10 Things To Do in Vic, Spain

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things to do in Vic
Source: Javier Leiva

Vic is a town in Barcelona Province, Catalonia. It is the capital of the comarca of Osana. It is the center of Catalonia because it is 69km from Barcelona and 60km from Girona. Vic has a land area of 30.6 kilometers squared. The population of Vic as of 2014 is 41,956.

1. Climb the mountain/hills

If you want an adventurous experience in Vic, then this is the perfect one for you. Climbing the hills and upon reaching the top you will be able to see a picturesque panorama view of a man-made reservoir and the top of a church, the place is called Parador Vic-Sau.

2. Have a taste of their local food and restaurants

Vic is famous for a variety of sausages and paella. But if you are looking for the best restaurants then you can never go wrong with El Jardinet, La Saleta Vic Burger, Vicfood, Denominaion de Origen, MAfgda Subirana, La Flama, La Creperia and so much more. You sure have a lot to choose from. Don’t worry about finding restaurants or any place to eat because as you roam the streets there will be plenty of places to eat.

3. Visit museums

Museo Episcopal de Vic is very popular in Vic. It has the magnificent collection of medieval art with masterpieces of painting and sculptures from the Gothic-Catalan and Romanesque. They also have collections of glass and ceramics and jewelry which provides an overview of the liturgical act. Another museum is Museu de l’Art de la Pell, the museum has really great collections and architecture. Don’t forget to visit these museums once you visit Vic.

4. Experience air cat ballooning

One of the popular activities for tourist here in Vic is the air cat ballooning. It is just the same as  a hot air balloon but a bit more modern. It is a really great and unique way of exploring Vic. Conquer your fear of heights in this activity. You’ll be surprised with the achievement you make and the spectacular view you are about to see.

5. Visit Palau Episcopal

Palau Episcopal is an episcopal palace that is located next to the cathedral precinct and all other landmarks such as the main square, Plaza Mayor, the roman temple and the church of La Pietat. It is a very historical and vintage structure. Getting into the palace is very easy, no need to find it since it is placed near every landmark in Vic. Don’t forget to take magnificent photos over there.

6. Visit the cathedral

Just like any other place in Spain, Vic also has a famous cathedral that is a thousand years old called Catedral de Sant Pere Apostol de Vic. You’ll be surprised by the Romanesque style of this cathedral. It is very well preserved and the murals in here are incredible.


Name: Catedral de Sant Pere Apostol de Vic
Address: Placa de la Catedral S/N, 08500, Vic, Spain
Price: Free
Access: Adjacent to the monastery
Holiday: 938 86 44 49
Opening hour: Open 24 hours
Website: http://www.bisbatvic.com/catedral.htm#_=_

7. Visit Placa Major

Placa Major is a plaza or a square which is lovely when the sun shines. The square is surrounded by boutiques and restaurants. Kids would love to roam around the area safely. The architecture around the square is also magnificent and vintage. The place is unique and a must see, it is full of bar terraces as well.

8. Visit Monestir de Sant Pere de Cassere

Monestir de Sant Pere de Casserres is a Benedictine Monastery with a quadrangular building. The architecture is a Romanesque-style kind of building. It is built on the second half of the 11th century. Getting inside the building will feel like you are one of the people from the past. You just experience how it is to be one of them because of the amazing structures and interior design.


Name: Monestir de Sant Pere de Cassere
Address: Vic, Spain
Price: $5-$10
Access: Adjacent to Placa Major
Holiday: None
Opening hour: Monday-Sunday 9:00am-5:00pm

9. Visit Templo Romano de Vic

Templo Romano de Vic is an ancient Roman temple that was rediscovered and rebuilt. It is a well-preserved temple. It was built during the second century in the city of Ausa. The original parts in the temple are the base and the African style walls.


Name: Templo Romano de Vic
Address: Carrer del Pare Xifre, 08506, Vic, Spain
Price: $5-$10
Access: Adjacent to Placa Major
Holiday: None
Opening hour: Monday-Sunday 9:00am-4:00pm
Website: None

10. Experience Mercado Medieval

Mercado Medieval is a market in Vic wherein the whole ambiance is from the Medieval period. It is great for buying presents and remembrance from the city. It is very lively at night. There is also food everywhere. During December, it can be really cold so don’t forget to wear something to warm you up. The place is a bit crowded as well.

Have a good trip and travel!