7 Things To Know About Himeji Central Park

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Source: S Amatya

Himeji Central Park opened in 1984 as an amusement and safari park on a large plot of land. There are several ways to enjoy a safari. There is a walking safari where you slowly wander around and look at the kangaroos and waterfowls up-close. A drive-through safari where you experience the large animals such as lions and tigers from your car window. In the end, there is a sky safari when you observe the animals from a ropeway conveyor. In the summertime, you can enjoy the aquarium and a Surfing Downhill.

1. Drive-through Safari

Enjoy this type of safari from the comfort of your car. You will be able to look large animals such as lions, tigers, cheetahs and some herbivorous animals from up-close. There is a scheduled Safari Bus that will take you to the destination if you did not come by car.

2. Walking Safari

If you decide to take a walking safari you will have the opportunity to stroll the area and get in close contact with some of the animals that are popular among children. There is a great attraction with elephants and squirrel monkeys. There is a farm where children can also be around small animals or ride ponies.

3. Sky Safari

Since 2003, there is an option of sky safari. The conveyor can carry 12 people at a time and provides a spectacular view from the air. You are at an altitude of 41 meters looking down and experiencing wildlife at its best. This service is free.

4. Aquaria

Aquaria is only functioning in the summer time. There are seven types of slides and pools all organized in plateaus on the slope of the mountain. You can enjoy the beach pool, a 260 meters circuit flowing pool, a shallow pool with a wonderful gradation of water, a rock pool, and a pool containing Jacuzzi. Surfin Downhill is a true excitement. This is a pool that flows around the mountain, quite rich with greenery. A real joy to watch.

5. Ice Park

Amusement Park is right in the middle of the Himeji Central Park. An unusual white building often addressed as the Castle of Wind. Big stones on the pyramid’s level are applied for the incredible multi-functional auditorium. When the winter comes, this hall is changed into the ice-skating rink. You can enjoy the skating while looking at the open sky through a moving roof.

6. Access

You can catch a Shinki bus from the JR or Sanyo Himeji Station to the Himeji Central Park bus stop. The park is approximately 15 minutes away from the Hanada IC. Additionally, you will need 5 minutes from the Himeji Higashi IC on the Sanyo Expressway.

7. Fees

Admission fee for adults is 3, 100 yen, elementary students pay 1, 900 yen, and children 1, 200 yen. You can also purchase Day Pass to all exhibits. Adults – 2, 800 yen, elementary students 2, 600 yen, and children 1, 200 yen.


  • Name: Himeji Central Park
  • Address 1436-1 Kamiya, Toyotomi-cho, Himeji
  • Hours: 10:00-17:30 (in summer, last entry 17:00), 10:00-16:30 (in winter, last entry 16:00)
    Closed Wednesdays (open national holidays, golden week, summer holidays, and winter holidays)
  • Website: http://www.central-park.co.jp/

Himeji Central Park is one of those places where you enjoy your every moment and you can share this with your other family members. Beautiful nature and close encounters with different species. An incredible sky safari where you can almost feel like you are a part of what is going on beneath you. The aquaria also have its perks and it is highly recommended. All in all, an amazing experience.

Have a Good Trip and Travel!