15 Things to Do in Boa Vista

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Boa Vista City
Source: Portal da Copa/ME

Like Brasilia, Boa Vista is a planned city furthermore the capital of the state of Roraima. The city is situated on the bank of the River Branco. Wide parkways, woody avenues, and a perfect and composed city frequently astound the first time tourists. This modern city is recognized differently among the capitals in the Northern Brazil. It appreciates a decent atmosphere and is a green city, bordered with verdant mango trees and other variety of trees that flourish in the area. Its main vacation destinations are the beaches arranged on the banks of the River Branco. Here are top things to do in Boa Vista.

1. Brazilian Cuisine at Open Air Food Court.

Located at the Av Capitan Ene Garcez is a bustling outdoors food court famous for its relishing cuisines. A large number of small family restaurants have tables set up under a high overhang which serves affordable and wonderful Brazilian cuisines. You can also fin various live entertainment programs there, yet the vivacious, family-accommodating mood is the main thing that attracts locals and tourists to this place.


  • Address:Av Capitan Ene Garcez, Boa Vista, Brazil
  • Pricing : R$5-20
  • Timings: 5pm-midnight

2. Visit the Temporary Praia Grande Beach

Praia Grande Beach
Source: SallesNeto BR

A brownish beach develops on the most distant bank of the Rio Branco amid low tide, generally between the month of December to April. Known as Praia Grande, it is, in reality, enormous and peaceful, and makes for a charming evening visit. It’s temporary presence implies there is no shade so you need to bring an umbrella or consider holding up until the evening. You can take a ferry from Porto do Babazinho which charges about R$4 round trip.


  • Name: Praia Grande
  • Address: Margem esquerda do Rio Branco | Ilha da Praia Grande, Boa Vista, Roraima, Brasil
  • Timings: December to April

3. Roraima Garden Shopping

This mall has an expansive parking spot and various stores and worldwide brands on their premises. Roraima Garden Shopping has an awesome food court and great silver screens, you will discover souvenirs shops, electronics, clothing and footwear, a mail station and ATMs, there is additionally a small play area for kids. The shopping center has an exceptionally excellent view and can be easily reached.


  • Name: Roraima Garden Shopping
  • Address: Av Ville Roy, 1554 – Caçari Boa Vista, RR
  • Opening hour: 10:00 to 22:00
  • Phone: +55 95 3621-1333
  • Website: http://roraimagardenshopping.com.br

4. Adventure with Porto do Babazinho

Adventure activities are the best thing you can do in Bao Vista. Porto do Babazinho has a local tour operator & guide called as Sebastião de Souza e Silva. You can go to him for adventure tours and activities .He leads and can arrange various adventure packages from windsurfing lessons , trekking, hiking, kayaking, and wildlife tours and all that at affordable rates.


  • Name: Porto Do Babazinho
  • Address: 1380, R. Floriano Peixoto, 1292 – Centro, Boa Vista – State of Roraima, Brazil
  • Timings: 9:00 – 18:00
  • Email : babazinhorr@yahoo.com

5. Igreja Matríz does Carmo

This small yellow church is one of the oldest building in Boa Vista, starting as an oratory in 1725, and redesigned and extended in 1917. From 1917, the Benedictines started to change it, giving it a German style of appearance . Throughout the years, the congregation has experienced a few changes, however, it has been established again to the German Standards in 2005.


  • Name: Igreja Matríz does Carmo
  • Address: Avenida Sebastião Diniz, 889, Centro Boa Vista – RR
  • Timings: 24 Hours a Day

6. Watch a Football Match at Estádio Flamarion Vasconcelos

Also known as Canarinho, Estádio Flamarion Vasconcelos is the most famous football stadium in the city which is owned by the Roraima State. It can accommodate about 10000 people at once. You can enjoy football matched while you are in Boa Vista Here. Brazilians are well known for their football tricks and games. So why not see yourself the budding Brazilian players at Boa Vista.


  • Name:Aqua Mak
  • Address: BR 174, km 475, Boa Vista, State of Roraima, Brazil
  • Timings: 9:00 – 18:00
  • Fees: R $ 40,00 (adults) & R $ 20,00 (Children )

7. Enjoy Food at La Gondola

Source: Elingunnur

It is a unique place to eat in Boa Vista , the main thing about this restaurant is per-kilo food choices in grilled beef, pasta, broil chicken, potatoes, rice, beans and so on. It is an amazing spot for the individuals who need to eat sensibly well by paying less. It is situated close to the Hotel Aipana in Prospector Square. So if you want to enjoy good food at a great price than this the place for you.


