10 Places to Shop in Granada: What to Buy?

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Source: Alper Çuğun

Granada is a city full of things to do. Though it is an ancient city, it has lovely things to offer, beautiful views to sight! For shopaholics, the city holds a galore of traditional Spanish goods and even other international merchandise. Go on and take a look at these 10 places to shop in Granada and what to buy while you are there!

1. Albayzin

Source: Abir Anwar

Albayzin is one colorful, old Moorish quarter, an awesome place to wander. There are abundant shops to shop from. The colorful, cheap but attractive stuff is a sure eye-catcher for the shopaholics. One can meander on the streets for buying anything from jewelry, little furniture, to clothes. The place is best known for selling Indian and Moroccan fabric. There are also small artifacts like stained glass lamps, small tables, boxes, etc. the place has a number of shops selling contemporary and chic accessories, shoes, etc. For every shopaholic visiting Granada, this is the place to be!


  • Name: Albayzin or Albaicin
  • Address: Granada, Spain.
  • Opening hour:10am – 1 pm and 5-8pm

2. Alcaiceria Neighborhood

Source: Nicolas Vollmer

The silk bazaar in the Alcaiceria neighborhood was once where silk was made and sold. It was burnt sometime in the past and now, the stalls are taken over by souvenir shops. The set up still looks ancient, especially before peak hours. That is when the gates, walls of the entrances are visible and the architecture gives that past-like ambiance. The goods sold here vary from souvenirs, gifts, funky jewelry, clothes, and funky articles. It is one interesting place for that shopaholic inside each one of us!


  • Name: Alcaicería
  • Address: Calle Alcaicería, Granada, Spain
  • Opening hour: Varies from shop to shop.

3. Tienda Librería de la Alhambra

Bookworms beware! This place is sure to take hours away from you. It has a delicious collection of all kinds of books, ranging from children’s art books to fiction, nonfiction, almost anything and everything for different tastes! It is more than a library, since it has its own souvenir shop, having quality gifts for your loved ones. The other things to look out for in this shop cum library include small coffee table style tomes, hand painted fans, artistic stuff, stationary, and stunning photographic prints. This place is one of the best shops to go shopping for gifts in Granada.


  • Name: Tienda Libreria
  • Address: Calle Reyes Católicos 40, Granada, Spain.
  • Opening hour: 9.30am-8.30pm

4. Cuesta Gomerez Street

Cuesta Gomerez Street
Source: Harvey Barrison

This beautiful, friendly and peaceful street is a lovely place to wander around. The residential buildings and the bougainvillea falling from windows makes it a pleasant trip. For shopping, the place has tiny shops with unusual items, like postcards, fans, and trinkets. The place is home to craftsmen, gluing away intricate articles and selling marquetry boxes. Manuel Morillo Castillo is a famous craftsman on this street who sells marquetry arts in his shop cum studio. The street is colorful and fragrant with all the different kinds of pottery, crafts, and stationery. It is a must go for the artsy and shopaholics alike!


  • Name: Cuesta Gomerez Street
  • Address: Cuesta de Gomérez, 18009 Granada, Spain
  • Opening hour: 10am – 1 pm and 5-8pm

5. Alquímía Pervane

This shop is especially known for the fragrant items. The perfumes, therapeutic oils, cosmetics, anything pleasantly fragrant! Treat yourself to the perfectly natural and pleasant cosmetic, which suits you best. They have a wide variety of herbal and natural concoctions to give you the right choice. The Andalusian family business is specialized in the field of medicines. The staff out there is helpful, polite and friendly and shall be of great help choosing the right thing for you!


  • Name: Alquímía Pervane
  • Address: Calderería Nueva
  • Opening hours: 10am – 10 pm

6. Daniel Gil de Avalle

Music lovers will enjoy this particular shop. This is one famous shop owned by the man who goes by the name Daniel. He is a guitarist and a guitarrero (guitar maker). There are also sheets of music notes available of course and the place has the vibes that the music-oriented people would love! The shop sells exquisite handmade guitars, vintage guitars and evidently emphasizes on flamenco, the typical Spanish!


  • Name: Daniel Gil de Avalle
  • Address: Plaza del Realejo 15, Granada, Spain
  • Opening hours: 10am-1pm & 5-8pm

7. Ibérica: The Ham Shop

The foodies delight, this very recent shop is home to the most delicious hams and specializes in Jamon Iberico- which is a traditionally Andalusian. Here also lies a large stock of a variety of wines. The wines are regional vintage and the shop also stocks delicatessen products and some conserves as well. A tired shopper can run in here to fill their growling tummy and never be disappointed. The store serves you all the things to enjoy the best meal after a tiring day.


  • Name: Iberica: the ham shop
  • Address: Carrera de la Virgen, 27, 18009 Granada.
  • Opening Hours: 10 am- 10 pm

8. Sabores Al-Andalus

Sabores Al-Andulas is a cute little souvenir shop that makes you chose the perfect gift for your loved one. The items on sale here include mugs with various color filters, lemon filters, and silicone. The shop also sells so many great varieties of delicious chocolates in almost every form ranging from toffee to bars. The coffee in the shop is one of the best, to give that coffee lover friend of yours, the perfect gift! You are sure to find just the right thing for that special one here!


  • Name: Sabores Al-Andulas
  • Address: Acera del Darro, 2 Gallery: Pasaje Regina
  • Opening hours: 10 am – 9 pm
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