10 Best Traditional Brazil Musics

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Source: Alan Kleina Mendes

Music is an art; it is a cultural activity which uses the medium of sound to relax the soul of the people. Every country is blessed with some special unique music forms and Brazil is also one of those countries which offer the best music concerts. The country is blessed with the various traditional music forms that are very popular all over the world. Brazil music is a superb combination of sentiments and passion. Brazil’s soul and essence are reflected through the music of this country. A variety of musical forms has developed in different parts of the country.  The best traditional music forms of this country are as follows:

1. Samba

Source: Paul Stein

Samba is one of the most popular forms of music in this country. Samba is also a popular dance form of this country. The rhythm of this unique music form is linked with the hip-swiveling style of dance. Samba is also known as the national music style of the country. Today there are a number of different kinds of the samba music which can be heard in the country.

2. Bossa Nova

Source: ersupalermo

This music style is evolved from the famous music forms such as “Samba”. This music is considered as the fusion of jazz harmonies and a combination of smoother and slower samba beat. The girl from Ipanema was the first Bossa Nova song.

3. Frevo

Source: LeRoc

This music and dance form of Brazil is popular from last 100 years. This rhythmic music form is characterized by the individual choreography that involves dance and acrobatic movements. Frevo is the music of street carnival whose origin is Brazil country. One cannot stop his feet from dancing after listening to this music.

4. Forro

Source: Turismo Bahia

It is another popular traditional music of the country. This music is similar to the mixture of polka and country style music. The music was originated in the northern Brazil in the Sertao region which is a dry, backwoods cattle country, semi-arid region.

5. Sertanejo

Source: Rodrigo Marques Dalossi

This is another popular music form of the Brazil country. The Sertanejo music form is referred as the country music. There is no doubt in the fact that it is one of the most famous and popular music forms of the country whose origin is the northern part of the country.

6. Choro

Source: Mario Angelo Fuzaro de Menezes

Choro is another popular music form of the country which came into existence in 1880. It first appeared in Rio de Janeiro through small instrumental groups. Choro was played by a trio of flute, guitar, and cavaquinho. Mandolin, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet etc are the other musical instruments used to play this music form.

7. Lundu

Source: Roger Blackwell

It is a style of Afro-Brazilian music with the origin in the African Bantu. Lundu style is very popular among the elite population in Brazil. There are very few recordings available of this popular and amazing traditional music. Lundu was one of the sources of the choro and samba in the 19th century.

8. Music Popular Brasileira

Source: Cidade do Saber Camaçari

Commonly known as MPB is a genre that is famous for mixing the various rhythms of Brazil country. It mixes the music forms like bossa nova, folk, rock, pop etc. currently, MPB is a very popular music style associated with various famous music artists. The sound of this traditional music soothes the mind in a better way.

9. Funk Carioca

Source: Agência Brasil Fotografias

This music form is commonly known as the funk in some parts of the country. This style originated in the 1980s. Funk carioca is kind of dance and music with flavors of hip hop, samba, and some other forms. It is also the oldest traditional Brazil music which is liked by most the people.

10. Southern Music

Source: Bruno Bergamini

Brazil is blessed with various music forms and southern music is one of them. Music that belongs to the southern states of the Brazil country is called the southern music of Brazil. It is very famous music form. Renato borghetti is one of the best performers of the southern music of the country.

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