7 things to know about Sao Paulo Museum of Art

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Source: Rodrigo Soldon

Sao Paulo Museum of Art ( commonly known as MASP) is one of the most renowned art museums in Brazil. A unique landmark of Sao Paulo, this museum is not only rich with its exuberant art collection but also is an example of architectural brilliance. Every year hundreds of tourists from all over the globe flock this museum, and here’s why it is one of the most visited attractions in Brazil.

1. Largest Collection of European Art in Southern Hemisphere

A very comprehensive and well-assorted collection of European art awaits you at Museum of Art, Sao Paulo. The museum has 8000 works  including painting, scriptures, drawings, decorative arts, engravings and much more. It is considered the best collection of European art in Latin America. The museum also displays works of Latin and North American origin. Glimpses of African, Asian art as well as collections of Roman and Greek descent enrich the historic value of this museum. Paintings of great Italian artists like Botticelli, Tintoretto, Titan and Giovanni Belini are some of the jewels  that decors the museum.

2. One of the largest libraries in the country

Source: Stewart Butterfield

Indeed, it is surprising that an art museum has one of the best library collections in country. The documentation center of art in MASP is an educational center for aspiring artists, painters, and researchers of art. The library is brimming with books, periodicals, documentations, exhibition magazines, and records including texts and manuscripts. An array of books on different topics like art history, architecture, modern art, design, painting, photography and architecture are brimming in the library. A volume of over 69000 works contribute to make the library one of the best art libraries in Brazil.

3. Architectural Gem

Italian architect Lina Bo Brandi constructed a mesmerizing architecture of the museum, one of the most important works of her career. There is an open ground and the entire building is supported on four massive red pillars supported with two large beams. The concept of the building is a container for art, and is an architectural inspiration in Brazil.

4. Feira de Antiguidades, antique & art Fair

Source: andre savastano

Antiques Association of Sao Paulo, Brazil organizes an antique and art fair at Museum of Art on Sundays. Common tourists and art lovers equally flock this market for the creative and unique products available here. Variety of items like decorative paintings, silverware, antique jewelry, sculptures, coins and many more make the event a go-to place. From buying souvenirs to enriching your art collection, the fair is a hit among fellow citizens and tourists. Interesting quirky masks are a common favorite among all.

5. Exciting Exhibitions

Source: wikimedia 

International, as well as national exhibitions, are organized in the museum of art throughout the year. Most of the exhibitions last about 2-3 months and is open to the public. However, special exhibitions of artists for enlisted guests are also held occasionally. An outstanding collection of renowned and local artists are presented during these exhibitions.

6. History of Theft Attempts

Remember those thrilling movies where thieves execute master-plans to steal from an art gallery? The history of MASP is no different. In 2007 an art heist took place in the museum, considered as one of the biggest in the world so far. Two paintings were stolen – Portrait of Suzanne Bloch by Pablo Picasso and Lavrador de Cafe by Candido Portinari. The total worth of the two paintings was approximate $56 million. Fortunately, the paintings were soon recovered without any damage and have been restored, but the stories of the heist continue on and on.

7. Musical Nights

Recently MASP has undertaken a new avenue, a Music project termed as Music in Vain. From orchestra to jazz, blue, pop and ethnic Latin American music , this project is funded to establish a rich musical festival. The shows have free admission and have street furniture and finger food . Usually the shows are scheduled to be organized on the last Thursday of every month.

The Museum of Art, Sao Paulo is rich from the inside as well as outside. From the enriched art collection to the stunning architecture, the attraction is truly an inspiration. Bargain at the antique fair and enjoy the Jazz nights to get the feel of Latin American culture.

Have a good trip and travel!

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