10 Restaurants to go in Granada

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Restaurants Granada
Source: Tracey Hind

The beautiful, picturesque city of Granada awaits your visit. the famous restaurants here offer all types of cuisine from all over the world, chose the one that fits your vacation and dive into a journey for your taste buds! Here are some of the restaurants to go to in Granada

1. Restaurante Arrayanes Granada SL

The restaurant is set in  an oriental exotic atmosphere in the Caldererias Barrio. It is a magical experience owing to the beautiful interiors. the delicious food is Moroccan halal with a mediocre price. The restaurant does not serve alcohol. Instead the minty soft drinks are a must try for those looking for something different.  the restaurant is easily accessible and they have a friendly staff as claimed by reviewers.


  • Name: Restaurante Arrayanes Granada SL
  • Address: Cuesta Marañas, 4, 18010 Granada, Spain
  • Access:
  • Opening hour: 1:30–4:30PM, 7:30–11:30PM

2. Restaurante Raices

Featuring European cuisine, including Spanish and Mediterranean dishes this restaurant is great for the traditional delicacies. It provides gluten free vegetarian dishes and serves lunch and dinner. The restaurant is set in a quiet environment making it a peaceful meal and a lovely day. it is easily accessible and comfortably accommodates 80 odd people. It offers both vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes and it a must try for it is one of the best restaurants to go in Granada.


  • Name: Restaurante Raices
  • Address:  Calle Pablo Picasso, 30, 18008 Granada, Spain
  • Access:
  • Opening hour: 1:30–4PM, 9PM–12AM

3. Restaurante Ruta del Azafrán

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This restaurant is best suited for special occasion dining, group dinners, family dinners, business meetings, local cuisine and romantic dinners. The restaurant serves delicious cuisine, mostly local dishes for lunch and dinner. It also offers Mediterranean, European, Spanish and international cuisine and serves halal dishes. The best features include outdoor seating, highchairs, free WiFi, reservation systems, etc. the restaurant is easily accessible and comfortable.


  • Name: Restaurante Ruta del Azafrán
  • Address: Paseo del Padre Manjón, 1, 18010 Granada, Spain
  • Opening hour: 11:30AM–1AM

4. Damasqueros

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The restaurant is a beautifully designed setting with delicious foods. It is modern in style, the dining room is wood paneled and the lighting is warm to suit the creative Andulasian Cuisine prepared by the local chef, Lola Marin. She has learnt the trade from some of the top chefs of Spain and thus the delicious treats. The menu is weekly shuffled and runs to more than 120 choices, including Granada wines. The restaurant stands hidden in the Realejo, and thus is less frequented by visitors. Still, it is one of the best restaurants to go to in Granada.


  • Name: Damasqueros
  • Address: Calle Damasqueros, 3, 18009 Granada, Spain
  • Access:
  • Opening hour: 1-3PM, 8:30-10:PM

5. El Claustro

The restaurant building is situated in a historic locality of Granada. It is a fascinating piece of architecture and monastic tranquility of its past. There is a charming terrace with seating available along with an internal dining room. The strong culinary, contemporary cuisine is the highlight of this place apart from the interiors and architecture. There is Spanish, Mediterranean, and gluten free treats available for dinners and lunch. The place is best for romantic dinner, family dinners or business meetings.


  1. Name: El Claustro
  2. Address: Hotel Ac Palacio de Santa Paula, Calle Gran Vía de Colón, 31, 18001 Granada, Spain
  3. Access:
  4. Opening Hour: 1:30-4PM 7-11:30 PM

6. Carmen Mirador de Aixa Restaurant

Another restaurant in yet another historic locality: Carmen Mirador de Aixa Restaurant is set in the Abayzin neighborhood. The restaurant offers a picturesque view of the Alhambra Palaces. The building has an indoor dining room as well as outdoor seating. The place has a comfortable atmosphere and a setback, relaxed style. The cuisine includes Mediterranean, Spanish, and European delicacies for dinner and after hour meals. The traditional set up, dishes and the décor make this one of the best restaurant, suited for occasions such as family dinners and business meetings.


  1. Name: Carmen Mirador de Aixa Restaurant
  2. Address: Carril de San Agustín, 2, 18010 Granada, Spain
  3. Access:
  4. Opening hour: 7:30 – 11PM

7. El Trasgu Restaurant

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Restaurante El Trasgu offers a wide range of vegetarian courses and great asturian products. The dishes are made with asturian natural cider and ecological vines from Granada. The place is set in a beautiful part of the city, making for a relaxed but fun meal. The restaurant is located in the Realejo neighborhood in San Matias. They also specialize in gluten free treats and homemade desserts. It is a perfect mix of delicious food and right set up!


  1. Name: El Trasgu Restaurant
  2. Address: Calle del Campo del Príncipe, 12, 18009 Granada, Spain
  3. Access:
  4. Opening Hours: 12-5PM 8 PM – 12 AM

8. Atahualpa Steak House

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This is a small Argentinian restaurant set in the heart of the Granada city. It is a place in Europe that provides delicious beef steaks, rib-eye, sirloin, filet, chicken and lamb chops. There is availability of outdoor sitting during summers. The restaurant also serves other South American, steakhouse and European cuisine as well for lunch dinner and after hour’s meals too. There is also free wifi and wheelchair availability.


  1. Name: Atahualpa Steak House
  2. Address:  Plaza del Campillo Bajo, 18009 Granada, Spain
  3. Access:
  4. Opening Hour: 12:30-4 PM 8:30- 11PM

9. Restaurante Cantina Mexicana Chile Grande

The authentic tastes of Mexican cantina in Europe! This Mexican restaurant, Mexican cantina, Chile Grande is set in the heart of Granada city, Spain. The bar is very well known for the traditional home cooked Mexican dishes. This place surely serves the true flavor of Mexico, including nachos, tacos, burritos, fajitas and quesadillas. The restaurant is open for lunch, dinner as well as after hour meals. It also serves the best of alcohols from Mexican origin. So if you really want the feel of South America while on tour in Granada, Spain, Cantina Mexicana Chile Grande is one place to seduce your taste buds!


  1. Name: Restaurante Cantina Mexicana Chile Grande
  2. Address: Calle Ancha de la Virgen, 4, 18009 Granada, Spain
  3. Access:
  4. Opening Hour: 12–4PM, 8PM–12AM

10. Vía Colón

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Another historic restaurant set in the historic heart of Granada city, Via Colon is an easily accessible Spanish restaurant and cafe. Serving mainly Spanish cuisine, the restaurant awaits good food that had the feeling of going back home. The traditional dishes are offered in an utmost cozy atmosphere, and are available for lunch, dinner and after hour meals. Easy on your pocket, the restaurant specializes in stews, meat, fish, and a variety of delicacies on the exotic menu! This is one of a must go restaurants in Granada, Spain.


  1. Name: Vía Colón
  2. Address: Calle Gran Vía de Colón, 13, 18001 Granada, Spain
  3. Access:
  4. Opening hour: 8 AM- 12 AM

The world is full of foodies and Spanish cuisine is one of the tastiest to try. While on tour to Granada, these restaurants will be awaiting to serve the best of cuisine, each specializing in something different. Do visit these.

Have a good trip and travel!

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