25 Interesting Facts about Brazil

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Flag of Brazil
Source: Bruno Caimi

With the around the corner Olympics, all eyes now have turned to Brazil. The Brazilians themselves are so jubilant and have started preparing in different ways and as such thrilling facts about the country as a whole have begun surpassing. Some people have even taken the stakes a bit higher and commenced reliving some past events. Hence we as well have decided to join the sailing boat and came up with a list of the most fun and exciting ‘must-knows’ about this life-filled country.

1. Sex Change Surgeries Cost Not a Penny in Brazil

Source: Fransisco Osorio

Yes, that’s simply it. You won’t have to stress yourself about cash to fund for sex change operations as they are entirely free of charge in Brazil. As a matter fact, in this South American State, altering legal gender assignment is indeed legal as per the Brazilian Supreme Court of Justice. The decision regarding this was reached back in 2009. Moreover, having undergone the gender reassignment surgery, one is eligible for the name as well as gender change on one’s birth certificate.

2. Christ the Redeemer, One of the New Wonders of World is in Brazil

Christ the Redeemer
Source: Nan Palmero

The Jesus Christ’s Art Décor Statue is found in Rio de Janeiro city in Brazil. Atop the Corcovado Mountain stands this 38-meter tall statue of Christ which took five solid years to bring it to a completion. It is, hence, a unique symbol of the city and watches over Rio de Janeiro.

3. Many Nazis Took Refuge in Brazil after World-War II

Source: Ministério da Defesa

Famous among those who fled to Brazil is the favorite ‘Angel of Death’, Josef Mengele, who had such a reputation for inhumane experiments and obsession with twins. Then since, an attribute to him which has been disproven has been made to the Cândido Godói town located near the Argentina border due to the spiking rates of twin births.

4. Voting is Compulsory in Brazil

Brazil President
Source: Global Panorama

Unlike many countries, a Brazil Citizen doesn’t have the option of ‘I don’t feel like indulging in politics today.’ A mandatory system where everyone, as long has is eligible to vote, has an obligation to cast a vote or be at a polling station on a voting day exists in this state. Failure to the above mentioned for an eligible voter, punishment in the form of fines or other community services maybe imposed.

5. A Clown Ran for Congress in Brazil in 2010

Now this is super exciting. A comic performer for Congress? No way. But, oh yes, that was the case in Brazil. He, Tiririca, stood firm and made it public that he would be one of those running for Congress in 2010. And believe it or not, he wasn’t merely dreaming as became the most popular and most-voted-for congressman of that particular election.

6. The Brazilian Bororo People All Share the Same Blood Type

Brazilian Bororo
Source: Lecen

Just like most Native Americans, all the descendants of the Bororo people all share the same ‘blood type O.’ These Bororo language speaking folks are an indigenous community (tribe) in Brazil and are found in the Mato Grosso state of Brazil.

7. 2013 World’s Richest Person (Brazilian) Lost US$ 30 Billion, Now Owes US$ 1 Billion

As much as money changes hands, this shift was so astonishing and one raising eyebrows. Brazilian Eike Batista did experience a horrible experience; a nightmare actually. This billionaire business magnet made a world-recognizable fortune and lost it vial mining and gas and oil exploration. Shocking and saddening as it is, it happened in Brazil, and it still stands as one of the interesting facts.

8. The Statue of Liberty has Replicas in Brazil and three other States

Replica of The Statue of Liberty
Source: Chris Scott

On the Event of the 1990 Exposition Universelle, Bartholdi designed a smaller design of the statue of liberty. Over the years, however, replicas of this hilarious treasure have been constructed and erected in various cities in the globe in Brazil, Malaysia, Pakistan, China and even Taiwan.

9. There is an Island in Brazil where Civilians are prohibited

Am certainly you all are curious why? Well, let’s face it. Five snakes are ever present on this island per every square meter; now that’s scary. And with that in mind, would you want to set foot on this island? Surprising enough; however, a few souls find it thrilling to visit such an island still something that prompted the authorities to bar citizens from visiting the island. Ilha da Queimada Grande is the name of this frightening island.

10. Brazil’s Virginia Rodrigues is Bill Clinton’s Favorite Singer

Virginia Rodrigues whose story is super ravishing commenced her singing carrier from a point where nobody ever imagined that she would hit bars that most can only dream of. As a matter of fact, she began singing for a Catholic and Protestant church. Discovered by C. Veloso in 1997, she progressed well in the industry with her mesmerizing music pieces. On that note, world’s celebrated icon Bill Clinton did compile a list his fav songs, most of which were Jazz Music but did declare that his all-time favorite singer was none other than Virginia Rodrigues.

11. The Most Common Surname in Brazil is Silva

Silva or D’Silva or simply da Silva turns out to be the most renowned (Common) name in all nations that speak the Portuguese language such as Brazil and Portugal itself. The meaning of the name comes from the world Silva of Latin origin depicting woodland or forest. The name has also taken roots in areas where the Portuguese empire was well established comprising Asia, Africa and the America’s.

12. 54% of the population has European ancestry

White Brazilian
Source: @ccfoodtravel

White Brazilians are quite common in Brazil. Let’s get one thing straight, though; the White Brazilian in question here refer to those of a European ancestry or Levantine descent, something that’s very familiar in this Latin American State. As is the case, the nation is build up by a confluence of folks of very diverse origins and from very different places of this earth.  The population make up is from a nation to another though the significant proportion is of the European-Amerindian ethnicity.

