10 Things To Do in Caceres:Spain

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The origin of the place of Cáceres was in ancient times, as prove by the works of art in the Cuevas de Maltravieso or Maltravieso Caves which go back to the late Paleolithic period. Guests can see stays from medieval times, the Roman occupation, Moorish occupation and the Golden period of Jewish society in Spain.

1.Visit the Old Town of Caceres

The Old Town of Cáceres is an urban outfit of that encompasses  a mass of 1,174m, situated in the Autonomous Community of the region or place of Extremadura in the southwestern part of the Iberian Peninsula. Cáceres has been an exchange course city and a political focal point of the neighborhood nobles for a long time.

2.Monfrague National Park

Monfrague is the ideal spot to work on birdwatching. Keeps running from the east toward the west of the Tagus River. An ensured region until 1979. Has a long edge of mountains. Has a noteworthy rock face known as Peña Falcon or Salto del Gitano? Monfrague is the home to a large number of winged animals of prey. Has been perceived a National Park following 2007.


  • Name: Monfrague National Park
  • Address: 10695 Villareal de San Carlos, Cáceres, Spain
  • Province: Province of Cáceres
  • Area: 1,950 km²
  • Phone: +34 927 19 91 34
  • Established: 2007

3. Royal Monastery of Santa Maria de Guadalupe

The monastery cloister had its origins in the late thirteenth century when a shepherd from Cáceres, named Gil Cordero, found on the bank of the Guadalupe River a statue of the Blessed Virgin, which had been obviously concealed by nearby tenants from Moorish trespassers in 714. On the site of his revelation, a sanctuary was fabricated, committed under the title of Our Lady of Guadalupe.


  • Name: Royal Monastery of Santa Maria de Guadalupe
  • Address: Plaza Sta. María de Guadalupe, 10140 Guadalupe, Cáceres, Spain
  • Hours: 9AM–7PM
  • Open: Daily
  • Province: Province of Cáceres
  • Phone: +34 927 36 70 00

4.Santa Maria Church-Procathedral

The visit was improved with the help of a sound aide. Gives incredible points of interest. The sacred place is dazzling! Definitely justified even despite the ascend the ringer tower as well. Gives impressive perspectives over the city. Nice church yet not worth the extra charge. Wonderful sacred place, with perspective from the tower, was OK yet better from the taller tower at San Francisco Javier church on opposite side of Plaza de San Jorge.


  • Name: Santa Maria Church Procathedral
  • Address: Plaza Santa Maria, Caceres, Spain
  • Phone Number: 927215313
  • Interest: Religious
  • Hours: 7am to 6pm

5.Museo de Caceres

The Museo de Caceres is a Spanish open organization in the city of Cáceres . It has been stating – possessed and its administration is exchanged to the Junta de Extremadura. Caceres Museum is situated in the old town, possessing two memorable structures which are the House of the vanes and the Casa de Los Caballos. The season of dating the figures of grotesqueness coated artistic finials and expensive shields of the fundamental exterior.


  • Name: Museo De Cáceres
  • Type: Museum
  • Address: Plaza de Las Veletas, 1, 10003 Cáceres, Spain
  • Phone:+34 927 01 08 77
  • Hours: 9AM–3PM
  • Open: Tuesday to Sunday

6.Torre de Bujaco

The emblem of Cáceres is the most striking working icon in Plaza Mayor. The Tower of Bujaco is ensuring the northwest flank of the fantastic city of Caceres. Bujaco tower with the Chapel of Peace on the right. It is a building once in the past of an Arab square plant raised on ashlar by the Romans. The tower is around 11 m behind by 25 high.


  • Name: Torre de Bujaco
  • Interest: Historical Landmark
  • Address: Plaza Mayor, s/n, 10003 Cáceres, Spain
  • Phone:+34 927 24 67 89
  • Hours: Open today · 10AM–2PM, 5:30–8:30PM

7.Palace des Golfines de Abajo

It has a Gothic structure, with regards to the model of fortification houses which were worked amid the fifteenth century. The towers on either side of the façade have diverse extents: taller on the privilege, and littler on the left. The façade has a crescent curve with peaks along the edges. This house was the habitation of the Catholic Monarchs on their visits to the city.


  • Name: Palace delos Golfines de Abajo
  • Artistic period:Renaissance
  • Construction:Stately noble house
  • Historic period:15th century
  • Open: Monday to Sunday
  • Hours: 10am to 4pm

8. Casa Museo Arabe de Caceres Yussuf al Burch

Genuinely interesting. It is a private Museum, with gifts requested. Homage to Al-Andalus. An intriguing thought, well done. The first Arab house has been reproduced with a mixed blend of Arabic-themed furniture and different things. An agreeable and eager proprietor. Certainly justified regardless of a look, especially in the event that you haven’t been to Granada/Cordoba. Gives an alternate point of view to Caceres old town.


  • Name: Museo Arabe
  • Interest: Museum
  • Address: 3 Cuesta del Marqués, 1, 10003 Cáceres, Spain
  • Open: Tuesday to Sunday
  • Hours: 10am to 5pm

9.Paseo De Canovas Caceres

One of the best known in the estate of Málaga was created in the thirties. Likewise known by local people is the Norba Cinema, worked in 1934 and had 2,000 seats. At one end of the Paseo is a landmark devoted to the attorney, legal scholar, and agent Muñoz Chaves. In any case, this statue was not generally at the present area, with the focal point of the Paseo de Canovas transformed into a cross.


  • Name: Paseo de Cánovas
  • Interest: Park
  • Address: Av. de España, 10001 Cáceres, Spain
  • Open: Daily
  • Hours: 7am to 6pm

10. Parque Del Principe Caceres

Found 5 minutes from downtown, incorporates around 22 hectares of greenery enclosures with a microclimate both in winter and in summer it perfect resting place, walk, perusing and meeting friends. There listed more than 1,000 distinct types of trees, bushes, and palm trees, In the recreation center we can discover more than 1000 recorded plant species which thusly have more than 80 types of winged creatures.


  • Name: Parque del Príncipe
  • Interest: Park
  • Address: Calle Jose Luis Cotallo, 10001 Cáceres, Spain
  • Hours: 8AM–12AM
  • Open: Monday to Sunday

Cáceres has four fundamental zones to be investigated, the recorded quarter, the Jewish quarter, the present day focus, and the edges. Visit some of the historic places as much as you can if you’re in the area.

Have a good trip and travel!

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