7 Reasons You Can’t Miss Shirakawa-Go Light Up

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Shirakawa-go is famous World Heritage Site located in Japan at the foot of Mount Haku-san in the northwestern area of Gifu Prefecture. It is one of the most visited places in the world visited by tourists from all over the world. The village has a number of beautiful farm houses built and maintained in unique architectural style. The houses of the village are made in such a way that they can easily handle heavy snowfalls. The most loving and famous event also known as the signature event of the place is winter Light –up event. Some reasons for visiting Shirakawa-Go village during Light-up event are:

1. Introduction to the Light-up event

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The event is organized every year to attract the high number of visitors from all over the world in the months of January and February. Along with visitors, a large number of photographers from all around the world also comes here to capture the magical moments of the light-up event. At the night time, the farmhouses are highlighted using spotlights for providing the beautiful view of snow on the roofs of houses.

2. Other attractions during the light-up event

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You can reach the village by crossing a suspension bridge which is built across Shokawa river and after entering the village you can enjoy museums, shops, inns, and restaurants for stay and visit. Visiting these museums you can get knowledge about history and construction process of gassho-zukuri houses. You can also buy Japanese chopsticks, alcoholic drinks and cookies etc. from these shops in the village.

3. Accommodation to be enjoyed during the Light-up event

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For enjoying the Light –up event in Shirakawa-go night stay is a must and for this, you have to book the best accommodation in advance before the event otherwise you will get all the accommodations fully booked at the time of light –up event. The best places to stay in the village are Toyota Shirakawa-Go Eco-Institute, Shirakawa-Go Hostel, and Guesthouse Ant Hut. All these places are equipped with high-class facilities and are fully decorated during the light-up event.

4. Happenings of the Light-up event

During the Light-up event all the farmhouses of Shirakawa-go are lit up together from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm and floodlights are illuminated in all the village houses till 8:00 pm. At the daytime, the Shiroyama viewpoint is the best attraction to visit and it can be reached by walking over a trail during light up event. This trail is mostly closed due to bad weather conditions and heavy snowfall.

5. Requirements during the light-up show


At the times of the Light-up event, the weather of village is very chilling so there is a need to bring warm clothes, protect face and wear sturdy shoes. There is also the lightning problem in some parts of the village due to heavy snowfall so you must bring a flashlight or torch. Also, the garbage produced by tourists is asked to carry home so that the village do not get polluted and there are no means of disposing of heavy garbage.

6. Stay overnight to enjoy best the event

You must plan to stay overnight to enjoy the Light-up event in the best way and the night activities of the event are not to be missed. But due to fewer accommodations, most of them are booked many months prior to the event and especially on Saturdays and Mondays. You also need to book the seat in the bus before traveling to the event and the event can also be reached by private car.

7. The atmosphere of the village during the Light-up event

The beautiful white landscape of thatched houses standing strong in the snow welcomes the visitors. The view of the Light-up event is marvelous and the scene of the village looks amazing. The sparkling lights from houses look stunning and splendid. The main light-up areas are Myozenji Temple, Kan Machi, Shitagoso,and Nishigawa etc.

Have a good trip and travel!

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