15 Things to Know about Alicante Airport

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One of the Terminals
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Alicante is a city in Spain located in Costa Blanca. The city has many ancient sights such as the Castle of Santa Barbara, which overlooks the port. It has a significant population and has good weather that is easy to adapt to it. The city also has a rich history that you might want to read about before heading there. It is a favorite destination for tourists on holiday, and it might be yours too. The Alicante Airport is a few kilometers from the city.
Here are some of its features that you may want to know before you travel.

1.  Ease of Access

Bus at the Airport
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Alicante Airport is easy to get to from the city center. It is about a 20-minute drive from the city center. You have the option of getting there by using either public or private means of transportation depending on your desire at the moment. Some buses as well as taxis usually operate to and fro the airport hence making it easy for you to get there and in real time. They will both drop you in front of the Arrivals hall.

2. Car Parking

Parking Area
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The Airport has two parking areas each with a capacity of 1500. This is ample parking space for you. Lucky for you, the parking areas are just opposite the terminal. No need to worry about how to get to the airport with you various luggage. They offer long and short-term parking services. You could leave your car at the airport for the length of time that you want and at a fee specified on their website.

3. Car Hire Services

Have you just arrived at the airport? Do you want to get to your destination soonest? Well, there are several car hire agencies in the public area. These are internationally acclaimed bodies, and that eliminates doubts of poor service delivery. You can hire a car for use during your stay in Alicante. This has the added advantage of having to return the leased car in the same place as your time in Alicante comes to an end. You will be offered a wide range of cars to choose from in their selection. Pick the one you see will suit your needs during your stay.

4.Lost Luggage

The Airport values all its customers and puts their needs first. If you are unfortunate not to know the whereabouts of your luggage, there is a lost luggage report office. This office is located on the ground floor. Here, you will be provided with a form to fill in your details. Their staff will then look for the missing property and deliver it to your doorstep once it is found. How cool is that? You won’t have to go back to the airport to make your claim.

5. Eating Joints on site

There are several restaurants, bars, and cafes in the airport where you can relax as you wait for your flight. You could also spend time with family and friends there as you make small talk. There is an ice cream parlor for those of you who don’t travel with a full stomach. You may also get to buy a packed meal in the fast-food outlet that is there. You will get to try out some of the Spanish delicacies, a taste of what you will be missing out on when you go.

6. Shopping

Now, this is the best part. Do you want to carry something with you that will remind you of the good time that you had in Alicante? There’s a gifts shop at the airport where you will get some beautiful souvenirs to carry with you. You will also find a clothing store in the airport. Perhaps, you forgot to bring something to keep you warm and the weather changes suddenly; this is the place to go.

7. Pharmacy

The airport has a store and around the clock First Aid station. If you were well and suddenly, you’ve got a headache, the pharmacy will be of great use. In the case of emergencies, their First Aid team is always at the ready to give a helping hand to those in need. Don’t suffer alone, ask for help which you will be given gladly and be sure, to be well taken care of by them.

8. Taxi Rank

You could hire a taxi to come pick you up from the airport if you don’t want to wait for the bus or have no one coming to meet you. The taxis are parked outside the arrival hall. You won’t have to walk a long distance to get to your taxi. This is an efficient way of making your way to your destination upon landing at the airport. Your bulky luggage will also not be an inconvenience as the taxis will be a short distance from where you will be. You could book your taxi online so that it picks you up once you have landed and been cleared.

9. Person with Disabilities Facilities

Architecture of the Airport
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Every human being is important, and thus, the airport has set aside facilities that are to be used by individuals with disabilities. They have a reserved parking area and walkways in the airport. The travelers are required to inform their airlines before their traveling date, of their needs. This will smoothen the process of making arrangements that will ensure that you have a comfortable flight.

10. Bureau de Change

Yes, you don’t have to convert your currency before arriving at the airport . You could do this at the airport at an amicable rate. This is useful for those of you who may not have had enough time to change their currency before arrival. This will also make it easier for you to shop around in the airport and to pay for the services that you may require after arrival. You could also convert the loose change you will have before flying back home, that is if you don’t want to carry the money as a souvenir.

11. VIP Lounge

For a relaxing bay away from the rush in the airport, the Airport’s VIP Lounge is the place to be. It offers a breathtaking view of the airport and the environ. The blend of colors in the lounge gives the atmosphere of warmth and serenity. You will get internet access and refreshments at the Bay area, at a fee. But it will be worth it as you relax and wait for your flight.

12. Phone Charging

There are some shops in the airport that have internet access and are fitted with phone chargers. You will have to pay a small fee to get to power up your phone and make that call. Or post that selfie, informing others of your arrival or departure. Your phone will be charging as you surf the internet at those shops or as you do some window shopping. Well, you’ve got to do something to pass the time, don’t you?

13.  Withdraw some Cash

You may have underestimated the cost of a particular service, or you may want to purchase more goods than you had planned for in your budget. Not to worry, the airport has several ATMs. Get going and withdraw the amount you require and purchase that item that you are eyeing. Fair warning, though, the materials on sale are all pleasing to the eye. Better have a set mind on what you want to buy.

14.  Payphones

If you want to make a local call and your service provider doesn’t operate in Spain; the payphones are there for use. You could also make international calls as long as you have enough cash to pay for the service. It may be substantial and cannot wait till you get to your destination. Have a go at it. It is there to be used.

15. Other Services Rendered

The airport has a paid internet access service with the first 15 minutes free of charge. There is a Post Office if you have something to post. It could be a postcard or a parcel that you want to surprise somebody. For small carrier operators, it is best if you get to the airport earlier as the check-in desks could be few and thus clearance could take a longer time than anticipated.


The Airport has a friendly staff that is more than ready to help you maneuver around the airport. There are more than enough facilities to meet your specific needs. So, get going.

Have a good trip and travel!