7 Things to Know About Himeji Gardens

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Source: Stéfan

Himeji is most famous for its impressive Himeji castle. On the left side of the castle, there is nothing less beautiful garden called Koko-en. Koko-en consists of several separate gardens created in different styles of the Edo Period. You can enjoy each of them at a time and get a sense of what Japanese do to make their surroundings so beautiful.

1. Location

Source: Stéphane D

Kokoen Garden is located right next to Himeji Castle. You can take a short walk west from the castle’s main gate. Also, you can reach it from Himeji Station. It will take you 5 minutes by bus or 20 minutes if you prefer to walk the distance.

2. The garden of the Lord’s Residence

Source: Alvin Leong

This is the largest garden in Koko-en. You can see about 250 unusual and vivid carp fish in the big pond. Very tranquil and peaceful. Imagine the lord enjoying the same thing you do hundreds of years ago. It feels almost like a time travel.

3. Kassui-Ken Restaurant

This is where you can eat and drink some tea while you are looking at the wonderful garden. Still, a very unusual experience. You do not get to do this every day, do you? Therefore, enjoy these moments and hopefully, you will have someone to share it with and remember this by.

4. Roofed Corridor

When people walk on these wooden stairs it almost feels like the sound of those traditional Japanese drums. Here you have the magnificent view of the garden and you can take some photos. Walk around the corridor to find the perfect angles for the most magnificent panorama pictures and then brag about to your friends about this magical place.

5. The Garden of Flowers

Source: yasuo ogiuchi

Garden flowers from the Edo period are grown in this garden. You can experience the unique and artistic style that these Japanese gardeners certainly possess. They are very detailed when it comes to this. Pay close attention to different types of flowers and you will find them charming and elegant just like the people who put their effort into this intended to.

6. Flatly Landscaped Garden

Source: Stéphane Gallay

A country style garden with the natural and free atmosphere. Very unusual and beautifully shaped. They took a lot of time and effort into making this. These gardens often give away a sense of abstractness and this is not the exception. The point is to maximize the aesthetic pleasure for the viewers and they certainly manage to do this well.

7. The Garden of Summer Trees

Source: Kimon Berlin

You can experience the seasonable scenery, colored leaves in the autumn and fresh verdure in the spring. The garden provides completely different attitude depending on the time of your visit. Whenever you come, you will always find something enchanting and mysterious about this place. It can easily become the highlight of your day even if you visited the Himeji Castle as well.


  • Name: Koko-En
  • Address: 68 Honmachi, Himeji, Hyogo Prefecture 670-0012, Japan
  • Phone:+81 79-289-4120
  • Hours: 9:00 to 18:00 (until 17:00 from September to mid April)
  • Fees: 300 yen (garden only)
    1040 yen (garden and Himeji Castle)
  • Website: http://www.himeji-machishin.jp/ryokka/kokoen/index.php

There is an overwhelming sense of harmony and peace. The trees and plants are wonderfully kept although what you have before you will, definitely, depend on the season. The water features are elegant, ponds filled beautifully with carp, streams made so the rate of flow varies giving unusual moods and looks to the different sections of the garden. You can enjoy all this from a restaurant or from the roofed corridor. A big change compared to the crowded Himeji Castle.

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