4 Seasons in Brazil

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5Source: Rosanetur

Brazil is a very large country, fifth in ranking, with a versatile climate setting opposite of northern hemisphere. Based on its seasonal characteristics, the country can be divided into five different regions, not all of them experience the same weather at the same time. Read this article to know about the seasons of this tropical country and different events waiting for you through the whole year.

Brazil in Spring: October to December

1Source: Douglas Scortegagna

In October, Brazil leaves the cold weather of winter and starts to get warmer. Spring is not the best time to attract the tourists in Brazil. But if you want to enjoy a quiet, less-crowded vacation with low price, choose to visit in this season. The best region to visit in spring is the south of the Brazil, say in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo. You can also plan to visit the Iguassu Falls, tropical beaches in the northeast and the north of Brazil. Also, you can plan to visit Amazon only at the first one-third of this season since the later will face heavy rainfall.

Cirio de Nazare:

6Source: Celso Abreu

The largest catholic event in Brazil, Cirio de Nazare, occurs at the beginning of the spring. The whole celebration mainly takes place in Belem, Brazil on the 2nd weekend in October. This is an occasion to honor the virgin Mary of Nazareth. Almost two million people participate in celebrating this festival each year. This includes barefoot parades, costumes, fireworks, river procession etc.

Other Spring Festivals


  • Name: Nossa Senhora de Aparecida
  • Place: Brazil
  • Date: October 12


  • Name: Dia dos Finados
  • Place: Brazil
  • Date: November 2

Brazil in Summer: January to March

2Source: Diego Torres Silvestre

The best time to visit Brazil is the summer. Almost all the regions of Brazil gets crowded this time and also the costs increases as well. The crowd chooses the hot and humid weather of this time to visit many places in Brazil. Heavy rain is also another common scenario in this season, specially in North and Northeast of Brazil. You will enjoy the coastal and beach destinations and of course the music, festivals, sea sports and carnivals. Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Bahia (Salvador), Pernambuco – these are some incredible places you should visit in summer. Also, do not miss the Iguassu Falls which becomes huge in this season because of the heavy rain.

Carnival of Brazil:

7Source: nateClicks

The most famous festival in Brazil, the Carnival is celebrated annually, 46 days before the Easter. The main attraction is the parade in the stadium where a vehicle is ornamented gorgeously and samba dancers perform on the top it. The festival is gracefully celebrated in Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo and Salvador. But in Salvador, the carnival performs on the street instead of in the stadium.

Other Summer Festivals


  • Name: Lavagem da Purificacao
  • Date: January 23-February 2
  • Place: Bahia


  • Name: Festa de lemanja
  • Date: February 2
  • Place: Bahia

Brazil in Autumn: April to June

3Source: Douglas Scortegagna

Brazil starts the transition again in April. The hot and humid weather and the rain both start to ease off. Sky gets bluer and the temperature gets lower. Southern beach areas are still a good place to visit. But you can also plan to visit the Pantanal, Iguassu Falls, though it starts to dry out and of course, Lencois Maranhenses. Crowd and costs both start to decrease, so you can enjoy a light, cheap trip in the Brazil. The main attraction of this time would be to visit the Amazon, but it at the end of the season.

Cavalhadas de Pirenopolis (Joust of Pirenopolis):

8Source: Cecilia Heinen

After forty days of Easter, in the city of Pirenópolis, the Cavalhadas de Pirenopolis celebrated. This is a festival to remember the historic events of medieval times. People celebrate the festival three days long by wearing costumes and arranging mock battles, dances, tournaments etc. This is a very old occasion where the rest of the Brazil also joins in celebrating.

Other Autumn Festivals


  • Name: Dia de Tiradentes
  • Date: April 21
  • Place: Brazil

Brazil in Winter: July to September

4Source: Douglas Scortegagna

The perfect time to visit the Amazon is the winter of Brazil. The rainfall is its lowest rate and the weather is a lot less humid. The low temperature and dry weather are perfect for a trip to the rainforest, Lencois Maranhenses or in the Pantanal, which also dries out in this season. Beaches and coastal areas are a lot less attractive right now. This is why the crowd is less attracted to Brazil right now.

Festival de Danca de Joinville (Dance Festival of Joinville):

9Source: Ministério da Cultura

The Southern Brazil, specially the city Joinville, celebrate the Festival de Danca de Joinville, or simply the dance festival during the last two weeks of July for eight days. The events include the Exhibition of Contemporary Dance (not competitive), a competitive dance competition, the Festival Half Point for kids, Street Dance, Dance Slipper Fair and more. The festival is considered as the biggest festival based on the number of participants by the Guinness Book of Records.

Other Winter Festivals


  • Name: Festa do Peao de Boiadeiro
  • Date: August
  • Place: Barretos, Sao Paulo

Have a good trip and travel!


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