12 Months in Spain (January – December)

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Source: Nick Kenrick

Spain has many provinces, and they range wildly in everything from terrain to climate to people. One thing that can be seen across the country, however, is a deep running tradition and a need for people to enjoy life and make the most of it. That is why there are so many amazing events to go to, and so many incredible celebrations to witness up an down the country, and all through the year. From religious ceremonies that have been observed for centuries to modern music festivals, Spain has it all.

Here is a guide to some of the things you can see in each month.


New Year Party
Source: Börkur Sigurbjörnsson

January kicks off in Spain with what the Spanish do best. A great party for New Year’s Eve spills into January 1st, as the whole country celebrates the new year. Local squares are filled with people who go out in large groups of family or friends, and they stay well into the early hours. January is generally a time in which the country is calm after the previous December’s festive celebrations, but there are still many things to do. There are plenty of music festivals to go to, as well as certain saint’s days, such as San Sebastian’s day on January 20th which is celebrated with a drum parade.

Fiesta Musician1
Source: Wikimedia

In Barranda, Murcia, many traditional bands from around the country congregate and take over this small town. For three days at the end of January, the Fiesta de las Cuadrillas takes place. It is a fantastic event for lovers of both music and Spanish culture.

Other January Events


  • Name: Canary Islands International Music Festival
  • Place: The Canary Islands
  • Dates: Throughout January


  • Name: Botillo Festival (Cured Meat)
  • Place: Bembibre, Leon
  • Dates: From the end of January into February


Source: Carnaval.com Studios

Although February is often seen as a barren and cold month, around Spain it is anything but. This month is when carnival falls, which is not exclusive to the country, but is worth experiencing in Spain more than almost anywhere else. The date changes each year, but this age old tradition sees people up and down the country dress up and partake in parades and dances that last over the course of about a week. There is a lot of partying to be done at this time as the whole country celebrates in a vibrant and colourful way typical of Spanish people. Two of the most spectacular are in Tenerife and Barcelona.

Flamenco de Jerez
Source: Wikimedia

One of Spain’s most prestigious flamenco festivals happens at this time of year in the town of Jerez. Taking place at the end of February, the streets and venues are filled with passionate dancing and incredible musicianship. Many people flock to the area at this time of year, and if you love dance there are few better events to go to during the year.

Other February Events


  • Name: Gastrofestival
  • Place: Madrid
  • Dates: Last week of February and first week of March


  • Name: Valentine’s Day
  • Place: Throughout Spain
  • Dates: February 14th


Fallas Festival
Source: keith ellwood

After three long months of cold winter weather, Spain begins to warm up again. March is generally a dry and pleasant month cross the country, which makes it an ideal time to stage events, and there are also many celebrations related to the coming of Spring, and with it being a holy time of year in the run up to Easter. Few things are more spectacular at this time of year than the Fallas Festival in Valencia, Spain’s third largest city. The whole metropolis is taken over from March 15-19 with huge models of papier mache marching through the streets. It is almost magical. Accompanying the parades are parties across the town, as people take to the streets to celebrate. At the end of the festival, all but the winning model gets burnt as well.

Source: Oh-Barcelona.com

Also, in the last week of March there is another of Spain’s spectacular carnivals. It takes place in Sitges, a town not far from Barcelona, and hundreds of thousands of people flock there from around Spain and the world to join in the celebrations. Expect wild costumes and even wilder partying.

Other March Events


  • Name: Fiesta de la Magdalena
  • Place: Valencia
  • Dates: Palm Sunday


  • Name: Barcelona Beer Festival
  • Place: Barcelona
  • Dates: First Week of March


semana santa
Source: wingpix

April is a very busy month in Spain as spring gets in full swing, and the flowers begin to bloom. A lot of them are related to Easter, and there are many religious processions and festivals all over the country, especially over the Easter weekend itself. Spain is a country that takes this time of year quite seriously, so there is a real community feel to what is going on. In Spanish the holy week is called Semana Santa. One of the most spectacular celebrations of this week is in Seville, where local girls get dressed up colourfully, and people spend the week socialising, playing music and partying. It’s a time where you can really see both Spain’s solemn religious practices and the party spirit at the same time.

