7 Things to Know About Santa Rosa Pier

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Santa Rosa Pier
Source: edward stojakovic

In a general sense, Pier is a platform supported by pillars or piles which are projecting from the shore into the sea. These are typically entertainment arcades and place where one can eat and enjoy. It is a very lovable and enjoyable place to go out with your family member and spend some time with them. Santa Rosa Pier is about 1545 feet long and 30 feet above the water level. All the tourist or visitors can rent a fishing pole for enjoyment and also enjoy the breeze at the outdoor restaurant. Some of the best things to know about Santa Rosa Pier are:-

1. Fishing Experience in Santa Rosa Pier

Fishing Experience in Santa Rosa Pier
Source: Anita Ritenour

First of all fishing license is required which is compulsory for all those who want to do fishing in Santa Rosa. No fishing is allowed within the three marine reserves located around the island. Due to the pier’s proximity, fishing is allowed only outside of these areas. To do fishing in the park, valid California state fishing license is required with an ocean enhancement stamp.

2. Amazing View for Visitors

Amazing View for Visitors
Source: edward stojakovic

The view from this pier is really amazing. All the tourists who come to enjoy Sana Rosa Pier make their day rememberable by watching the boats and taking a feel of the breeze of the sea. Santa Rosa Pier also offered educational displays, fun and amusement activities for all the visitors. All the way to the end of the pier there is great views of the harbor, cruise ships, and the boats.

3. Development

Source: Jeff B

Santa Rosa pier was basically designed by an architect “Charles Summer Frost”. After the completion of the pier, it was officially opened for public in the 20th century. This was the only pier in Santa Rosa to combine a shipping dock with public.

4. Entry Passes

Entry Passes
Source: edward stojakovic

Daily thousands of visitors arrive to see the beauty of Santa Rosa Pier but to enter inside this pier, all visitors have to buy passes from outside window i.e at the pier store. Without passes, no one is allowed to enter in this beautiful spot. There are also weekly passes and as well as annual passes.

5. Wildlife

Source: Britt Reints

Wildlife is limited accessible on Santa Rosa Pier. A variety of common seabirds and shorebirds can be seen throughout the year but there are more chances that they can be seen while riding on the boat. During the normal year of rainfall, they are the best viewed in late winter and spring season. There are other tide pooling areas which are located on the island but it requires camping to reach these areas.

6. Sunrise/Sunset View

SunriseSunset View
Source: Keoni Cabral

While visiting Santa Rosa Pier once can make his day rememberable by enjoying Sunrise and sunset view from there. You can make a stay at any nearby hotel and can enjoy the beautiful scene from the hotel. Not only this there is a special lounge area with comfortable chairs which also make the scene beautiful with background music. At the time of sunsets, the whole sky turned into orange in color and the reflection of sea and ocean is worth watching. This is one of the amazing moment which all peoples see and enjoy there.

7. Enjoying Food in Family Restaurants

There is fabulous Restaurant in Santa Rosa Pier from casual to sophisticated, and from gulf views to bay views. You will be pleased with Santa Rosa dining options. The restaurants offer meals which includes, fresh crispy thin crust pizza, burgers, fresh salads and much more. Restaurants are mainly opened on Sun/Mon 11-8, Weds/Thurs 11-8, Fri/Sat 11-9.


  • Name: Santa Rosa Pier
  • Address: 2716 Santa Rosa Ave, Santa Rosa, CA 95407, United States
  • Phone: +1 707-525-1411
  • Opening hour: Monday to Sunday: 10am – 9pm
  • Website: www.pier1.com

Have a good trip and travel!