20 Things to Know about Brazilian Wax

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Brazilian Wax
Source: Tiago Vidal Dutra

Brazilian bikini wax is a form of waxing where hair is removed from the waist down; that is the hair in the private area. It involves complete removal from between, the back and at the front. Depending on your desire, you could ask for some hair to be left; this is known as a landing strip. Total removal of the hairs is commonly known as Hollywood waxing. The origin of this method of waxing is in, as the name suggests, Brazil. Though, the time when it was started in practice is unknown. This type of waxing then spread to the United States and is a common practice by many. Other countries have also adopted the trend.

1. Type of Wax

The Bikini Wax uses hard and soft wax for hair removal. It is advisable to use organic Brazilian wax to do this procedure. Soft wax is applied to your pubic hairs and left for around 30 minutes to harden, then, it is pulled off. Your esthetician may start from the front, which is mostly the sensitive part, going to the back that is less susceptible. I think that this is a great way of lessening the sensitivity regarding pain to the hair being pulled off from their roots. The hair is usually thicker on the upper part and thins out downwards. That’s the cause for the little pain you’ll feel, especially for first timers.The type of wax depends on your choice, the one that suits you best.

2. Warming the Wax

The wax has to be warmed first before use. You could get a wax warmer if you would like to try a DIY, Do It Yourself. If you go to a spa, they are likely and should have one for use. There are also those that have microwave use, in that, you could warm them using a microwave. This flexibility makes a DIY process much easier. Remember, it should be warm and not hot wax, unless you want to burn yourself, and leave some red skin patches after the waxing. You won’t be able to flaunt it as you had expected.


Well, the Brazilian wax involves complete removal of hair or leaving a small landing strip. Be prepared to be asked to stay in some not so comfy positions. You will have to assume a frog-legged spread, have you ankles up to your face as your private area is being inspected, by a person you don’t know. It could feel humiliating at first but with time you will get used to it Just assume that you are at your gynecologist for a routine check-up, it will be of much help. For a DIY, well you only have to worry about yourself. First, ensure that you are all alone in the house and probably put up a do not disturb sign (wink).

4. Importance of Small Talk

If you aren’t that confident in your DIY skills, then you will have to go to a spa. For first timers, you definitely, should go to a spa. I would recommend checking out the available places before you make your decision. You want the best services, it’s your genitalia, remember. You don’t want to walk around with sore or itchy feeling. I promise you; it will be a decision you will always regret. Well, since the procedure involves being completely bare, waist under, be ready for a small talk with your esthetician. The talk makes the process more comfortable and time flies by quickly. Before you know it, you are ready to go.

5. Preparation Before Waxing

The recommended length of hair before removal is a quarter inch. That is for fine hair, if your hair is coarse in nature, then a half inch of hair will do. If you have long hair, trim it before your appointment, or you can have the waxer cut it to the right length. She’s still going to see everything. But it doesn’t cost you to trim it yourself, you know. You should ensure that the area is cleaned before your appointment. Just put yourself in the shoes of the esthetician, it takes a heart to be one. You will be made to lie down on a table covered with clean sheets.

6. Pain relievers

If you haven’t adjusted to the level of pain that you will experience, you take a pain reliever. Different people use different strategies to numb the pain. Some sip a vino before their appointment. The choice of pain reliever relies on you. You know what numbs you better. This lessens the pain. As I said earlier, for a newbie, it’s going to be a painful experience. But as time goes by, you get used to it, and the thickness of the hair reduces. Then, the Brazilian wax will cause you no more pain. It takes time to adjust and regular appointments.

7.  Just Before Waxing

The time before the actual waxing, seconds or a few minutes, you could use a pre-epilation cleanser. The cleaner doesn’t require you to rinse it away. It will evaporate. It makes the wax grip the strands of hair firmly. You want a job well done, don’t you? This is a DIY. Find that which is suited for you. In the spa, they could use powder to prevent hot wax from sticking to your skin. That will cause you excruciating pain. It is applied liberally on the area, and you are ready for the waxing to begin.

8. The Procedure

The warm wax is applied to the hair strands, from front to the back. That’s what Brazilian wax involves, total hair removal, including your derriere. Depending on whether you are using soft or hard wax, the procedure may vary a little bit. The wax is dabbed using a waxing stick, wooden mostly. Each dip into the wax requires a different stick to being used. This calls for attention on your part to what the ‘waxer’ is doing. You don’t want a shoddy service. You then have to wait a few moments before the wax is ‘ripped’ from your skin. The wax is applied in the same direction that your hair grows for the best results.

9. Removing The Wax

After the wax is cooled off. It hardens on the skin and forms a skin-like layer. This is then removed carefully, in the opposite direction of your hair growth. There maybe a few stray strands of hair that were not entirely uprooted. Tweezers come in handy, here. The stubborn hairs are removed, and if you have a landing strip, you could ask for it to be designed. I don’t know what that will be for, but people do it. It’s like a hair tattoo. At least, it isn’t permanent, and you can trim it off whenever you feel like it.

