10 Things To Do in Natal: Brazil

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Source: Ricardo

The Punaú river bar is north of home, right next to Maracajaú. It is a paradise and has many activities at the hotel they have there. It is worth spending a few days there and still enjoys to go in the pools Maracajaú. It is a place with diverse beauties and activities for all tastes. Ai has the river, even with its is transparent, clean and beautiful.

1.Explore Ponta Negra Natal

A heavenly place. Several palm trees and a kind of stream from the beach. It is possible to cross a dune and have a beautiful surprise, a beautiful beach behind the dune, as needed. What place fantastic the river meeting the sea and has a zip line which directly falls into the river and has ATV tours, the restaurant serves the riverside, it is worth checking this site.


  • Name: Ponta Negra Natal
  • Address: Natal, State of Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil
  • Phone Number: 08487519842
  • Hours: 6AM-6PM
  • Open: Daily
  • Interest: Beach

2.Visit the Forte dos Reis Magos Natal

Fort situated in the north of Natal. Construction stones, rocks. Windy in place. Nice view. Peca in food services to those who want a snack. It is a tourist place with a beautiful view to take pictures without talking to the beautiful history of this place, visited by tourists. A beautiful historic ride, ideal for late afternoon. From there, you have a wonderful view of the city.


  • Name: Forte dos Reis Magos Natal
  • Address: Av. Presidente Café FIlho, 1 – Praia do Meio, Natal – RN, 59010-000, Brazil
  • Architect: Francisco de Frias da Mesquita
  • Opened: 1628
  • Hours: 8AM–4PM
  • Phone: +55 84 3202-1497
  • Interest: Landmarks

3.See the dunes at Dunas de Genipabu

First of all, this beach view is great, especially sightseeing along the dunes. Use sunscreen, hold the hair and prepare for an adventure up and down the dunes with emotion or not in a buggy. There is also dromedary and ski ride. Very divertido.todas activities have a valued part. I loved to know these dunes, really beautiful landscape. There in the dunes is fun to descend ski, and walk dromedaries.


  • Name: Dunas de Genipabu
  • Address: Natal, State of Rio Grande do Norte 59080-430, Brazil
  • Hours: 7am to 6pm
  • Phone: None
  • Interest: Nature

4.Go to Estadio das Dunas

Arena das Dunas is a new stadium, well maintained and clean on its premises. Access to the stadium well signposted and staff was solicitous. The Arena das Dunas is a beautiful stadium is very well located within the Cidade. It is one of the nicest you’ve ever seen in Brazil. The outdoor space to the lawn is used for events. Easy access, beautiful stadium, comfortable. It offers guided tour but needs to schedule in advance.


  • Name: Estadio das Dunas
  • Address: Av. Prudente de Morais, 5121 – Lagoa Nova, Natal – RN, 59064-625, Brazil
  • Architect: Christopher Lee
  • Capacity: 31,375
  • Phone: +55 84 3673-6800
  • Opened: January 26, 2014
  • Interest: Landmarks

5.View the Newton Navarro Bridge

A great work to see and cross. Beyond that, no longer a bridge. But it convenes with a visit to the fort. It is a beautiful bridge, located at Natal so that by joining with the sea makes it navigable and has as a backdrop in the strength of the Magi, as it is recommended cross the river in a catamaran. You can have an awesome view if you elect to drive a buggy so you should try that.


  • Name: Newton Navarro Bridge
  • Address: Natal – RN, Brazil
  • Bridge type: Cable-stayed bridge
  • Width: 22 m
  • Opened: November 21, 2007
  • Location: Natal
  • Height: 103 m
  • Body of water: Potenji River

6.Explore the Via Costeira Natal

It is as well as being located in the beautiful coastal route, perfect setting for a romantic evening, befitting price with the quality of the site and travel. Why would you want to spend a night of love with your partner in an excellent climate environment? There are lots of building, luxury self-comfort, that it is recommended for anyone looking for something special to do in one quiet and comfortable, well worth a visit.

7.Relax at Redinha Beach

Visit this and other beaches on the south coast with a guide who was telling a bit of the story and can be taking you to different places. It is a well-known place where anyone who wants to buy certainly will find fish. Beach with an extensive stretch of sand in the afternoon, good to make a race buggy. Easy access with beautiful view of the Newton Navarro bridge.


  • Name: Redinha Beach
  • Address: Natal, State of Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil
  • Phone: None
  • Open: Daily
  • Interest: Beach

8.Visit the Alberto Maranhão Theatre

Teatro Alberto Maranhão is beautiful. The place has a good structure and the spacious patio where people await the time to get pa presentation. There is ample and very traditional in its setting. The chairs could be more comfortable. Just do not like the location, being in the city center as most theaters is not a safe place. It is good to avoid going alone, especially women as you would want to be with someone you love.


  • Name: Alberto Maranhão Theatre
  • Address: Praça Augusto Severo, s/n – Ribeira, Natal – RN, 59012-380, Brazil
  • Phone: +55 84 3232-9702
  • Function: Opera house
  • Open: Call to confirm
  • Interest: Theater

9.Stay at Ocean Palace Beach Resort & Bungalows

It is a very nice, cozy, beautiful hotel. Staff very dedicated especially the maid and waiters, not that others do not deserve praise but by contact with what clients said. Nevertheless, room very good, impeccable cleanliness made by the chambermaid Such that with great affection met us in all we ever ask him very helpful and dedicated. very good breakfast. Good restaurants, helpful staff.


  • Name: Ocean Palace Beach Resort & Bungalows
  • Address: Av. Sen. Dinarte Mariz, 7829 – Ponta Negra, Natal – RN, 59090-002, Brazil
  • Phone: +55 84 3220-4144
  • Hours: 7am to 7pm
  • Open: Daily
  • Interest: Beach resort
  • Web: http://www.oceanpalace.com.br/

10.Have a snack at Tabua de Carne

The environment is beautiful, has a live music, not too loud, which allowed us to talk quietly. It’s a great place to meet friends or for a romantic dinner. Steakhouse with live music, very pleasant atmosphere. regional decoration. Excellent reception. The food was delicious and plentiful. prime location and easy access. It has its own parking. At the buffet various regional dishes like corned beef in cream, farofa water, peanut candy and cheese curds puree.


Natal has an incredible ocean. For the adventurous, it is possible to ride a buggy, ATV or do sky diving. For those who simply want to relax, it’s just you take advantage the beauty of the place in any corner you choose.

Have a good trip and travel!

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