20 Things To Do in Sonoma

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If you love to travel and seek adventure, we highly recommend the City of Sonoma which is located in Sonoma Valley, Sonoma County of the State of California. It is reputable for its Mexican cultural heritage, hot summers or cool winters and a variety of attractive California Landmarks to visit such as the Lachryma Montis, the home of the Great General Mariano Gadalupe Vallejo. If you’ve heard of the widely acclaimed Mexican military infrastructure, the Presidio of Sonoma, you could also add it up to your list of places to visit in Sonoma. Without further delay, we will take you on a virtual tour of some of the excellently amazing sites in Sonoma where you could do different things and activities that would delight or inspire you.

1. Take a Dip in the Sonoma Hot Springs

Relax and take a dip in the hot springs of Agua Caliente to soothe you from the worries and stress of everyday living. In a way of recreational rejuvenation, you will once again feel strengthened and inspired. This is the definite place with its clear warm water, surely your vacation will be unforgettable. There are a number of hot springs in this area that you could choose from. One of which is the Sonoma Aquatic Club in Agua Caliente visited by tourists and locals for their massive swimming pools with water directly coming from the hot springs.


  • Name:  Sonoma Aquatic Club
  • Address: 17350 Vailetti Drive, Agua Caliente (Sonoma)
  • Phone No.: 707-939-8833
  • Open:Monday – Thursday:  5:30am – 9pm, Friday:  5:30am – 8pm and Saturday & Sunday: 8am – 7pm
  • Website: http://www.sonomaaquaticclub.com/

2. Skateboarding at the Evergreen Skateparks

Are you into extreme sports or just plain skateboarding? The Sonoma skatepark is the perfect place full of skate ramps to work on your skill. You could enjoy this sports activity along with other skateboard enthusiasts. The perfect alley to practice, perform and exhibit your talents with friends.


  • Name: Sonoma Valley Skatepark
  • Address: Sonoma Hwy & Verano Ave. , Sonoma, CA 95476
  •  Phone No.: (707) 938-3681

3. Hiking at Sonoma County Regional Park

Nature lovers mostly go to the magnificent Sonoma County Regional Park to hike and see the natural beauty of the forest. It is the best place to spend some time alone with family and friends and to be surrounded by the wonders of nature. This place provides various recreational spots like picnic grounds, huge amphitheater, and long trails to walk or jog. The towering trees add up to the rare and amazing ambiance.


  • Outdoor Activities: Educational, Geographical, Historical, Horseback Riding, Parks,  and Wildlife Sightseeing.
  • Open: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • Phone No.: (707) 565-2041
  • Website: http://parks.sonomacounty.ca.gov/

4. Paddle at the Russian River Resort

Tired of swimming in constricted or enclosed pools? The Russian River Resort is a wide geographical location full of sites to see. As you paddle through its waters, breathtaking views will amaze you. The river travels from Cloverdale of Sonoma, passing through Alexander and Dry Creek and leads straight to the Pacific Ocean.


GPS or Map Directions, visit the Chamber Office at Guerneville:

  • Name: Russian River Chamber of Commerce Guerneville Visitor Center
  • Address: 16209 First Street, Guerneville, CA 95446
  •  Phone No.: (707) 869-9000
  • Website: http://www.russianriver.com/site/cms/pages/index.php

5. Journey at Mrs. Grossman’s Sticker Factory

Source: Rojer

If collecting stickers is your hobby, upon going to Sonoma California, add up to your schedule of activities a trip to Mrs. Grossman’s Sticker Factory where you’ll see how stickers are created. Not to mention that you will be given free stickers as they tour you inside the factory. Hundreds of unique and rainbow-like stickers are displayed alongside with sticker arts projects to feed your imagination. Get your reservations as early as today!


  • Address: 3810 Cypress Drive  Petaluma, CA 94955
  • Phone No.Toll-Free: 800-429-4549
  • Local Phone No.: 707-763-1700
  • Hours of Operation: Tour Times: Monday – Thursday; 10:00 a.m.
  • Store: Monday – Friday; 9am to 5:30pm
  • Outdoor Activities: Family Fun

6. Visit the Charles M. Schulz Museum

Schulz museum
Source: Marcelo Braga

Are you a collector of comics and cartoon magazines most especially the “Peanuts Gang”? Charles Schulz was the artist who created this comics series that kids and adults have learned to love through the years. It has a museum in Sonoma California rich with a variety of wall displays of the iconic cartoon characters. Finally, you will get to meet Peanuts and the Gang which has been popular all over the world.