13. The Revolution Which Transformed Brazil into a Republic Was Uneventful

Brazil Revolution
Source: Guilherme Tavares

14. Solomon’s Temple Replica Seats in Sao Paolo

In the Sao Paolo state of Brazil, there exists a replica of the traditional Solomon’s temple with a capacity of 10,000 seats. This splendid creation covers a whole block in this life-filled mega city. It flaunts monumental walls specially designed with rare stones form Israel and is decorated with various flags of the countries upon which the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God thoroughly goes about its business of spreading the Christianity gospel.

15. An Electricity Generating Prison Exists in Brazil

Wonders never cease, so the elite say and that’s evident in Brazil where there resides a prison that proves to be quite crucial to the community. This is attributed to the fact that the jail does more than just offering correctional facilities and services as inmates are allowed to pedal stationary bicycles installed in the prison. By so doing, electricity is generated which is utilized to provide power to the nearby city. As a reward, their prison sentence gets reduced.

16. Prisoners Can as Well Reduce their Sentence by Reading a Book

This goes down in an entirely different program as a package on its own where inmates get a reduced sentence for four days every time they read a book and write a report on. What an offer? You gain knowledge at the same time, do yourself a favor. The catch, however, comes where the maximum number of days reduced is simply 48 per annum so a limit of 12 books is all you can count on to cut you some slack. ‘Redemption through Reading’ is the name of this lustrous program featured and it’s geared towards enlightening the incriminated.

17. Local Patent HIV/AIDS drug Production Has Been Authorized Twice in Brazil

To salvage the lives of its dear citizens, Brazil has gone to extreme lengths where it has done what has been so opposed by the United States and even some multinational drug organizations. Local synthesis of patented HIV/AIDS drugs, which is somewhat deemed illegal, has been authorized by the government of Brazil. This incidence has occurred, not even once but twice, though in the process, many lives have been spared from succumbing to the arms of the disease. The cure is produced my mixing 12 drugs into a single cocktail.

18. Brazilian Prostitutes Learned English in Preparation for the World Cup

Okay, that’s said. It still amuses many but so as to provide quality services to their long-awaited and prestigious customers, these beautiful Brazilian prostitutes went for English lessons. The spike in the economy with the advent of the World Cup was long foreseen, but few expect sectors like the prostitution industry would take things to this level. And so as to reap maximum profits from the full tourist period, the prostitutes did what they deemed best so as to improve their hosting skills. Who knows who will do what for the forthcoming Olympics?

19. Apple Lost its Right to utilize the iPhone Trademark in Brazil (2000)

Now this is incredibly funny yet unexpected. What led to it exactly? Oh, it’s a local company which had already registered in in the year 2000. IGB Electronica asked the INPI in Brazil back in March 2000 for the exclusive rights to the brand iPhone before Apple had brought into play their iPhone products. Since then, the celebrated Apple Company has been on the hunt for an amicable solution though they are edging closer to one by the day.

20. A city Exists in Brazil Named Nao-Me-Toque (Don’t Touch Me)

If you thought you’d never laugh, now you just have to. Who even thought of such a name? In the Rio Grande do Sul State of Brazil is found this beautiful city called Nao-Me-Toque which does stand for ‘Don’t-touch-me.’ I feel like mentioning the name all day long, but again it’s the bewitching effect that it has on many, especially foreigners to the country. This has stirred up some appetite in many tourists and those making it to Brazil usually travel to this municipality only to make some history.

21. Beer Made 3 of the Top 5 Richest in Brazil Rich

Many tycoons in the world made their fortune via mining, petroleum oil as well as gas exploration or heavily-founded business lines but of the five richest in Brazil, beer is the item that got them off their feet and made them the money bags they are. Some of the world richest aren’t self-made billionaires but woke up on piles of money inherited from their predecessors, but these fine folks in the like of Marcel Herrmann Telles made it through the booze.

22. Norway; Only Football National Side That Brazil never has Won Against

The Brazil football national team is well known for its proficiency in the arena. Talents are naturally bred in the country and even selection to as who in particular will represent the side for international matches becomes an everyday hazard. Some of the world football icons come from Brazil and with its many talents, we can fail to see why. However, with all their mighty and favorable odds, the Norway national team still stands as the only side that has never lost to the football gurus. In fact, betting on a match between the two, one would take Norway for underdogs.

23. The Current Brazil President was Tortured for 2 Years During that era

Dilma Rouseff
Source: Valter Campanato/ABr

Dilma Rousseff, the sitting Brazilian president, underwent through 2-year torture between 1970 and 1972. The dictatorship military in Brazil then put her through the horrible experience. She was an active member of several left-wing in addition to urban guerrilla groups which fought against the dictatorship imposed by the military in Brazil.  She then took office as the first woman leader in a presidential capacity in Brazil and has been in office for 36 years now.

24. Erection Lasting for Hours Can be caused by the Brazil Wondering Spider

As much as one may look at this fact as one to make a fuss about, it’s not all merry when the Brazil Wondering Spider bites you as you can have an erection lasting for hours. In other occurrences, the tale might not just come to a halt there as impotence also can consequent from it. It belongs to the genus of those few spiders that can cause adverse effects to human beings thus if possible, steer clear of it.

25. Brazil Lost a World Cup Final having prepared a Winning Speech, Victory Song, and Medals

This happened during the 1950 finals of the World Cup when Brazil was hosting Uruguay. Before the first whistle blow of the finals, a crowd moving victory speech alongside a whole bunch of 22 medals, with all player names sweetly imprinted on them were set in place. A win song for massive celebration as well was readily composed. Any other aspect that needed to be taken care of was thoroughly executed to perfection only to lose the game to Uruguay on a 2-1 basis. What a disappointment and a change in the history books?

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