7 Nightlife Scenes in Manaus, Brazil

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The Manaus Plaza is accessible as the best shopping spot in Brazil. Aside from that, it has luxurious services and high-end facilities which attract customers and foreign visitors. Business owners used technology for enhancing internal procedures, and they always provide professional staffs to accommodate visitors for a better experience. Some of the best nightlife scenes in Manaus Plaza is listed below.

1. Route of Destination

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Manaus is a Brazillian City, located on the Rio Negro that meets Rio Solimōes near Amazon River proper. It was called as the “Meeting of the waters because of two river flows side by side. Because of Manaus’ location near to Amazon rain forest, it gathers substantial numbers of foreign visitors, who are interested to see wildlife on land and in the rivers. This city has a lot of different beaches, bars and food chains.

2. Food Chains inside the Plaza


Aside from the excellent shopping services, the food chains inside the plaza also the reason why these shopping malls became superb and fabulous. These highly-rated food parlors contain 5 – star restaurants and coffee shop which impresses each visitors. The top food rooms inside the plaza include Picanha Mania, which is famous because of its splendid taste, the fabulous Canana Grill, the Manhattan Restaurante that offers delicious dishes and the Congresso de Pizza. If you’re already happy and contented with donuts and muffins, then the Café Donuts is the best for you. There are lots of food chains inside the plaza that offers excellent service and satisfying foods so try them.

3. Opera House

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Manaus is famous in their movie theater or known as the opera house. They have this opera house that is well-known globally or locally. It is called the “Amazonas Theater.” This theater was built during 1800’s but still it was well preserved and well maintained. This theater was built in different styles that resemble that renaissance era. Moving forward this show was featured in the film “Fritzcarraldo” and directed by a German director named “Werner Herzog.”

Second of the line, this opera house was used in the known novels namely “Journey to the River” and “Company of Swans”. The theater was featured in Ann Patchett’s 2011 novel, “State of Wonder”. It is a good place to see.

4. AccessibleParking Space


Since the Manaus Plaza is an ideal shopping mall in the city, a spacious parking lot is the main requirement to have a peace and clean accommodation. The plaza is accessible because it was placed in the two districts known as Vieiralves and Avenida Djalma Batista which is 10 minutes away from the city and 20 minutes from the nearest airport. Contractors of the mall decided to make a huge car park to accommodate the visitors with comfort. It can provide 1,200 types of vehicles.

5. Hotels and Resorts

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Enjoyed your window shopping experience but also tired at the same time? The Manaus Plaza is not only good in its shopping malls but also it provides luxurious hotels and resorts. You will surely enjoy the place because the management offers a high-class accommodation to keep you relax and comfortable. Some features of the Hotels are the great Wi-Fi connection; air-conditioned room and other facilities, real television satellite, a clean swimming pool and 24/7 responsive desk to serve you. If you want to chill at night, spend your time in a bar inside the hotel to keep your nerves calm and relaxed. The greatness of this place will blow your mind.

6. Function Halls for Business Occasions or Special Events


Some people refer Manaus Plaza as a multifunctional complex that can accommodate many individuals with extraordinary service. It can handle different types of occasions such as business meetings, special events, birthday parties, wedding occasions and much more. The entire function hall is already air-conditioned and also has ample space for people’s comfort.

7. What Manaus Plaza can offer?


Manaus Plaza was the coolest elevators that you could experience this square contains seven elevators that can lift heavy loads that have double weight on it. It was called panoramic lift because it is great glass surroundings that enable you to see excellent views and spot the nightlife.  Manaus have different amenities to offer on what hotel are you checked in; you can try different opera house, the day tour in different rivers that surrounds the area. They offer travel tours for group or individuals so you can enjoy your stay in Manaus.

Manaus Plaza is not so famous compared to other tourist spots, but the place is fantastic. Unlike other locations, this one is peaceful plaza which truly comforts you from a tiring business trip or a stressful job. All you need to do is to embrace the city and appreciate the Beauty of the place!

Have a good trip and travel!

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