  • Address: Charles M. Schulz Museum, 2301 Hardies Lane, Santa Rosa,
  • Phone No. 707-549-4452
  • Open 11 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday to Friday (except Tuesdays) and 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Saturday and Sunday (closed Tuesdays);
  • Payment: $10 adults, $5 age 4-18 or seniors 62 or older; free for children 3 and under.

7. Stopover at the Pacific Coast Air Museum

This museum is a non-profit organization that safeguards the artifacts and history of aviation while educating both students and adults of the importance of its existence. It was created in the year 1989 and obtained the first model fighter aircraft from New York City on September 2001 which was an Air Force F-15A built craft. No other museum exhibits these types of aircraft so go and visit this location for a fun filled vacation.


  • Address: 1 Museum Way, Santa Rosa, CA 95403
  • Local Phone No.: 707-575-7900
  • Museum and Facility Hours : Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday, 10 am to 4 pm

8. Play at the Scandia Family Fun Center

What more way to spend time with family through the Scandia Fun Center with cool bumper rides, a grand arcade with over 120 various games, Lil’ Indy Raceway, blaster boats and a whole lot more that will surely make the whole family smile and enjoy the ride of their lives. In addition, it offers miniature golf courses that you could play with and food such as the well-known Viking Pizza. Better hurry and bring your family to this place that they would surely love!


  • Address: 5301 Redwood Drive Rohnert Park, CA 94927
  • Local Phone No.: 707-584-1398
  • Hours of Operation: Open daily at 10:00 AM
  • Website: http://scandiafunland.com/

9. Drop In at Candy & Kites Store

Flying kites are one of the best games that families used to do whenever out on a trip or outing. It gives a sense of bond and keeps the family close as they experience the thrill of playing outdoors. Drop in at the largest seller of kites in Sonoma where you could select the style of your choice. Candies and other novelty items are also sold at this Shop.


  • Address: 1415 Coast Highway 1,Bodega Bay, CA 94923
  • Local Phone No.: 707-875-3777
  • Email: sales@candyandkites.com
  • Open: 10 a.m. daily
  • Website: http://www.candyandkites.com/
  • E-mail: sales@candyandkites.com

10. Visit the Train Town

Bring your friends and families to ride trains that go through different stops , bridges, tunnels, miniature villages and the zoo for about 20 to 30 minutes. No entrance fee is required and even the parking space is free. There is also an additional six (6) amusement rides that you could choose from. The train town is stationed near the Plaza in Sonoma.


  • Address: 20264 Broadway, Sonoma, CA 95476
  • Phone No.: +1 707-938-3912
  • Website: http://www.traintown.com/#!
  • General Admission: Free of charge

11. Travel to the Safari West Wildlife Preserve

Experience riding on safaris while roaming around the West Wildlife Preserve to see all kinds of animals. African tent camps could also be seen, as acquired from Africa and made with wooden floors on high platforms for tourists to see.


  • Address: 3115 Porter Creek Road, Santa Rosa, California U.S.A.
  • Phone No. Toll-Free: 800-616-2695
  • hone No.: (707) 579-2551 or
  • Website: http://www.safariwest.com/
  • E-mail: info@safariwest.com

12. Experience Adventure at the Driven Raceway

The coolest Indoor Kart Race is found in Sonoma California and is considered to be environment-friendly for being emission free. It also safe to ride since there is an electronic staff to guide you and give instructions. They have strong built-in engines with excellent acceleration power and has the ability to have a speed of 45 mph. Complete with gear like kart race suits and helmets, you will surely enjoy this recreational activity.


  • Address: Sonoma Raceway 29643 Arnold Dr., Bld. K4 Sonoma, CA 95476
  • Phone No.: +1 707-938-9986
  • Website: http://www.cameronkarting.com/
  • E-mail: brett@cameronkarting.com

13. Ride at the Horse N Around Trail Rides

Sonoma is known for its wildlife, rich and natural resources. Horseback riding is one of the highlights that the county is proud of. It would be a delight riding a horse while overlooking the vast and the clear Pacific Ocean as well as the forests, hills, and valleys.


