10 Best Bars to Go in Barcelona

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Source: Jarmoluk

One of the world’s most visited cities, Barcelona is known for its cocktail bars which are among the best in the world. Especially known for Gin & Tonic, most of the bars in Barcelona only get busy around midnight and close at 3 AM and clubs are open till dawn. Great drinks at an affordable price with a fun crowd make this Catalonian capital city one of the best cities in the world for bar-hopping.

1. Old Fashioned- Gin Tonic & Cocktail Bar

Although a bit small, this lively modern bar in the happening district of Gracia, stands out in a league of its own. The most amazing part of this bar is their Gin Tonics. The taste of their premier cocktails is enhanced by the super-friendly bartenders. This cocktail bar is highly recommended for someone looking for an amazing, yet affordable bar in Barcelona.


  • Name: Old Fashioned – Gin Tonic & Cocktail Bar
  • Address: Calle Santa Teresa 1, 08012 Barcelona
  • Price: Cocktails €8+ , Beer (0.5l) €3+
  • Opening hour: Sat – Mon 18:00 – 2:00, Tue – Thu 12:00 – 2:00, Fri 12:00 – 3:00
  • Website: https://www.facebook.com/oldfashionedbcn

2. La Caseta del Migdia

This mountain-top summer bar offers a breathtaking view of the sun sliding past the oceanic horizon. A secret bar in the forest surrounded by castle walls, this is probably the best spot in the city to quaff on reasonably priced wine and cocktails. Assorted chairs, candlelit tables, and hammocks strung between the trees invites you to a perfect day outing. Don’t forget to savor on their mouth-watering grilled chicken and sausages.


  • Name: La Caseta Del Migdia
  • Address: Mirador del Migdia, Barcelona
  • Opening hour: Seasonal (check website for details)
  • Phone: +617 956572
  • Website: http://www.lacaseta.org/

3. Barcelona Pipa Club

Carrying a Sherlock Holmes theme, this bar is dedicated to pipe smoking.  If you are a fan of great cocktails along with Sherlock Holmes, this is the perfect place for you. The play starts with finding the entrance, and pressing the correct button to unlock the door. This bar houses a dining room, pool room, pipe-smokers’ lounge, concert room which hosts jazz concerts and an exhibition of pipes in different stages of manufacture.


  • Name: Barcelona Pipa Club
  • Address: Plaça Reial 3, Barcelona
  • Opening hour: Sun-Thurs 11pm-5am, Fri, Sat 11pm-6am
  • Phone: +34 93 302 4732
  • Website: bpipaclub.com

4. Oviso

Oviso is one of the most popular budget-friendly restaurants in Barcelona. It has outdoor tables on the plaza. With a fun-loving crowd and a rock-and-roll vibe, this bar shows its true bohemian colors by night. This rustically decorated bar is engraved with interesting murals. The drinks are affordable which makes it a nice casual hangout place with friends.


  • Name: Oviso
  • Address: Carrer d’Arai 5, Barcelona
  • Opening hour: 10am-2.30am Sun-Thu, to 3am Fri & Sat
  • Phone: +34 637 589269
  • Website: www.barnawood.com

5. Tinta Roja

If you are a tango-lover,  you’ll love this quirky Argentine Tango bar. The Carlos Gardel concert room is decorated in dark woods, red velvet drapes, candle light, restored antiques, and the most erotic art forms. Tinta Roja plays host to exciting dance performances. The bar offers cocktails based on Argentine liquor Caña Legui along with meat, tuna and vegetable empanadas.


  • Name: Tinta Roja
  • Address: Creu dels Molers 17, Barcelona
  • Phone: +34 93 443 3243
  • Opening hour: Thurs 8.30 pm-2 am, Fri, Sat 8.30 pm-3 am
  • Website: telefonica.net/web2/tintaroja

6. Bar Marsella

Running since 1820, the oldest bar in Barcelona is known for its absinthe, a drink which demands respect. Bar Marsella has served the likes of Picasso and Ernest Hemingway, who were known to drop here for a glass of absinthe. The absinthe is served in a glass with a lump of sugar, a fork and a bottle of water. The sugar is held on the fork above the glass, and the water is slowly dropped on the sugar giving it a greenish yellow color.


  • Name: Bar Marsella
  • Address: Carrer de Sant Pau 65, Barcelona
  • Opening hour: 10pm-2.30am Mon-Thu, 10pm-3am Fri & Sat
  • Phone: +34 93 442 72 63

7. Monvinic

Monvinic boasts of over 3000 varieties of wine, the list of which, is displayed on an interactive digital tablet. 60 selected varieties of wine from around the world are available for wine tasting all through the day for connoisseurs and wine enthusiasts. The Mediterranean specialized restaurant offers delicious tapas, cheese, and caviar dishes. Attracting a more upscale crowd, Monvinic is an ideal place for wine lovers looking for delectable wines from around the globe.

  • Name: Monvinic
  • Address: Carrer de la Diputació 249, Barcelona
  • Opening hour: 1-11 pm Tue-Fri, 7-11 pm Mon & Sat
  • Phone: +34 93 272 61 87
  • Website: www.monvinic.com

8. Bar Pastís

Opened in the late 1940s, Bar Pastís was opened by  Carme Pericás and Quime Ballester in tribute to the French singer Edith Piaf. This bar serves the only pastís and plays only French music. They host live music every Sunday to Thursday evenings around eleven. Although it may seem ‘very French’, it’s still an authentic reflection of a true Barcelona Bar. With accordion music warbling in the background, this place reeks atmosphere.


  • Name: Bar Pastís
  • Address: Santa Monica, 4, Barcelona
  • Opening hour: Mon-Thu, Sun 7:30pm-2:30am; Fri-Sat 7:30pm-3:30am
  • Phone: +34 93-318-7980
  • Website: barpastis.com

9. El Xampanyet

El Xampanyet is one of the city’s well-known cava bars since decades. Tapas such as anchovies (tangy boquerones en vinagre) are a perfect complement to the Xampanyet champagne. Located near the Museu Picasso, the bar itself is quite narrow, so while going with a large group ensure that you go early or make advance reservations; in order to avoid lines.

  • Name: El Xampanyet
  • Address: Carrer de Montcada 22, Barcelona
  • Opening hour: noon-4pm & 7-11pm Tue-Sat, noon-4pm Sun
  • Phone: +34 93 319 70 03

10. La Vinya Del Senyor

One of the best wine bars in the city center, La Vinya del Senyor offers a wide range of international and domestic wines. Relax on their terrace overlooking the beautiful Santa Maria Del Mar Church and enjoy delicious olives and cheeses, along with their high-quality wine. What’s better than spending a sunny afternoon on a rooftop bar with a good view and even better drinks!


  • Name: La Vinya del Senyor
  • Address: Plaza Sta Maria, 5, 08003 Barcelona
  • Opening hour: Mon-Thu-12.00pm-1.00am, Sun 12:00pm-12:00am; Fri-Sat 12:00pm-2:00am
  • Phone: +34 933 10 33 79

Have a good trip and travel!

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