15 Nightlife Scenes to Enjoy in Malaga

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The daytime with its offerings of Malaga’s arts and culture is just a version of what is going to happen at night. Malaga nights are heated with action. Watering holes are everywhere engraved with finesse and sophistication. Think of wines and tapas! While beautiful people dance the Flamenco, the jazz band plays in another corner. Just as colorful as the daytime, the night scenes in Malaga is surely an experience to have.

Here are 15 places you will enjoy in Malaga, Spain.

1. Antigua Casa Guardia

Since 1840, they have been chalking up the tabs of many happy patrons. Malaga’s oldest wine bar and one of the most popular spots in the city is a great way to start any evening. Do not get too comfortable because there is no seating, so stand and have a few drinks and move on to the next hot spot.


  • Name: Antigua Casa Guardia
  • Address: Alameda Principal, 18, 29005 Malaga, Spain 
  • Access:
  • Opening hour: Mon – Thu, 10 am – 10 pm. Fri – Sat, 10 am – 1045 pm. Sun, 11 am – 3 pm
  • Phone: +  34 952 214 680
  • Website: http://antiguacasadeguardia.com/

2. Los Patios de Beatas

Malaga offers up some amazing wine venues. The Los Patios de Beatas restaurant is just such a place for a great night out. The meals are intended to pair with the right wines to enhance its flavors. Prepare your pallet for a delightful time. This restaurant is located in an alleyway along with other restaurants.


  • Name: Los Patios de Beatas
  • Address: Calle Beatas, 43, 29008 Malaga, Spain
  • Opening hour: Mon – Sat, 130 pm – 5 pm. 830 pm – 12 am
  • Phone: +34 952 210 350
  • Website: http://lospatiosdebeatas.com

3. Teatro Cervantes

Enjoy an evening with a show in the theater or perhaps watch the orchestra play at Teatro Cervantes. This theater is a popular venue to watch cultural shows, Flamenco, or bands playing classical music. There are many events throughout the year. The busiest season is during the holidays. We suggest that you check the theater’s website for a complete listing of shows and ticket prices.


  • Name: Teatro Cervantes
  • Address: Calle Ramos Marin, 0, Malaga, Spain
  • Price: Check web listing for times & prices
  • Phone: +34 952 22 41 00
  • Website: http://www.teatrocervantes.com

4. Kelipe

Feel the rhythm and see the beauty of the Flamenco. This native Spanish dance is expressed with singing, dancing, guitar playing, hand clapping and finger snapping. Take in a show and surprise your senses. Kelipe is a Flamenco center of arts. They offer classes if you are into it. The recital shows are a must-see, you will get to see the dancers with their colorful costumes.


  • Name: Kelipe
  • Address: C/ Muro de Puerta Nueva Nº 10 Málaga – 29005
  • Price: € 18 – € 30
  • Opening hour: 830 pm Show starts, 9 pm – 1035 pm
  • Phone: +34 605 07 57 49 / +34 692 82 98 85
  • Website: http://www.kelipe.net

5. Sala Gold

Dance the night away with Sala Gold disco club. With its nightly themes, there is something for everyone. This place gets crowded starting at ten in the evening. Fridays and the weekends are packed with both tourists and locals. Sala Gold is definitely a big hit for a night of dancing to the beats. This venue provides live music drinks and even a male review for the ladies.


  • Name: Sala Gold
  • Address: Calle Luis de Velázquez, 5 29008 Malaga, Spain
  • Opening hour: Mon-Thu and Sun, 10 pm – 6 am. Fri and Sat, 10 pm – 7 am.
  • Phone: +34 670 09 87 49
  • Website: http://discotecasenmalaga.es

 6. Terraza Larios

Have a drink or two while having the view of Malaga cityscape at the Room Mate Hotel rooftop bar. This hotel bar is perfect for sangria or any cocktails before hitting the streets for dinner. The rooftop has an open space seating and will give a perfect view of the old church.


  • Name: Terraza Larios
  • Address: Calle Marqués de Larios, 2, 29005 Malaga, Spain
  • Opening hour: Daily till 1 am
  • Holiday: +34 952 222 200
  • Website: https://room-matehotels.com

7. ZZ Pub

You can rock the night away at ZZ Pub. You can rock the night away at ZZ Pub. There is live music for rock, jazz indie, and much more. Do not forget the affordable drinks and food menu. Locals and tourists flock this pub for some reruns of the rolling stones and other rock music. This lively place will shake you all night long.


  • Name: ZZ Pub
  • Address:  Calle Tejón y Rodríguez 6. Malaga, Spain
  • Price: € 8 – € 20
  • Opening hour: Daily 1030 pm – 4 am
  • Phone: + 34 952 441 595
  • Website: http://www.zzpub.es

8. Clarence Jazz Club

Tap your toe to some smooth jazz and enjoy an array of bands ready to give you an intimate night in Malaga. The cover charge includes a drink to get the night started, so put on your dark glasses and be cool. The small stage is too close to the tables so you can have a perfect serenade.