  • Address: 2660 California 1, Bodega Bay
  • Phone No.: +1 707-875-3333
  • Website: http://www.horsenaroundtrailrides.com/
  • Open: 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
  • E-mail: reservations@horsenaroundtrailrides.com

14. Zipline at the Sonoma Canopy Tours

Challenging and yet an adventure of a lifetime! Over a 300 feet ravine and traveling at 25 miles/hour, the instructor will strap you in a secure belt harness and you will experience one of a kind adventure as you bring your friends and family to the County of Sonoma to explore as much fun that you could possibly imagine as you defy gravity and see the wonders of Sonoma from a top view .


  • Address: 6250 Bohemian Hwy., Occidental
  • Phone No.: 888-494-7868
  • Website: http://www.sonomacanopytours.com/
  • E-mail: info@sonomacanopytours.com

15. Swim at Johnson’s Beach, Guerneville

Source: Ed and Eddie

The cool breeze and clear waters are enticing and inviting. Nothing beats swimming or kayaking at the Johnson’s Beach. This is the perfect spot for group activities or even celebrations with the beauty of nature surrounding you. So pack up your beach umbrellas, swimwear, picnic baskets and travel to this wonderful venture.


  • Address: 16241 First Street, Guerneville
  • Phone No.: 707-869-2022
  • Website: http://johnsonsbeach.com/
  • E-mail: info@johnsonsbeach.com

16. Watch at the Green Music Center

Travel into the world of music at the Green Music Center and listen to a variety of musical sounds coupled by fine-tuned instruments of excellent musical artists. Tag along your loved ones as you soothe your mind with the most exquisite songs and artistic pleasure. Sonoma is known for its Arts and Culture. Tourists flock to this geographical area to personally experience the wonders that Sonoma offers.


  • Address: 1801 E. Cotati Avenue, Rohnert Park, CA94928
  • Phone No.: 866-955-6040
  • Website: http://gmc.sonoma.edu/
  • E-mail: tickets@sonoma.edu
  • Business Hours: Monday – Friday at 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.

17. Girl’s Get-Away at Chateau Sonoma

Ladies love to shop and if you happen to visit Sonoma County then go straight to Chateau Sonoma where you will see great finds of the coolest items that every woman would love. Chic items, vintage designs, antique styles are available at this shop that features French collections and assorted home display novelties.


  • Address: 23588 Arnold Drive, Sonoma, CA95476
  • Local Phone No.: 707-935-8553
  • Art & Handcrafts, Gifts & Souvenirs, Home & Garden, Local Artisan Products
  • Store Hours of Operation: Monday – Saturday: 10:30 a.m. – 6 p.m.
  • Website: http://www.chateausonoma.com/

18. Massage at the Fairmont Sonoma Spa

It would be a delightful treat to go to the Fairmont Mission Inn and Spa to relax and unwind from all the stressful schedules at work or at home. This place is a superb location to bring your loved ones and friends to celebrate events.


  • Address: 100 Boyes Blvd.,Sonoma, CA 95476
  • Phone No. Toll-Free: 866-540-4499
  • Phone No.: 707-938-9000
  • Email: smi.reservations@fairmont.com

19. Visit the Sonoma Cheese Trail and Map

As you travel to Sonoma’s western area for the best tasting cheese found at the Cheese trail, surrounded by pastures, brightly colored hills of green, close to 30 farms, you will find high quality cheese that you cannot find in any other county. Free cheese tastings are available including classes on how to make cheese.


Cheese Shops to choose from:

  • Name: Vella Cheese Company
  • Address: 315 Second St. E., Sonoma
  • Phone No.: 707-938-3232
  • Open: 9:30 a.m. to 6 p.m.
  • Website: http://www.vellacheese.com/

20. Explore the Quarryhill Botanical Garden

The Quarryhill is reputable for being the largest storage of Asian plants in the North America. It’s filled with assorted flowers, shrubs and trees that are rare and are considered as endangered. Some of the wild plants are taken care of to prevent extinction. Exotic plants and flowers are also seen in this Garden so pack up your travel bags and explore the wonders that Quarryhill brings.


  • Address: 12841 Sonoma Highway, Glen Ellen
  • Phone No.: 707-996-3166
  • Website: http://www.quarryhillbg.org/
  • Open: Monday to Sunday at 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Sonoma County is full of adventurous places where you could perform the most exciting activities. We have given you a list of 20 things you could do while visiting Sonoma California. Check out the websites and send e-mails to the respective venues you would like to spend time with your families and friends and mostly, have fun.

Have a good trip and travel!

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