10 Best Bakeries To Go In Sonoma

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Source: Vincent Diamante

The taste of warm oven cooked bread and pastries remind us of good old memories with families and friends, people that we care about or who made us feel loved and accepted. It’s a great delight to visit the bakeries in Sonoma County and take delight in the delicious buttered flavored bread of the California State. The stores in this city are consistent with their exemplary manufacturing of food. We have enumerated some of the best bakeries that you ought to go to while in Sonoma.

1. Costeaux French Bakery

Costeaux is the top winner for the Sonoma County Harvest Fair Sweepstakes for the creation of sourdough bread. Their shop is known to be the producer and provider of deliciously baked loaves of bread sold at the different coffee shops in Sonoma. They serve cakes with coffee for breakfast and lunch and welcomes birthday celebrations, anniversaries and all types of occasions.


2. Village Bakery- Sebastopol

The Village Bakery has won several awards for being the Best Bakery in Sonoma County. Acknowledgments coming from the Press Democrat and North Bay Bohemian has helped their shop to gain patronage from consumers not only in Sonoma but also all over the world. They have refined, selected and chosen the best pastries to serve to the public and have assured the customers that they only serve the most excellent tasting bread made from fine and high quality flour straight from the farm.


  • Name: Village Bakery- Sebastopol
  • Address: 6760 McKinley Street, Sebastopol, CA 95472
  • Local Tel. No.: 707-829-8101

3. Michelle Marie’s Patisserie

Michelle Marie is yet another winner when it comes to cakes, muffins, pastries and all sorts of bread with different sizes and shapes to make them more appealing. They also added up to their menu, beverages and natural juices. They’re food and meals are so eloquently tasty that even royalties would vouch for their bakery. Come and visit the Marie’s Patisserie for a delightful snack time.


  • Name: Michelle Marie’s Patisserie
  • Address: 2404 Magowan Drive,Santa Rosa, CA 95405
  • Local Tel. No.: 707-575-1214

4. Basque Boulangerie Cafe

Basque Boulangerie is the venue where the best sourdough and sweets are sold and manufactured. They are well-known for their supreme pastries and baked goods. Coffee is served with the meals and this store is open from morning until night. So hurry and visit the Basque bakery.


5. Boudin Bakery

Boudin Bakery is also known as the Original Sourdough of San Francisco. It all started in the year 1894 when the Boudin family discovered a recipe in making bread out of sourdough. They soon became famous in their locality for their intrinsic talent in creating world class pastries. Being expert in the field, they later on upgraded their shop to accommodate more customers who desire to taste their products. If you’re curious how deliciously tasty their meals are, then visit their shop at the address below.


  • Name: Boudin Bakery
  • Address: 2345 Midway Drive Santa Rosa, CA 95405
  • Local Tel. No.: 707-303-4100

6. Wild Flour Bread

The Wild Flour Bread Shop is the shop of all seasons for their enticing sourdough bread and biscotti served with smoking hot coffee to keep you warm and awake for an afternoon stroll in the Sonoma Plaza as you shop for goodies and stuff to bring home to your loved ones. They open up at 8:30 in the morning and serve clients with apricot or chocolate cream scones. There are more flavors to behold once you visit their shop. Aside from this, their sticky buns and superb muffins with an additional serving of croissants are so tasty that you’d order an added take out meal for your home snack.


  • Name: Wild Flour Bread
  • Address: 140 Bohemian Highway Freestone, CA 95472
  • Local Tel. No.: 707-874-2938

7. The Pink Box Baking Company

The Pink Box Baking Shop serves amazing and luscious snacks and meals that are sweet to the taste. Their bread and pastries have sugar cinnamon coating inside or even butter and chocolate fillings that are fine to the taste. Most of the residents in Sonoma County go to this store to buy their meal for the day. They have so much goodies stored for you once you step inside their door. The sky is the limit as to the diversity and combination of food that they offer at prices which are very much affordable.


8. Raymond’s Bakery B&B at Elim Grove

Raymond’s Bakery serves nothing but fresh and new loaves of bread, cakes and fresh products baked from the oven. They are prominent for their high quality food and the consumers both local and foreign trust the condition of the products they serve. Their store is located at Redwoods surrounded by gardens and trees which provides a great ambiance to eat, relax and dine.



9. La Mixteca Bakery

La Mixteca is a mixture of sweet tasting rolls and patisserie. Their bake shop offers different types of doughnuts, pastries, sweet rolls, muffins with an additional serving of coffee or sweet drinks that is sure to keep you full. The staff are welcoming and would even guide you to the products which are their bestsellers.


  • Name: La Mixteca Bakery
  • Address: 18981 Sonoma Hi- way Sonoma, CA 95476
  • Local Tel. No.: 707-996-8600

10. Burtonz Bakery

Burtonz Bakery started when married couple Warren and Bobbi Burton decided to open up a shop focused on baked goods. Warren grew up in a family where baking was their forte and he wanted to share his knowledge most especially the goodness he learned from his family as to making rich and creamy bread, butter and sweet rolls. The husband and wife team has been successful in their business from day one and they’ve accumulated more customers who have fallen inlove with their style of baking.


The Sonoma County of California USA offers a wide variety of high standard bakeries with outstanding quality in the manufacture and production of bread and pastries. This industry has grown huge due to the large market and profit it earns annually. Sonoma county is indeed rich with all the natural and human resources. The skillful bakers and pastry makers have made themselves known all throughout the world for their distinctive talents in food making. We sure do hope that as you visit all these top-notched bakeries, you will always remember Sonoma County for its hospitality and rich flavorful cakes and pastries.

Have a good trip and travel!

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