10 Places To Go Shopping In Sonoma

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Santa Rosa plaza mall
Source: Tory

There are numerous shopping centers found in Sonoma County, California. Items ranging from men or women’s apparel, kids toys, food or grocery items, souvenirs, and a whole lot of great deals to hunt down across every alley and street corners in Sonoma. There are also vintage and antique woodworks, books, school supplies, electronic gadgets that you could add up to your long list of wish-list. Here are a few of the locations that we highly recommend for you to find your valuable stuff as you visit the State of California.

1. Kozlowski Farms Store

Kozlowski Farms sells different kinds of goods like gourmet food, jams and jellies, fruit spreads for your sandwiches or salad dressings, and various types of grilling sauces. Mostly they cater to household needs and displays bakery products. All these processed food were handmade and made from rich organic materials. The recipes are all original and made by Carmen Kozlowski. These items are perfect as gifts for your wife, girlfriend, grandma or even aunts who love to cook and experiment on cuisine.


2. Dry Creek General Store

What’s best with Dry Creek General Store are the fresh products they manufacture right out of the farm to give their customers 100% brand new and original artisanal meat, loads of cheese, tasty crackers and jams that are excellently processed from raw products. Don’t miss out on visiting this store and find goods to remind you of your Sonoma vacation.


3. Jimtown Store

The Jimtown Store is the talk of the town for selling variety of household items and at the same time it is also a café where you could sit down and drink your cup of coffee. It overlooks the rich vineyards of Alexander Valley giving you a perfect view of the incredible horizon.


4. Made Local Marketplace at the Share Exchange

ShareExchange provides items which are both edible and not. Ranging from personal accessories like jewelries, bracelets, earrings, hand-crafted items and food such as jam and butter, you could find this store along Mendocino and B Streets. Local residents and tourists patronize this shop for their unique products and keep coming back for more of their bestselling items.


  • Name: Made Local Marketplace at the Share Exchange
  • Address: 531 Fifth Street Santa Rosa, CA 95401
  • Local Tel. No.: 707-331-6850

5. Santa Rosa Plaza Mall

If you want to go to a marketplace for a huge variety of products and items then the Santa Rosa Plaza Mall at Sonoma County is the perfect place to be. Men and Women’s clothes, bags, shoes, kid’s wear and accessories, toys, woodworks and antique household goods, food and drinks, you could find all these at the Plaza Mall. The choices are plenty and you will never get tired of seeing all the exquisite finds from this market through different sellers. People flock to this part of the town to see new and unique things.


  • Name: Santa Rosa Plaza Mall
  • Address: 4th Street & Mendocino Avenue Santa Rosa, CA 95401
  • Local Tel. No.: 707-544-7467

6. Santa Rosa’s Courthouse Square

The Courthouse Square at Sonoma County is described to be the market of the decade for all its contemporary products being sold by various sellers. There are restaurants that you and your family could dine in and relax as you shop and roam around. Shops with various items like furniture, household good, books, clothing, toys and unique gift items are available at the Courthouse Square in Sonoma County.


  • Name: Santa Rosa’s Courthouse Square
  • Address: 4th Street & Santa Rosa Avenue Santa Rosa, CA 95401

7. Atrellis Flower and Gift Shop

Source: gloom

Are you looking for flowers to give to the woman of your life or are you a housewife who likes to decorate your house with not so expensive bouqet of flowers that are both superb in quality and in appearance? The Atrellis Flower and Gift Shop give you an assortment of designs to choose from. You will be satisfied 100 percent with the quality and excellent products offered by the Atrellis Flower Shop.


  • Name: Atrellis Flower and Gift Shop
  • Address: 816 McClelland Drive, Windsor Town Green, Windsor, CA 95492
  • Local Tel. No.: 707-837-8080
  • Email: atrellis@comcast.net

8. Images On The Windsor Town Green

The Images shop caters to customers who are looking for the most elegant jewelry collection accompanied by dazzling accessories. This is the store that will fascinate your mind with the most refined and yet affordable ornaments of your choosing.


9. Pages Books on the Green

Source: Rene Schwietzke

Are you a book lover who loves to read stories of different genre whether it be fiction, non-fiction, faith, comics, poetry, travel, business or mystery? The Pages Books which is a closed family corporation located within the Town of Windsor shares with you over a hundred of book collections that would drive your imagination wild and satisfy your bookish cravings. Greeting cards are also available with planners and journals of all colors, sizes and shapes.


  • Name: Pages Books on the Green
  • Address: 920 McClelland Drive,Windsor, Ca 95492
  • Local Tel. No.: 707-837-8665

10. Vintage Bank Antiques

This store opens at 10 am and closes at 5:30 pm. It is built with over 3 floors located in the antique district of Petaluma in Sonoma County. The finest paintings and antique furniture are showcased in the rooms of this store.


  • Name: Vintage Bank Antiques
  • Address: 101 Petaluma Blvd. North, Petaluma, CA 94952
  • Local Tel. No.: 707-769-3097

Once you have checked out these fabulous stores, you could bring home gifts for your family, friends or even neighbors back at home. Nothing could be compared to the amazing culture and tradition that the local residents of Sonoma County have.

Have a good trip and travel!

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