubts . Decoupage papers for each more beautiful. I recommend to all crazy crafts that you visit. They have the very good deal and super good value . If you’re looking for something and not available, they move heaven and earth to find and satisfy their customers .


  • Name: Manuaticos
  • Address: C/ Francisco García de Sola nº 46 Cadiz
  • Phone: +34 956 47 80 80
  • Type: Crafts store
  • Hours: 10am to 9pm
  • Open: Monday to Saturday
  • Web: http://www.facebook.com/manuaticos

10. Clothes at CRAZY Boutique

They have great cool clothes for all tastes and sizes. In honor of their name, it’s crazy that fit you well and have so much for you to choose from their store. You’ll definitely like it great trying it on. Most customers say they will come back. A very nice shop with a great deal, beautiful clothes and good prices!


Since several tourists flock to close city, a town of the urban center is one among Spain’s best-kept secrets. Remember that some smaller outlets go on the afternoon for the nap. Keep that in mind whereas you buying souvenirs or some things you wish in shops and stores.

Have a great trip and travel!

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