10 Places Where You Can Enjoy Skiing in Hokkaido

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Source: Perfect Zero

Hokkaido is the second largest island of Japan with the capital in Sapporo. It is famous for offering a variety of skiing resorts for any taste and skiing experience. To make your choice easier, we picked the best places for you to enjoy the snowy mountains on your own or with your family.

1. Niseko Village Resort

Niseko Village Resort
Source: MIKI Yoshihito

Niseko Village is a gem for those who love luxurious winter holidays. Here you will find several 5-stars hotels offering splendid accommodation and services to choose from. When it comes to skiing, Niseko Village proudly takes the first place, since Mount Yotei and Mount Niseko Annupuri are the excellent choices for a skier with any experience.


  • Name: Niseko Village
  • Location: 100km southwest of Sapporo and the New Chitose Airport
  • Access: coach/car/train access from Sapporo and New Chitose Airport
  • Website: http://www.niseko-village.com/en

2. Kiroro Ski Resort

Skiing In Hokkaido
Source: Kikuko Nakayama

Kiroro Ski Resort is a combination of modern facilities and a quiet atmosphere. Just 40km west from Sapporo this resort is a dream come true for those who want to get away from the hustle and routine of everyday life and have a whale of time sliding down the mountains. Another advantage of this resort is an availability of skiing courses for children. If you want to spice up your vacation, you can book a snowshoe tour. This destination is the best choice for families with children.


  • Name: Kiroro Ski Resort
  • Accommodation: The Mountain Hotel and Hotel Piano
  • Location: 60 minute ride from Sapporo
  • Access: express train and car access from Sapporo
  • Website: http://www.kiroro.co.jp/en/winter/

3. Tomamu Ski Resort

Tomamu Ski Resort
Source: MIKI Yoshihito

Tomamu Ski Resort is probably the most expensive and kitsch resort in Hokkaido.  Skyscraper hotel towers, wave pool and a number of gourmet restaurants make Tomamu stand out on our list. What is more surprising is that this resort is not crowded at all, despite the high-quality of the services it provides.  The staffs are highly educated and ready to provide assistance in English and Japanese. Located in Central Hokkaido, Tomamu is easy to access from Sapporo and other resorts. The only disadvantage is the absence of nightlife activities.


  • Name: Tomamu Ski Resort
  • Accommodation: The Tower Hotel and The Risonare Hotel
  • Location: 150km east of Sapporo
  • Access: express train and car access from Sapporo
  • Website: http://www.snowtomamu.jp.e.vc.hp.transer.com/summer/

4. Furano Ski Resort

Furano Ski Resort
Source: Andrew K. Smith  

Furano is a large resort located in Central Hokkaido. It is a perfect choice for both skiing and snowboarding. Nearby Japanese town of Furano is a great opportunity to experience local culture and relax after physical activities. There are many options for accommodation, ranging from hotels to private apartments. This resort offers a wide variety of family activities, cultural tours and other winter occupations like ice pole fishing.


  • Name: Furano Ski Resort
  • Location: Central Hokkaido, 141km northeast of Sapporo
  • Access: express train and car access from Sapporo and Asahikawa
  • Snow: 9 metres of snow per season, light and fluffy
  • Website: http://www.snowfurano.com/resort.htm

5. Asahidake Ski Resort

Asahidake Ski Resort
Source: Perfect Zero

Asahidake Ski Resort is the most exciting destination on our list because it sits on the active volcano Asahi-dake which adds some steam to your skiing weekend. Another advantage is an opportunity to visit Asahidake Onsen village nearby to experience Japanese culture at its best. It also offers all sorts of accommodation for any wallet.


  • Name: Asahidake Ski Resort
  • Accommodation: Hotels and a hostel in the village
  • Location: Mount Asahi, 1 hour east of Asahikawa
  • Snow: 14 metres of snow per season
  • Access: car and bus access from Asahikawa
  • Website: http://wakasaresort.com/eng/

6. Moiwa Ski Resort

Moiwa Ski Resort
Source: Samantha Bell

Moiwa Ski Resort is a small and quiet place where you can get away from noise and rush of the city. It is easily accessible from Hirafu, Niseko village. The resort might seem small compared to the previous options, but it’s charm and home-like atmosphere will make you fall in love with the place. If you are not sure about staying there for a long time, 1 day trip from Niseko Ski Resort might be your option.


  • Name: Moiwa Ski Resort
  • Accommodation: Hotels and lodges
  • Location: 11km from Hirafu
  • Access: shuttle bus car access from Sapporo
  • Website: http://niseko-moiwa.jp

7. Kamui Ski Links

Kamui View
Source: Boccaccio1

Skiing in Kamui is the cheapest activity on our list. It is a compact ski and snowboard area providing 9 courses. Beginners will enjoy this place, since it is not crowded and there is no chance of getting an injure. Even though it provides superb skiing, there are no options for staying the night. That is why we suggest stopping at Kamui on your way to Furano or Asahikawa.


  • Name: Kamui Ski Links
  • Accommodation: no accomodation
  • Location:  1.5 hours northeast of Sapporo
  • Access:  car access from Sapporo
  • Website: http://www.kamui-skilinks.com/en/

8. Sahoro Resort Japan

Sahoro Skiing
Source: Twentyfour Students

Just like the previous resort, this one is a good option for beginners offering 9 beginner courses, snowboard courses and lessons for children. There are no nearby villages, but a 20-minute ride will get you to Shintoku, where you can meet the locals. The views from both Sahoro hotels are breathtaking enough to start looking for the available rooms for the upcoming family holiday.


  • Name: Saharo Resort Japan
  • Accommodation: Club Med Sahoro and Sahoro Resort Hotel
  • Location: 170km ride from Sapporo
  • Access: bus and car access from Sapporo
  • Website: http://www.sahoro.co.jp/language/english/ski/ski.html

9. Kurodake

Source: Satoshi KINOKUNI

Kurodake is famous for being home to the highest mountains in Hokkaido. Experienced skiers who love challenges will enjoy this place the most.  More than that, Kurodake offers the best views in the area and it would be a shame to miss them. There are fewer tourists than in other resorts because there are not so many touristy restaurants or hotels. Kurodake is an area enjoyed by the locals and those who simply want to ski and snowboard.


  • Name: Kurodake
  • Accommodation: Sonkyo hotels
  • Location: 115km from Furano
  • Access: car access from Sapporo and Furano
  • Website: http://www.rinyu.co.jp/

10. Rusutsu Ski Resort

Risutsu Ski Resort
Source: Jeremy Eades

Rusutsu infrastructure will leave everyone speechless because they tailor their services to their guests’ personal needs. They are ready to welcome families and individual skiers. The only downside you might see is that there are not so many options for nightlife. Otherwise, Rusutsu lives up to its reputation and provides high-quality service and may choices for skiers of different level.


  • Name: Rusutsu Ski Resort
  • Accommodation: Rusutsu Resort Hotel and The Rusutsu Tower Hotel
  • Location: 90 minute ride from Sapporo
  • Access: bus and car access from Sapporo
  • Website: http://en.rusutsu.co.jp/ru/

As you can see, Hokkaido is a treasure for any skier. It’s high time to pack your bags and book a flight to one of the best skiing destinations in the world.

Have a good trip and travel!

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