Jerez Horse
Source: Dominic Alves

Another visually stunning event is the Jerez Horse Fair, held right at the end of April every year. People ride through town on horses in spectacular, traditional costumes. It is an aesthetic delight for those who love animals and traditional dress.

Other April Events


  • Name: Castilla y Leon Day
  • Place: Around Spain
  • Dates: April 23rd


  • Name: St. George’s Day
  • Place: Andalucia
  • Dates: April 23rd


White Night
Source: Gabe McIntyre

May is a colourful month across Spain, with music festivals, beer festivals, celebrations of patron saints and so much more. The weather in this month is perfect, with winter having been completely left behind and beautiful but tolerable sunshine. Different regions have different things going on as well, such as the San Isidro festival in Madrid, early in May, celebrating the city’s patron saint. This event involves live music in squares and parks, which turns into drinking and celebrating long into the night. There is also White Night, which is celebrated across Spain. This is when visual arts are used to light up cities and make a beautiful spectacle. People come out onto the street to party on this day at the end of the month, and the one in Malaga is one of the most spectacular.

Source: Mario

At the end of April and beginning of May in Madrid there is a celebration of all things rock. Festimad takes place every year, and has seen some giants of alternative music play as the city is taken over by both international and local artists. Across the city bands play over the course of two weeks. So if you like your music loud, this is the event to go to.

Other May Events


  • Name: Girona Flower Festival
  • Place: Girona
  • Dates: Second week of May


  • Name: Labour Day
  • Place: Around Spain
  • Dates: May 1st


Source: Oh-Barcelona.com

The start of summer in Spain sees temperatures rise and the country become more and more active. This is a month in which Spain is flooded with arts festivals, music festivals, gay pride and lots of local and larger fiestas. One of the biggest events is the internationally renowned Sonar Festival in Barcelona, taking place over three days in mid-June. It is a huge party of electronic music that tens of thousands of people flock to from all over the world, and if you like music and a party there are few better festivals to go to than Sonar.

San Juan
Source: Marco Chiesa

Another festival around this time of year is the San Juan Fiesta on the 24th June. A colourful night of fireworks, bonfires and street parties, San Juan takes place all over Spain. Andalucia in particular hosts all night beach parties that are boisterous even by Spain’s standards.

Other June Events


  • Name: Grec Festival of Arts
  • Place: Barcelona
  • Dates: All Month


  • Name: Corpus Christ
  • Place: Around Spain
  • Dates: June 6th


San Fermines
Source: Jaume Escofet

Some of Spain’s most famous festivals fall during the month of July, as the middle of summer heats up the country and tourists arrive from all over. As always, there are fiestas celebrating music and dance, religious observations and more. In particular, this is the month in which San Fermines in Pamplona takes place, better known as the rinning of the bulls in the English speaking world. Thousands of brave (and/or crazy) people line the streets and run away from bulls that are released. There are also celebrations around the town from July 6th to July 14th.

Cordoba Guitar
Source: Delegación de Cultura Ayuntamiento de Córdoba

Spain is world famous for its music. Usually the image conjoured is of women with castanets dancing, and of course the guitar. Cordoba holds a festival of Flamenco music in the first two weeks of the month, and is a fantastic music celebration that anyone interested in Spain’s traditional culture should attend.

Other July Events


  • Name: Getxo Jazz Festival
  • Place: Getxo
  • Dates: Middle of July


  • Name: Virgen del Carmen
  • Place: Alicante
  • Dates: Around 16th July


Major de Gracia
Source: Louisa

Spain is scorching in August, and many people head for the coast or mountainous areas in search of a little cooler climate. This in no way impacts on the countries festivals and celebrations though, as it is as alive as ever. One of the best events in Festa Major de Gracia which takes place in Barcelona. It’s over a week in the middle of August every year, and it sees streets being taken over by models and other artwork, as well as by music performances. It is an eclectic festival that is thoroughly enjoyable, and a great expression of the city’s culture and identity.

