7 Museums to Go in Fresno

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Source: Herry Lawford

This article is dedicated to the city of Fresno and its cultural, historic, scientific, and artistic side. You will find this city charming and opened both to local and international guests. There are various kinds of museums, depending on what you prefer. We made a list of those that we think you would enjoy, altogether with their uniqueness and very remarkable exhibits.

1. Fresno Art Museum

Source: David Prasad

The Fresno Art Museum allows a dynamic adventure for appreciating art. The museum welcomes and educates a diverse audience through meaningful exhibitions, thought-provoking programs, and important interactions with artists and the creative process. In the late forties, a group of regional artists established the Fresno Art League to provide a forum to exhibit and analyze each other’s work.The Museum exhibitions include a wide spectrum of visual arts media (painting, graphics, culture, photography, and fine crafts such as fiber arts, jewelry, glass, ceramics) by local, nationally, and internationally appreciated artists. Cultural and issue-related exhibitions in a variety of artistic interpretation gained extra influence in recent years.


  • Name:Fresno Art Museum
  • Address:2233 N First St, Fresno, CA 93703, United States
  • Phone:+1 559-441-4221
  • Hours: Thursday to Sunday 11 am – 5 pm

2. African-American Museum of the San Joaquin Valley

Source: Almonroth

The African-American Historical & Cultural Museum, or shortly AAHCM, is a nonprofit organization that was founded by in 1985. It will soon become an anchor for the African-American community and today acts as the center for black culture in Fresno’s Cultural Arts District. AAHCM is designed for people of all ages, ethnicity, and backgrounds. They can study and comprehend the culture, history and art of Valley people of African descent.The most popular tours are throughout January, February and March.


  • Name: African-American Museum of San Joaquin Valley
  • Address:1857 Fulton St, Fresno, CA 93721, United States
  • Phone: 559-544-1857

3. Arte Américas

This museum’s goal, as they often refer to it to make Central California a growing place for Latino arts. Toward this end, there is a center where Latino arts can be exhibited, performed, danced, recited, and taught. Arte Américas opened in 1987 inside a modestly-sized, rented, one-room office. In 1995, Arte Américas purchased and moved into its current building. Its focus is on the capacity of art to be both precise and universally understood. The exhibits and events are culturally enlightening and family-friendly. Local and international artists have their exhibits in which they celebrate a variety of cultural art forms.


  • Name: Arte Américas
  • Address: 1630 Van Ness Ave, Fresno, CA 93721, United States
  • Phone: +1 559-266-2623
  • Hours: Thursday to Sunday 11 am – 5 pm

4. Discovery Center

Source: Jim Duell

Discovery Center is offering children a direct learning experience to stimulate curiosity, passion and appreciation for the physical sciences and environment. The Fresno Museum of Science and Natural History was established in 1954, and in the seventies renamed into the today’s “Discovery Center”. It lies on the same spot The Roessler Vinery once was. Ironically, they made brandy, not wine. 


  • Name: Discovery Center
  • Address: 1944 N Winery Ave, Fresno, CA 93703, United States
  • Phone: +1 559-251-5533
  • Hours: Monday to Sunday 10 am – 4 pm

5. Kearney Mansion Museum

Source: R&sbwn

At Kearney Mansion Museum there is a tour perfect to bring your family and friends along. This guided tour features a survey of the San Joaquin Valley’s agricultural beginnings during the life of M. Theo Kearney – a California ag pioneer who is today known as the Raisin King. You can experience the terrain of Kearney’s 1890s landscape – now a public park, ideal for a family picnic or leisurely walk. There is also a hour-long tour of the Superintendent’s Lodge that includes a visit to the Museum Store.


  • Name: Kearney Mansion Museum
  • Address: 7160 W Kearney Blvd, Fresno, CA 93706, United States
  • Phone:+1 559-441-0862
  • Hours: Friday to Sunday 1 – 3 pm

6. Legion of Valor Museum

Source: Tim Evanson

In the front of the Fresno Veterans Memorial Auditorium, you can see a marble-floored area the size of some banquet halls. The ceilings, the walls, the very building itself, are all art. Right there, is the entrance to the “Home of the Legion of Valor”. The Veterans Memorial Museum developed out of the efforts of the dedicated Legion of Valor members. The museum houses thousands of items and papers provided by Legion of Valor members as well as others. Many framed exhibits, citations, and photographs tell the story of America’s wars. Equipment and uniforms of different eras are also on display.


  • Name: Legion of Valor Museum
  • Address: 2425 Fresno Street between, Fresno, California 93721
  • Phone: (559) 498-0510
  • Hours: Monday to Saturday 10 am – 3 pm

7. Meux Home Museum

Source: David Prasad

The Meux Home Museum shows a time of Victorian Fresno by featuring a middle-class residence furnished in the period. A costumed docent will guide you on a one hour tour of this restored urban house of the 1890’s. This home is characteristic of the Victorian Era. At that time, the architecture took on a diversity of styles from different origins that were brought together in a single design. All of this was arranged in order to create something charming and comfortable. The Meux home was put on the National Register of Historic Places in 1975.


  • Name: Meux Home Museum
  • Address:1007 R St, Fresno, CA 93721, United States
  • Phone:+1 559-233-8007
  • Hours: Friday to Sunday 12 – 3 pm

We hope that this list helps and that you will enjoy the city, especially the cultural experience. Whether you are a fan of Latin American or African-American culture or you prefer to go back in time to Victorian Era, prepare to be enchanted. Do not forget to pay your respects to the veterans of this community in their exquisite home.

Have a good trip and travel!

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