7 Places to Shop in La Palma; What to Buy

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Shopping Mall in La Palma
Source: Laurie Avocado

To watch the best parts of the country is not our sole desire whenever visiting a place. We try to bring things which are part of the culture of the country, or which will remind us of the sweet experience, or which will make our relatives happy. So you need to know the shopping areas of La Palma and also the things which are available there.

1. Sunglass Island

The sunglass island is popular as the name suggests for sunglasses. There are varieties of sunglasses which will make you confused whenever choosing one among them. The shopkeeper is very helpful and will help you in choosing the sunglass. So to buy new sunglass for you and your relatives come here during your visit.


  • Name: Sunglass Island
  • Address: AVENIDA CARLOS FRANCISCO LORENZO NAVARRO, 42B, 38760, Los Llanos de Aridane, La Palma, Spain
  • Contact no: +34 922 40 19 83

2. Artefuego

This is another gift corner. You may find this shop to be a glassware art studio. There are the loads of ornaments, glasses, lampshades and many other things which will attract you. This place is very popular among the visitors as they can get the handmade things here.


  • Name: Artefuego
  • Address: Plaza de Sotomayor 29, 38760, Los Llanos de Aridane, La Palma, Spain
  • Contact no: +34 699745153

3. Jaume III & Born, Charming Boutique Shopping

At the street of Avinguda Jaume III, this market is the most elegant avenues in Palma. The street itself has become popular because of the market today. This is the market where both men and women searches for jewelry and gifts. Fashionable leather goods are available here. Buy your jewelry from here without any doubt. Have coffee at the nearest café here or enjoy the lunch in a nearby restaurant.


  • Address: Jaume III & Born street, Palma de Mallorca, La Palma

4. La Molina Artesania

You may get the gifts and specialty shops here in this market. You must come here once during your visit. This can be the great place for the people who love shopping. The staffs are friendly and helpful enough. There is an attractive art gallery which will attract you and you can buy some of them for yourself.


  • Name: La Molina Artesania
  • Address: Calle O’daly No 17, 38700 Santa Cruz de la Palma, La Palma, Spain
  • Contact No.+(34)922410268

5. Mercadillo de Mazo – Bauernmarkt

This shop is both a local market and also a gift corner. Among the local products, you would get embroidery, tapestry, and needlepoint works. There are also the jewelry, leather goods, fruits, and vegetables. This is a little town to walk around for an hour.


  • Name: Mercadillo de Mazo
  • Address: Calle Dr. Morera Bravo, 38730 Mazo, La Palma, Spain

6. La Tahona Centro Artesanal

This is a hidden gem for the crafts. This is a lovely corner of La Palma. This place will introduce you to the traditional crafts of La Palma. Don’t be confused whenever buying things here because everything would go with your choice. Choose the best things you like and bring home.


  • Name: La Tahona Centro Artesanal
  • Address: Las Tricias, Garafia, Garafia, La Palma, Spain

7. Mercadillo del Agricultor de Punta Gorda

There are the street markets which will directly connect you to the country products of La Palma. The price is always reasonable. The local mojo and wines are sold here. You must look for the goat cheese which is one of the special products. This lovely little market remains busy with the crowd of the buyers. So this a well worth visiting place if you want to have some traditional products of La Palma.


  • Name: Mercadillo del Agricultor de Puntagorda
  • Address: Camino del Pinar, 55, 38789 Puntagorda, La Palma, Spain

Complete your list of your shopping and start for La Palma. The shopping centers can be the places of interest to you. Buy whatever thing you want from here.

Have a good trip and travel!

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