15 Best Restaurants to Go in Sacramento

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Sacramento restaurants

Source: Robert Couse-Baker

If you are going to visit Sacramento, you probably know this little piece of info – it is the capital of California State. Anyway, we are here not to talk about history facts. We are going to recommend you these 15 best restaurants to visit in Sacramento. Even in a short period of time, you can diversify having a meal with this unique list.

1. Mikuni Japanese Restaurant and Sushi Bar

Mikuni Japanese restaurant is the best restaurant in Sacramento. If you are a sushi lover, or just like Japanese cuisine, this place is a must-go. The food is fantastic. And the location of the restaurant as well. It is situated in the city center. So if you want to spend more time on the downtown, it is the best-suited place to have dinner or lunch. Moreover, the prices are not as high as you may expect.


  • Name: Mikuni Japanese Restaurant and Sushi Bar
  • Address: 1530 J St, Sacramento, CA 95814-2052
  • Average prices USD 15 – 35
  • Opening hour: 12:00 pm – 9:00 pm
  • Website: mikunisushi.com

2. The Firehouse

The Firehouse is an excellent place for American cuisine. Don’t know what American cuisine include? Visit the place and enjoy the real western atmosphere. People say that the staff is very polite and kind. It is the place to have a dinner with family or friends. But, remember considering that it is a fancy place. And prices are fancy as well


  • Name: The Firehouse
  • Address: 1112 Second St, Sacramento, CA 95814
  • Average prices USD 31 – 80
  • Opening hour: 5:00 pm – 9:30 pm
  • Website: www.firehouseoldsac.com

3. Tower Cafe

Tower cafe is your choice if you like Mexican cuisine. It is said to be one of the best places of Sacramento. But don’t get to excited by the place history. The food is the reason for visiting the place. Besides the Mexican, they have a vegetarian cuisine. So if you are the one, we recommend you to visit this place on the first day in the city. Enjoy! 🙂


  • Name: Tower Cafe
  • Address: 1518 Broadway, Sacramento, CA 95818-2302
  • Average prices USD 15 – 30
  • Opening hour: 8:00 am – 11:00 pm
  • Website: towercafe.com

4. Biba

Biba is a first Italian restaurant in the list. Moreover, it is the best Italian restaurant in Sacramento. The food is so delicious that you may have an impression of visiting Italy instead of Sacramento. Pasta & pizza are the best in the city. It is the place to visit with your family. They will totally enjoy your choice. Don’t tell them about the list. Let it be our little secret.


  • Name: Biba
  • Address: 2801 Capitol Ave, Sacramento, CA 95816 (28th & Capitol Avenue)
  • Average prices USD 20 – 80
  • Website: www.biba-restaurant.com

5. Ella Dining Room & Bar

Ella dining room & bar is another American cuisine restaurant. But, what is really great here is the dessert menu. If you are looking for the place to have a date or just enjoy one tasty ice-cream. Remember the name. Ella Dining room. The staff will do everything you to return there. Very polite. Just check the place and ensure by yourself.


  • Name: Ella Dining Room & Bar
  • Address: 1131 K St, Sacramento, CA 95814-3904
  • Average prices USD 31 – 50
  • Website: www.elladiningroomandbar.com

6. Grange Restaurant & Bar

Grange Restaurant & bar is one of the best restaurants in Sacramento, according to TripAdvisor.It is told to be a trendy place. Who knows? Sure we do. Just remember that it is a bit pricey, read the information below to know what kind of place is it. The restaurant is the best place to have a dinner with your family or beloved ones.


  • Name: Grange Restaurant & Bar
  • Address: 926 J Street, Sacramento, CA 95814-2703
  • Average prices USD 40 – 60
  • Website: www.grangesacramento.com

7. Ten 22

Ten 22 is situated in the old town of Sacramento. IF you are walking in the neighborhood, feel free to visit the place. It is said to be a bit pricey, but the food is so delicious that you will forget about all the rest. The service is great. Furthermore, they have valet parking, if you are with a car.


  • Name: Ten 22
  • Address: 1022 2nd Street, Sacramento, CA 95814
  • Average prices USD 30 – 30
  • Website: www.ten22oldsac.com

8. The Kitchen

The Kitchen is one of the best restaurants in Sacramento. It has one Michelin star. And that means something. If you want to try a really tasty food, this place is the best for you and your family. The atmosphere is delightful. We recommend you visiting this place, at least, ones. If you haven’t visited it, you haven’t visited Sacramento.


