7 Things to Know About Santa Rosa SPCA

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Santa Rosa SPCA
Source: Rocky Mountain Feline Rescue

SPCA, in general, means a society for the prevention of cruelty towards animals. S.P.C.A. is used in animal welfare circles as an acronym for society for the prevention of cruelty to all animals. The mission of Santa Rosa SPCA is to prevent, protect and to work for the welfare of animals and to save their life from cruelty against them. They also encourage the relationship between people and animals and improve the quality of life for both. Some of the best things to know about Santa Rosa SPCA is as follows:

1. Life Oriented Approach

In Santa Rosa SPCA, all animals are taken care with better prevention which includes all those animals that are injured or sick. Adoptable animals are never ignored due to age or lack of space. All the animals are treated properly which is only because of modern techniques which are used by SPCA so as to save the life of animals which are preserved there. Many people are encouraged by the way SPCA has treated animals and this has resulted in deep understanding between people towards saving the life of animals.

2. Non-Profit Organization

SPCA is a common name for non-profit animal welfare organisation around the world. SPCA organisation operates independently with each other and also run major campaigns in regard to animal welfare. They assist in the prevention of cruelty to animals cases, rehabilitation and finding homes for unwanted animals that can be re-established into new homes.

3. Provides Services to each Community

In addition to the mission of rescuing animals, the society also serves thousands of people in our community. Every animal which they save set an example to other and motivates them to do the same. Through education and special programs for children, teens, adults and senior citizens, SPCA has made it possible in building a good relationship between animals and peoples of different communities.

4. No Fee Charged for Adopting any Animal

Animals receive the highest quality of medical care, proper diets and proper training which become a permanent part of our home. So SPCA does not charge any fees related to prevention of animals as this is a non-profit organization. SPCA also gives credit to all the communities for donation money regarding saving the life of animals.

5. Adoption Process

The adoption process is the procedure which needs to be followed by each and every applicant so that they can adopt any animal which they like. SPCA will ask you lots of questions regarding adoption and also offer lots of advice about helping your new pet settle into your home and family. SPCA always provides the best assistance to other people and made it possible to settle the new match for the pet adopted by them.

6. No kill Policy

SPCA unique and the key feature are that they provide instant reservation with all comforts. All shelters of local humane society are referred to as “no kill.” This no-kill policy set guidelines for all the new and existing owners to care and to provide shelter to animals which are adopted.

7. Pet Care Programme (PCP)

SPCA launched this volunteer training programme in 2014 and dedicated hundreds of hours to teach quality pet and care skills to volunteers. Volunteers will be better equipped to work with the animals behaviour through PCP.  Through this programme, SPCA hopes to promote responsible pet ownership and encourage volunteers to act as active agents in bringing change regarding behaviour towards animals.


  • Name: Sonoma Humane Society Veterinary Hospital (Santa Rosa SPCA)
  • Address: 5345 CA-12, Santa Rosa, CA 95407, United States
  • Phone: +1 707-284-1198
  • Opening hour: Monday – Friday = 8am-6pm, Saturday = 8am-1pm, Sunday = Closed
  • Website: www.sonomahumanevet.org

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