  • Name:La Gondola
  • Address: Av Benjamin Constant 35 W
  • Timings: 11am-3pm
  • Pricing : per kg R$25

8. Party Hard at S69

It is the Boa Vista’s most famous gay club where you can take an advantage of its weekly plan when you can enjoy dancing to your fullest till morning. Though this place is famous among gays and lesbians but during this time it welcomes straight people too. Foreigners are also welcomed here. They have good music system and great collections of drinks.


  • Name:S69
  • Address: cnr Rua Araújo Filho & Av NS da Consolata
  • Timings: midnight-6am Sat only

9. Visit Monte Roraima National Park

Roraima National Park
Source: Jeff Johnson

It is one of the most famous national parks in Roraima State and has borders with Venezuela & Guyana. The National Park is known to have a diverse variety of topography consisting of both savanna and rainforest . Pacaraima Mountains which is the part of the national park borders Brazil from Guyana and Venezuela. It is one of the best places for adventure activities like hiking, camping and exploring the forests of Brazil.


  • Name:S69
  • Nearest City : Boa Vista, Brazil
  • Established Date : 28 June 1989
  • Phone : (95) 3592-1085

10. Enjoy Rides at Aqua Mak Park

One of the best ways to spend you holidays and time in Boa Vista is to visit this water park and enjoy some thrilling ride while enjoying the water. The Park consist of various rides for kids and for adults too. Bar and restaurants are also located on the park premises. There is also a fish and located inside the park where you can explore the varieties of fish and also feed them.


  • Name:Aqua Mak
  • Address: BR 174, km 475, Boa Vista, State of Roraima, Brazil
  • Timings: 9:00 – 18:00
  • Fees: R $ 40,00 (adults) & R $ 20,00 (Children )

11. Enjoy a Movie at Cine Super K

Every one of us would love watching motion pictures in our free times. There are a number of films theaters in Boa Vista, of which Cine Super K is the most celebrated here. Cine Super K is known for its quality and solace. You will discover all the most recent films here and you can without much of a stretch book a ticket either online or by going there.


12. Pátio Roraima Shopping

With alternatives of local and worldwide boutiques, five theaters with the most recent innovation, 3D screen, and different entertainment facilities , Pátio Roraima Shopping is one of the most lively destination you will find in Bao Vista. Pátio Roraima Shopping mall also comprises of supermarket and hotel, food court and open outdoor area with living zone and eateries. It is a complete destination where you can enjoy a whole day in Bao Vista.


13. Monumento aos Pioneiros

Luiz Kanara, a famous artist built this building in 1995 , the landmark imitates the life of Mount Roraima and recounts the long stretch of the historical backdrop of the ancient place with ethnic components that frame the Roraima individuals, their cultures, and traditions. The works portrays the main families who first came to this place. Situated in the noteworthy area of the city, on the banks of the White River, the landmark is a must visit museum in the city.


  • Name:Monumento aos Pioneiros
  • Address : Centro, Boa Vista – State of Roraima, 69301-320, Brazil
  • Timings : 24 Hours a Day

14. Buy Gifts From Terra de São Nunca

It is a little gift & a souvenirs shop located in the Roraima Garden Shopping center in Boa Vista. If you are a comic lover , then this is the perfect place where you will discover unique endowments and gifts for your family and friends. Apart from those there are a number of other items that you can take home.


  • Name:Terra de sao nunca
  • Address: Av. Ville Roy, 1544 – Roraima Garden Shopping Boa Vista, RR
  • Opening hour: daily from 10:00 – 22:00

15. Visit Taumanam

Source : Wallaceferrao

It is an artificial beach located at the Rio Branco in Boa Vista. It is a beautiful place to spend you evening. It was built in 2005 and comprises of various stores and snack bars. You can enjoy Brazillian foods here and also do some shopping near the beach.


  • Name: Orla Taumanam
  • Address: Av. Silvio Botelho, 89, Boa Vista – RR, Brazil
  • Opening hour: 09:00 – 21:00

Though Boa Vista is not a famous tourist place but yet it offers a number of attractions and things you can do here.

Have a good trip and travel!