  • Name: The Kitchen
  • Address: 2225 Hurley Way, Sacramento, CA 95825
  • Opening hour: 5:00 pm – 8:30 pm
  • Website: thekitchenrestaurant.com

9. The Waterboy

The Waterboy is Sacramento’s best seafood restaurant. If you are this type of person, we recommend you the Waterboy. They have the best oysters in the city, remember that before going on the date. People say that it is the best place to have dinner. But before going to the place, don’t forget to book the table. It is very hard to get there without a reservation. You will spend some time waiting that will totally deteriorate your experience


  • Name: The Waterboy
  • Address: 2000 Capitol Ave, Sacramento, CA 95814-4215
  • Average prices USD 18 – 30
  • Opening hour: 5:00 pm – 9:00 pm
  • Website: www.waterboyrestaurant.com

10. Rio City Cafe

Rio city cafe is told to be a family place. If you are traveling with your family, we recommend visiting the place. Moreover, they have really delicious and not expensive American cuisine. Plus the location is really great – it is situated on the street that is on river coast. The view is amazing.


  • Name: Rio City Cafe
  • Address: 1110 Front St, Sacramento, CA 95814-3232
  • Average prices USD 10 – 40
  • Opening hour: 10:00 am – 8:00 pm
  • Website: www.riocitycafe.com

11. Frank Fat’s

At last! Chinese cuisine! If you enjoy Chinese cuisine as we do, this place is a must-go. We know that the naming is a bit weird for the Chinese “Frank Fat’s”, but the food is really delicious. If you know what is bok choy, chow mien, just know – they are the best here. Impress your friends with this place.


  • Name: Frank Fat’s
  • Address: 806 L St, Sacramento, CA 95814
  • Average prices USD 9 – 30
  • Opening hour: 5:00 pm – 10:00 pm
  • Website: www.fatsrestaurants.com

12. Cafeteria 15L

Cafeteria 15L is a place of the real American cuisine. If you are looking for the big burger with a french fries, this is a place for you. But remember that the restaurant is not only about the food (yes, sometimes people pay just to visit the fancy place instead of eating a fancy food); the staff will do everything to please you.


  • Name: Cafeteria 15L
  • Address: 1116 15th St, Sacramento, CA 95814
  • Average prices USD 30
  • Opening hour: 5:00 am – 9:00 pm
  • Website: cafeteria15l.com

13. Lucca Restaurant

Looking for a perfect dinner? Lucca restaurant is our choice. It is a place with not only Italian cuisine but Mediterranean as well. It is the first place with such cuisine in our list. So feel free to visit the place and try their main dish. Moreover, they have a wide variety of desserts. You won’t regret visiting the place.


  • Name: Lucca Restaurant
  • Address: 1615 J St, Sacramento, CA 95814-2020
  • Average prices USD 21 – 30
  • Website: www.luccarestaurant.com

14. Seasons52

Seasons 52 is not an expensive place to visit, but with its principles. Don’t forget to make a reservation, otherwise, you won’t get into the place. The service is so great from the first steps, just don’t be too amazed. Their staff is welcoming and friendly. They all know how to please your needs and what to recommend.


  • Name: Seasons52
  • Address: 1689 Arden Way, Suite #105, Sacramento, CA 95815
  • Price: Average prices USD 30
  • Opening hour: 11:00 am – 10:00 pm
  • Website: www.seasons52.com

15. Mulvaney’s Building & Loan

Mulvaney’s Building has a style. The interior is amazing as well as the food. That’s all because of the chef of the restaurant. Saying that the food is great is like saying nothing. It is more than that. Try some of the famous American cuisines and you will receive the real Sacramento taste. It is a perfect place to visit for a business meeting or just with friends.


  • Name: Mulvaney’s Building & Loan
  • Address: 1215 19th St, Sacramento, CA 95814
  • Price: Average prices USD 31 – 35
  • Opening hour: 5:00 pm – 9:30 pm
  • Website: www.culinaryspecialists.com

Sacramento is a great place to visit. Having this list of 15 best restaurants to visit, you will ensure to have the best food experience in the city. Just remember that if you will come into at least one place of the list, we will be sure that you will get the best experience.

Have a good trip and travel!