Source: Antonio Tajuelo

Madrid celebrates a lot of its patron saints in this month, and there are many fiestas across the cities which vary on theme and saint depending what neighbourhood you’re in. It is colourful, traditional and a fascinating experience for any traveller in the city at that time.

Other August Events


  • Name: Malaga Feria
  • Place: Malaga
  • Dates: August 13th – 20th


  • Name: Exaltacion Del Rio Guadalquivir
  • Place: Seville
  • Dates: August 24th – 27th


Santa Tecla
Source: Convergència Democràtica de Catalunya

As Spain begins to cool down in September after the sweltering summer months, a different kind of feel comes over the country. There are festivals centred around  food, wine, beer, music and more as the country experiences the highest number of festivals during the year. Santa Tecla is a festival in Tarragona quite like any other. For ten days the town sees a burst of action, as there is live music, drama, acrobatics, film showings and street parties, to mention just some of the festivities taking place. It really is as eclectic as you can get, and the town is full of life over the course of this week and a half.

La Merce
Source: Somewhere in the world today…

La Merce in Barcelona also takes place in this month of the year in Spain. It also has a lot of colour and acrobatics. The festivities centre around street processions that include incredible models and drum performances. There are hundreds of activities in what is one of Barcelona’s most exciting celebrations.

Other September Events


  • Name: Rioja Wine Harvest
  • Place: Logrono
  • Dates: Around September 20th


  • Name: Virgen del Socorro
  • Place: Alicante
  • Dates: September


Coumbus Day
Source: Fresco Tours

After the incredibly busy month of Septmeber, October can feel a little slow in terms of activities in Spain. However, this is a country of festivals, and October has its fair share of festivals as well. Maybe the most notable event is on October 12th when Columbus Day, or El Dia De La Hispaniad, is celebrated across the country. It is when Christopher Columbus’ discovery of the Americas is celebrated, and a range of events, including a royal procession in Madrid, take place.


Source: Javi Vte Rejas

Also at this time, Zaragoza hosts the Fiesta del Pilar, which has many street processions and performances. There is a huge flower parade which attracts hundreds of thousands of people, and the festivities take place over a week before October 12th.

Other October Events


  • Name: Horror Film Festival
  • Place: San Sebastian
  • Dates: From mid-October


  • Name: Festival de Otono
  • Place: Otono
  • Dates: From October for Four or Five Weeks


All Saints
Source: Diariocritico de Venezuela

As temperatures become a little chillier, Spain slows down a little and there is a different mood to the place. November is an enjoyable month, and probably the most notable celebration is on the very first day, as November 1st sees All Saints’ Day being celebrated around the country. The day after Halloween, it is a celebration of dead ancestors, and although there is a solemn tone, many places put events on. It is also a day for the Spanish to prepare traditional food and remember those that have passed with friends and family.

Source: Alterna2 http://www.alterna2.com

In Madrid and Barcelona throughout the month of November, there are large jazz festivals, from small club performances to larger concerts, both cities host many events related to this style of music. It’s a great time of year to visit for anyone with an interest in the genre.


Christmas Market
Source: rafa_luque

The final month of the year sees Spain in the festive mood as everything is focused towards Christmas. Across Spain there are religious services, Christmas markets and more geared towards this event. Try some warm wine, some traditional Christmas cakes or meat. The markets themselves get very lively and fun to attend, with people flocking to them throughout December. They are often in very picturesque parts of town as well, for example the one in Barcelona which is in front of the cathedral. You can enjoy carols, shopping for gifts, and the general atmosphere that Christmas brings.

Source: Mark Freeth

One of the most beautiful aspects of Christmas in Spain is the nativity. Scenes depicting Jesus’ birth are beautifully crafted and put on show in cities across the country. They range from the traditional to the modern, and it’s a great thing to go and see, especially if you are in Spain with children.

Other December Events


  • Name: Feriarte Art Festival
  • Place: Feriarte
  • Dates: mid-December


  • Name:Dia de Los Santos Inocentes
  • Place: Across Spain
  • Dates: December 28th

Have a good trip and travel!

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