  • Name: Clarence Jazz Club
  • Address: Calle Canon 5, 29015 Malaga, Spain
  • Price: € 8 –  € 20
  • Opening hour: Wed – Thu, 8 pm – 2 am Fri – Sat, 8 pm – 4 am
  • Phone: +34 951 91 80 87
  • Website: http://www.clarencejazzclub.com

9. Natural Vips & Club

This club is alive with the spirit of Malaga. The Natural VIPs and Club have live shows and music that will have you enjoy the night away. The cabaret show will have everyone laughing especially if the performers will get down from the stage and get the crowd’s participation. People go here for an evening of loud cheers and dancing even if the place is packed.


  • Name: Natural Vips & Club
  • Address:  C/ Horacio Quiroga n 25, 29004 Malaga, Spain
  • Opening hour: Fri – Sat, 11 pm – 6 am
  • Holiday: +34 691 38 8830
  • Website: http://www.naturalvipsclub.com

10. Boat Copas

Bend your backs and row yourself to the Boat this bar has a bit of a pirate theme to it. For the young and hip, this place provides a great venue for bar games, drinking, and dancing. This drinking hole will be a great stop for any night out, so spend a few hours on the Boat.


  • Name: Boat Copas
  • Address: Calle Juan de Padilla, 24, 29008 Malaga, Spain
  • Price: € 5 – € 40
  • Opening hour: Thu – Sat, 1030 pm – 3 am
  • Phone: +34 628 31 88 75
  • Website: https://www.facebook.com/CopasBoat

11. Gin Corner Soho

Gin and juice, well that is just one choice in Gin Corner Soho. There are many concoctions you can create, just use your imagination. The place is located in the Soho Zone, Malaga’s urban street. It is an open-air district in Malaga designed like Manhattan’s Soho area. If you are looking for a place for a nightcap, go to Gin Corner Soho before calling it a night.


  • Name: Gin Corner Soho
  • Address: Calle Pinzon, 10, Malaga, Spain
  • Opening hour: Mon – Wed, 430 pm – 130 am. Thu – Fri 4 pm – 3 am. Sat  7 pm – 2 am.
  • Phone: +34 653 86 63 80
  • Website: https://www.facebook.com/Gin-Corner-Soho

12. Gallery Club

Located in the center of the city, Gallery Club is easy to find. This nightclub opens late and will let you dance the night away in style. You will find pictures and paintings on the walls at the Gallery Club. The lights in the club also change in colorful hues especially when the dancing starts. With drinks and a cool ambience, your long Malaga nights will be filled with great memories.


13. Torrequebrada Casino

If you feel lucky, head to the Torrequebrada Casino. This grand casino is complete with bright interior and tables of your favorite casino games. Check the casino restaurant for a luxurious dining experience. Be sure to bring your valid ID to enter the establishment. Enjoy a game of Blackjack, Poker, and do not forget the slot machines, at this beautiful casino by the sea.


  • Name: Torrequebrada Casino
  • Address: Avenida del Sol, s/n 29630 Benalmádena- Costa, Malaga
  • Opening hour: 24/7
  • Phone: + 34 952 577 300
  • Website: http://www.casinotorrequebrada.com

14. Velvet Club

This small club offers up live music on weekends and DJ’s during the week play rock, pop, indie, and electro music. There are local bands who play on the weekends, the more reason to appreciate the local artists. The Velvet Club is open all night with no cover charge. Bring friends and enjoy the music, drinks, and the dancing for a night out.


  • Name: Velvet Club
  • Address: Calle Juan de Padilla 22, Malaga, Spain
  • Opening hour: 10 pm – 7 am
  • Phone: +34 695 84 01 04
  • Website: http://www.velvetclub.es

15. Bodegas El Pimpi

With old world atmosphere, El Pimpi offers a huge wine selection and a big menu. It is a lively place and can be very busy even in the later hours. What looks like chaos is actually in its full swing and is no match for the efficient staff. Bodegas El Pimpi is one of the most popular places in Malaga. You will surely appreciate it.


  • Name: Bodegas El Pimpi
  • Address: Calle Granada, 62 y Calle Alcazabilla 29015 Malaga, Spain
  • Opening hour: Daily 10 am – 2 am
  • Phone: + 34  952 228 990
  • Website: http://www.elpimpi.com

Malaga offers up some of the best nightlife around with its wide variety of things to do. From the sea to the city, there is something for everyone in this old city. Bring your thirst and hunger for adventure in the nights of Malaga.

Have a good trip and travel!

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