10 Ways To Enjoy Holidays in Valencia

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Valencia Holidays
Source: Irene Grassi

Like any other tourist destinations, Valencia has a lot of views and attractions for you to explore. There are even interesting festivals to attend. The place has a mix of vintage and modern areas and buildings that suit wherever you prefer.

1. Have fun in the beaches

Valencia has a lot of beaches for you to visit and have fun swimming with family, friends or even co-workers. Beaches such as Malvarosa, El Saler, Port Saplaya beach, Sagunto, Cullera and so much more. Although their beaches are not yet developed that much, it is what makes it amazing. It is pure nature, so you get to enjoy nature while swimming around and spending time with the people you love.

2. Spend time away from the busy city

Doing some hiking, visiting waterfalls and eco resorts would be a good idea if you want to spend time away from the busy and hustling city. Valencia Eco Resort is one good example, it has 10 acres of land for you to relax and enjoy nature. It has the facilities for you to have a workout, play sports, feed different kinds of animals and even walk around the wide area of trees with butterflies and birds around.

3. Have a hop-on-hop-off tour

This tour is a 24-hour long tour in a double decker bus. This tour would let you create your own itinerary as you travel around Valencia. The bus is open-top so that you would be able to enjoy the tour much more. The main sites are Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias or City of Arts and Sciences, Congress palace and UNESCO World Heritage-listed Silk Exchange. The tour costs approximately $26.29 only.

4. Play Room Escape Games

There are plenty of different kinds of Escape rooms in Valencia. Escape rooms are rooms with interesting mysteries and problems for a group of people to solve so that they can get away. It would be really fun with friends, family, co-workers or even strangers. The famous room escapes in Valencia are Clue Hunter Valencia, The X Door, SKP Room, Cronos Valencia, The Exit, Escape Conundrum, Best Quest Escape Room, Enigma experience and so much more.

5. Visit plazas

If you are into vintage stuff and you like history then visiting the plazas around Valencia is a good idea. Knowing the history of the place you are visiting is really great. There are a lot of plazas around Valencia. Particularly, Plaza del Mercado, Plaza de la Virhe, Plaza de La Reina and so much more.

6. Visit Oceanographic

Oceanographic is a very large aquarium with over 45,000 individuals of 500 different marine species. It is the largest aquarium in the entire Europe. Each building has different aquatic environments such as the Mediterranean, Wetlands, Tropical Seas, Antarctic, red sea. The Dolphinarium has 24 million liters of water as well. There is also an underwater restaurant for you to enjoy. This is a definitely must see in Valencia.

7. Taste local food

Food is very important and while you are there, why not taste their local food. The Valencian cuisine is a Mediterranean cuisine. The basic ingredients are vegetables, seafood and meat. Valencia is also famous for its rice, paella and citrus fruits so don’t forget to have a taste of them all. There are various restaurants for you to explore and the best one is Palace Festol.

8. Visit the Central Market

Of course, who would not forget the Central Market or Mercado Central, whether you are buying something for remembrance or for gifts to people who are important to you or even have a shop or you just want to explore Valencia, then this is the place for you to be? The streets are full of life. You can even ride a bike while exploring the entire market.

9. Experience Fallas Festival

This festival happens around March to welcome the spring. It is a sentimental tradition for one’s homeland. In this festival, everything that is bad is burned and reborn from ashes to welcome new life or new season. There would be a lot to see including fireworks, fallas, the offering of flowers and the main event which is the burning of sculptures.

10. Visit the Valencia Cathedral

The cathedral is also known as Sain Mary’s Cathedral it is a catholic church and was constructed on 1238. The cathedral is very old yet it’s structure is well preserved. To see the cathedral is a very great experience especially at dusk where the lights would be turned on. It just creates an amazing view.

Have a good trip and travel!

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