10. The Result

Brazilian model
Source: Oscar One

After the wax is removed, it may not be a smooth landing as you expected. You may experience some soreness, and there may be some red patches on the skin. Just as a reminder, you skin is now extra sensitive. You need to treat it with care. One could use a wax remover to wipe away the few remaining patches of wax. Once, all the wax is completely removed; you could apply a smoothing lotion on the skin. This cream will give the smooth effect that you were yearning.

11. Waxing During Your Cycle

This is a frequently asked question, ‘Can one wax during their menstrual cycle?’. Yes, it is possible. You have to inform your ‘waxer’ beforehand, though. Even though it is possible to get your waxing during your periods, it is not recommended. During this time, your crevices are most sensitive. And pain though at it’s minimal, will be excruciating for you. You may then be fussy which may, in turn, irritate your esthetician. And you know what an angry person might do, especially when you are at their mercy.

12. Who Can Have a Waxing?

Waxing isn’t for the ladies alone; men can get waxed too. There are services offered for the male gender. The waxing takes place in a private area. The only person you have to worry about is your waxer. The small talk during the procedure makes it less uncomfortable for you. The waxer has seen many private areas, so it isn’t a big deal to them. So, for the men who may want to try it out, check out the places where the services are offered and get your waxing. It helps build your confidence, more so, if you are planning for a romantic getaway with your other half.

13. Must Haves

The waxer should have gloves on, during the procedure. So, gloves must be number one on your must-have list. You should also buy several popsicle sticks if you want to try out a DIY. Remember, each dab of wax on your skin should be done by a clean, new waxing stick for the best results. There should also be a wax warmer or a microwave nearby to heat the wax. A wax warmer is best to use, as it keeps the wax at safe temperatures throughout the procedure. You don’t have to keep taking the wax to the microwave to heat after every minute unless you want to have a messy outcome.

14. What You Shouldn’t Do Before Waxing

Here are some of the things you shouldn’t do before your waxing appointment: If you take acne treatments, waxing is a no-go zone for you. The treatments leave the skin thinner and thus more sensitive. It may also result in tearing of the skin during the removal of the wax. If you have a sunburn’, don’t you dare take a waxing. You know what will happen. Remember to clean the area before waxing. You could use soap and water which you’ll have to rinse off thoroughly. You could also use a cleanser. Ensure that it is one that won’t prevent the wax from sticking to your hair.

15. What Not to Do After Waxing

When you have endured the procedure and have a great result, it normal to feel like you want to flaunt it. A walk to the beach seems like a splendid idea. Well, this is the time your skin is most sensitive. It will react with the water and the sand producing sores. It is best to wait a few days before heading to the beach. Getting a tan is also not recommended, for obvious reasons. Your skin needs time to adjust to being totally bare. Use of panty liners regularly leads to skin irritation. If you have to use one, it is advisable to use the unbleached liners.

16. Who Cannot Get a Waxing

Some particular people are prohibited from having a waxing procedure. These are the Accutane and diabetics. Acne treatments leave the skin thin and may cause the skin to be pulled off during waxing. I can’t imagine the pain one will go through if that happens. This because the region is already sensitive as it is. For diabetics, a doctor’s permission could be a way out. But please follow what the doctor says, if it’s a no, then let it be a no. No one says being all natural is bad. Your medical status is critical and will determine whether you can get a waxing or not.

17. How Long Before Your Next Appointment

Bikini Girls
Source: Samantha Marx

When you have already had a waxing, it takes about three to four weeks for the hair to grow back in the correct length. So, you will have those weeks to feel the breeze below. If your hair takes longer to grow, six weeks might do. A quarter inch of hair is the length recommended for waxing. Hair that’s too long, will be entangled during waxing, and I promise you, it will be real painful when ripping off the wax. On the other hand, if hair is too short, the wax might not be able to grip the strands entirely.

18. First timers

If you are a newbie to waxing, it is not advisable to start with a full Brazilian bikini wax. It is better to start with something subtle as you progress higher up the waxing chain. The Brazilian wax is painful at; first, that’s for sure. There are numbing creams available to help ease the pain. Though, pros say that they don’t work. But if you believe in your perseverance to pain, have a go at it. I’d love to hear about your experience, though.It is always good to take one step at a time to test whether it’s something that suits you or not.

19. Importance of Regular Appointments

Regular waxing appointments are recommended. Well, it should be after three to four weeks of your last date. This helps to make it easier for the body to adapt to the waxing procedure. The appointments then become less and less painful. Before you know it, it becomes easy peasy. If you are planning a romantic getaway, get your waxing done some days before the actual d-day. You don’t want a sore area when you should be having a fabulous time.

20. A Brief Overview

Brazilian Bikini
Source: Pedro Lopez

The Brazilian wax trend was started by some Rio beauties when they donned the first thong bikini suits. It then became a trend which other countries emulated. It was introduced in the USA by seven Brazilian sisters, in the 19th-century. Its popularity grew as many people opted for thongs over the other types of panties. It is known by several names, Monty, Heathrow, etc. You just got to know the local name used and you’ll be good to go. The different names also apply to various styles of waxing. Do enough research before settling for one. The Brazilian wax is something you can try out if you are the curious type, or you want to rock in a bikini. Remember to follow the above recommendations and ask for expert advice.

Have a good trip and travel!

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