10 Things to Know About Lanzarote Airport

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Source: Andy Mitchell

The Airport at Lanzarote is an outstandingly important in the tourism development of the Island. The major international air traffic is found here, at the Lanzarote Airport. The highest domestic air traffic is found at the Gran Canaria,Madrid Barajas, and Tenerife Norte. The cheapest airport is the Tenerife airports but the busiest one is Lanzarote.

1. How to get there

The Lanzarote airport is very easily accessible. You can reach the airport through roadways, using public transport like buses, or cars and cabs. There are many buses that take you to and fro the airport in merely 10-15 minutes. The airport is located close to the Island’s capital too. The cabs available at the airport should be considered to save yourself discrepancies.

2. Check in

check in
Source: Frank Vincentz

The check in assigned to you by your airline can be noted from the information screens at the airport. There are links available on the airport website for checking your company invoice and baggage. It is advised that you reach at least 2 hours prior to the flight’s scheduled to take off. The check-in points are at floor 1 for terminal 1 and floor 0 for terminal 2.

3. Security checks

Source: Frank Vincentz

Before entering the boarding area, all passengers are supposed to go through strict security checks. There are metal detector arches through which the passengers have to pass and there is a small tray for little objects, all of which are scanned well by Xrays. There is a strict passport control for those whose destination is a no-Schengen country.

4. Airlines

Many airlines operate at the Lanzarote Airport . The airlines operating at the airport include Binter, British airways, Germania, Iberia, Luxair, Ryanair,  small planet, Thomas cook, etc at the airport. The domestic, International and Inter-Island flights keep the airport busy at all times, all round the year. These are the most important airlines that connect the Canary island to the rest of the major countries in this world!

5. Parking

Source: Frank Vincentz

There are two car parks at the Lanzarote airport, P1, and P2. These car parks are associated with the two terminals T1 and T2. These car parking spaces are located close to the terminals and can be thus reached in merely minutes. The car parks are easily available and accessible. There are covered car parks in the area enclosed near the Parking lot. The P1 car park accommodates vehicles of the domestic and international flight passengers and the P2 car park provides parking to the inter-island flight passengers.

6. Food And Drink

Source: Tiverton

There are many delicious and tempting cafeterias and bars, restaurants and food joints at this airport in Lanzarote. The cafeterias and coffee shops have various caffeine options to choose from with a right choice for every passenger and visitor. There are many restaurants and bars for the public as well as in the passenger-only zone. There is the burger King, Jamaica, Camden Food, Food garden, Upper crust, pan palace, etc for the hungry  and tired travelers.

7. Shopping

At the Lanzarote airport, the waiting passengers with a shopaholic in them won’t be bored. There are various shops here to enjoy while waiting for your flights. There are also many duty-free shops to choose from. Here, you can buy essentials, gifts, accessories, shop for fashion or food. The shops in the public zone, as well as the passenger-only zone, will have the required item you want. Thinking Canarias is a shop here that promotes the Canary Island traditions and cultures.

8. Services

The Lanzarote airport provides with complete convenience to the passengers and visitors at the airport. The airport offers services like ATMS, baggage wrapping machines, children play areas, meeting points, etc. There are also exhibition halls, lost and found departments that take care of the lost luggage, wheelchairs, and medical services for any emergencies too. Other facilities provided by the airport include service stations, information points at frequent intervals and free Wifi. The airp[ort ensure an efficient travel throughout!

9. Tourism

Source: Catherine Singleton

The tour operators at the airport attend to the passengers, visitors from the moment they arrive at the airport in Lanzarote. The tourism department at the airport plays a great role in the overall economy of the Islands. There are many tourism offices, various companies offering their services to passengers with all kinds of trips to the Canary Islands. There are tourism offices at the ground floor in the arrivals hall, and most of them are associated with the T1 passengers.

10. Important Information

Here are the most important information required for taking flights to the Lanzarote airport. Check with these before visiting the Islands.


This was all about the Lanzarote airport at the Canary islands. Visit the traditional and cultural places around and enjoy your journey to the Islands. The airport in Lanzarote is sure to give you an efficient transit and an enjoyable vacation!

Have a good trip and travel!

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