10 Ways to Enjoy Holidays in Alcudia

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Alcudia Beach
Source: Aina Vidal

The resort of Alcudia has for quite some time been mainstream with tourists coming to Majorca and the primary reason for this is the lovely Alcudia Beach. Beaches are great ways to enjoy your holidays and to indulge in adventure activities. Alcudia is the major tourist destination in Majorca and millions of tourist visit this small beach town every year. There are a number of activities and sightseeing in the town. Moreover, the Alcudia beach and the surrounding area offers a number of activities for tourists. You can also explore the nearby areas to the town via various cruises and rental boat services.

1. Enjoy Boat Trips From Alcudia

Alcudia Port
Source: Cristian Bortes

You can indulge in a number of boat trips from the Alcudia Bay . Most of the boats sail from the port located at the marina.Whether you need a catamaran boats, a boat with glass base to explore the hidden areas in Alcudia sea or an adventurous trip, the bay will offer you every trip you are looking for. A four hour trip in the boat will take you near the northern coastline from where you can enjoy the stunning views of Alcudia, for example, Aucanada, and an unwinding stop at the shoreline of Formentor. While with sailing catamaran you can relax in extravagance on the Anacaona going any place the wind takes you from Alcudia. You can also take a trip for scuba diving at some of the best coves nearby the Alcudia Bay.

2. Watersports in Alcudia Beach

With very long shorelines and great tides, the beach offers a number of water activities like windsurfing, banana boat rides, canoeing, kite-sailing, jet skis,waterskiing, and scuba diving. Exploring the wonderful bank of Alcudia via boat trip, scuba diving or snorkelling along the perfectly clear waters is additionally another incredible way to enjoy the beach. Playa Deportivo is one of the parts of the shoreline which is for the most part known for watersports.

3. Enjoy Rides at Hidropark

Source: Mac Hotels

One of the most visited water parks in Northern Mallorca, Alcudia Waterparks otherwise called Hidropark is a spot where you can make the most of your entire day with families. It is an awesome place for the whole family with a decent assortment of slides, a wave pool incredible for the children and some extra activities like a Mini Golf and floating water ball. The waterpark also has a Restaurant and area for Barbecue. You can go there by local transport or through private taxi or cab. It is a must visit destination in Alcudia town. So make sure you visit it on your trip to Alcudia.


  • Adults: 22.90 €
  • Adults Who are 65 + : 16€
  • Kids between 0-2 years : 16.90€
  • Kids Between 3-11 years : Free
  • Month of May: 10:00 Am– 17:00 Pm
  • Month of June : 10:00 Am– 17:00 Pm
  • Month of July to August : 10:00 Am – 18:00 Pm
  • Month of September to October : 10:00 Am– 17:00 Pm

4. Enjoy Shopping at Sunday Markets

One of the major attraction of this old town is a market which is held every Tuesday or Sunday. The stalls in the markets line the external dividers and it goes on to the heart of the town. The shops in the outer area offer a wide variety of garments and leather products; belts, socks, and wallets. Almost every shop have about same products and offers at almost same price. Inside the dividers and close to the focal point of the town itself these small shops turn out to be more interesting and amazing offering more handmade artworks , pottery, gems and much more.

5. Visit Alcudia old Town

St. Jaume Alcudia
Source: Defisch

The old town is known for its historical background and is encompassed by amazing divider and towers which were built in the fourteenth century and are enlightened flawlessly, as the sun goes down. The small town located inside the dividers comprises of old structures and narrow boulevards with bistros, eateries and little boutiques offering handmade souvenirs and garments.

6. Go Hiking

There are a number of options for adventure in Alcudia, of which hiking is one of the best. Tourists can explore the rough coastline with any of the water outings. North Majorca is loaded with delightful strolling and climbing landscape, particularly in the mountains range of Tramuntana located in north-west part. Get away from the shoreline and endeavor out on the numerous ways and trails prompting to the magnificent countryside area, loaded with beautiful small towns and religious centers, offering some stunning views of surroundings.

7. Explore Alcudia via Cycling

Cycling in Alcudia is an interesting activity for some adventurous way to explore and for all the nature lovers. Tourists and visitors can enjoy the beautiful natural landscapes, the culture of the town and the mysteries of Alcudia by accelerating through its enchanting ways and streets. Alcudia and the island of Majorca offer incredible places to visit in the lap of nature. Cycling is the best way to explore and enjoy the natural beauty of the town and its nearby areas.

8. Family Activities in Alcudia

Alcudia Beach
Source: Aina Vidal

Alcudia offers incredible attractions for children and families which are water-driven as it is a beach resort. The Alcudia shoreline offers an extraordinary day out for families and kids and gives throughout the day fun with a number of water games for youngsters. Hidropark is an extraordinary water park in Alcudia . It is additionally the most famous waterpark of Majorca. It is an immaculate spot to have some good times for families and children. KartingMania is the another great spot situated at Hotel Bellevue Complex . It is the Alcudia’s biggest karting track and one of the best places to have a great time for families.

9. Scuba Diving and Snorkelling in Alcudia

Being a beach town and surrounded by water, Alcudia offers a number of water activities and it’s best for you to go for Scuba Diving and Snorkelling. Make the most of your visit at Alcudia with a novel ordeal of seeing the life under the ocean. There is a considerable measure of spots for you to go for a scuba lesson and really doing it. The operators will help you in learning the concept of the diving and will take you deep under the ocean where you can see the colorful life of the ocean. You can pick between different organizations, for example, Active Alcudia, Barcaresports. The Challenge Mallorca, Alcudiajets, Skualo, and Free Soul Divers.

10. Enjoy the Nightlife in Alcudia

On the off chance that you need to enjoy each moment of your visit in the region then why not party all night and enjoy Alcudia nightlife ? Experiencing the nightlife is one of the best ways to know about the culture and lifestyle of the place you are visiting. You can find number of bars and nightclubs in Alcudia for you to bounce around and have a fabulous time. For example, Smugglers bar Alcudia, Banana Club, Queens Bar Alcudia, GoodFellas Music Bar, The Irish Tavern, The Posh Paddy, Uncle Festas Bar, Linekers Bar Alcudia, O’Malley’s, Enjoy Cafe Lounge, and much more.

Have a good trip and travel!