10 Hostels You Must Stay in Kamakura: Kanagawa

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Source: OiMax

Kamakura is a great seaside escape in Japan not far from Tokyo. With the ocean, historical sites, and multiple temples within the city, you can combine beach and city into one great vacation. Hotels are plentiful, but can become pricey especially during the summer season. If you are looking for affordable accommodations in Kamakura then choose from these top ten hostels we have picked out for you.

1. Kamakura Central Guest House

This may be one of the first hostels you come across when looking for a hostel in Kamakura, and Kamakura Central Guest House the best in our opinion. It is on the newer end, having opened in 2013. It is located in the center of historical Kamakura, close to many attractions. Known for its guests and for being a great spot to socialize and meet others, this is the spot to make new friends and hang out. Three minutes walk to the beach is a plus.


  • Name: Kamakura Central Guest House
  • Address: 2-22-1Yuigahama, Kamakura
  • Price: $72 and up
  • Phone: +81  0467-22-4529
  • Website: http://kamakura-central.com/

2. Kamakura Guesthouse

The Kamakura Guesthouse offers a traditional stay and its staff is known to be very friendly. Do not confuse it with our #1 hotel, even though their names are very similar. You will get a different experience here as the hostel makes you feel like family and even has a traditional Japanese fireplace to relax by. Enjoy complimentary Japanese green tea every day and free Wifi.


  • Name: Kamakura Guesthouse
  • Address: 273-3 Tokiwa, Kamakura
  • Price: $27 and up
  • Phone: +81 0467-67-6078
  • Website: http://www.kamakura-guesthouse.com/english.html

3. Kamejikan

Our favorite hostel which is located only 250 feet away from the beach is Kamejikan. This is where you can stay and enjoy the beach life outside your door. The house has a great story to it too. It was originally built 88 years ago for a wealthy family by a carpenter. You will find many shrines and temple like features inside Kamejikan. All rooms are Japanese style here and monthly events are held.


  • Name: Kamejikan
  • Address: 3-17-21 Zaimokuza, Kamakura
  • Price: $75 and up
  • Phone: +81 467-25-1166
  • Website: http://kamejikan.com/

4. Iza Kamakura Guesthouse and Bar

For another stay close to the beach, book a room at the Iza Kamakura Guesthouse and Bar. The house is small and caters to those who want to be away from the crowds. There are only 5 rooms and many amenities which include bicycles for renting, a fireplace, free WIFI, and barbecue grills to use. The bar on site serves both Japanese and western food. At times,  you can have it all to yourself!


  • Name: Iza Kamakura Guesthouse and Bar
  • Address: 11-7 Sakanoshita, Kamakura
  • Price: $50 and up
  • Phone: +81 467-33-5118
  • Website: http://izaiza.jp/e-index.htm

5. Villa Sacra

Go for an artsy stay at Villa Sacra where you will enjoy the taste of many artists and their work. Many travelers may not even notice where this hostel is, as it is hidden behind the train station. It is quite the hidden gem and offers a feel like no other hostel in the area. The staff is known to provide extreme personal attention to their guests and the location cannot be beaten, especially if you are one to run late for the train.


  • Name: Villa Sacra
  • Address: 13-29 Onarimachi, Kamakura
  • Price: $60 and up
  • Phone: +81 0467-22-5311
  • Website: http://villasacra.com/

6. Pension Green Grass

Enjoy the residential area of Kamakura when you stay at Pension Green Grass. You will experience privacy, quiet, and seclusion if you do not want to be close to the major attractions. TV’s and desks are in every room and breakfast is complimentary. The outdoors of this hostel include a patio, lounge area,  and a cafe.


  • Name: Pension Green Grass
  • Address: 2 Chome-19-5 Yuigahama, Kamakura
  • Price: $100 and up
  • Phone:  +81 467-22-3855
  • Website: http://kamakura-yado.com/

7. Inn by the Sea Kamakura

For a simple stay by the beach, choose a room at the Inn by the Sea Kamakura. Outside, you are steps away from Yuigahama Beach. Indoors, the rooms are floored with tatami, and bedding is traditional Japanese to provide an authentic stay. There are many breakfast items to choose from which include sandwiches. If you are a beach lover and not much of a tourist, this is the perfect spot.


  • Name: Inn by the Sea Kamakura
  • Address: 2-22-32 Hase, Kamaura-ashi
  • Price: $50 and up
  • Phone:  +81 0467-24-9618
  • Website: https://innbytheseakamakura.com/

8. Lady’s Inn White Hotel

If you looking for female only accommodations, you will find them at Lady’s Inn White Hotel. This hostel is located inland, close to many nearby attractions. The best part – it is decorated like a doll house! You can feel as if you are living in a fantasy world with 11 other females maximum. A gallery and cafe are on site as well for guest’s pleasure.


  • Name: Lady’s Inn White Hotel
  • Address: 2-20 Onarimachi, Kamakura
  • Price: $50 and up.
  • Phone:  +81 467 22 4407
  • Website: http://www014.upp.so-net.ne.jp/whitehotel/

9. Kamakura Hase Youth Hostel

Best for extreme backpackers is the Kamakura Hase Youth Hostel. This hostel is tiny but very close to the beach. It is modern and the hostel does uphold strict rules so if you enjoy things being organized and tidy, this is the spot for you. Right by the Hase station, you are able to go off and adventure on your own within the town.


  • Name: Kamakura Hase Youth Hostel
  • Address: 5-11 Sakanoshita Kamakura-shi
  • Price: $50 and up
  • Phone: +81 0467−24−3390
  • Website: http://www1.kamakuranet.ne.jp/hase_yh/

10. 8 Hotel

8 Hotel is located a little further outside Kamakura. It is located in the Shonan Beach area, in Fujisawa city, which is about a 30-minute walk to downtown Kamakura. This hostel is more on the artsy end, with character and a taste of fashion to represent the specific area they are in. A cafe is on-site where many guests like to enjoy and you are not that far from Kamakura as one may think.


  • Name: 8 Hotel
  • Address: 1-6 Kugenumahanazawacho, Fujisawa
  • Price: $55 and up
  • Phone: +81 466-54-0880
  • Website: http://8hotel.jp/

Kamakura is a great beach town to find an affordable hostel which will give you the traditional, Japanese experience. From beach side locations to residential homes to hostels right by the train, you can pick your perfect location when you choose from our list.

Have a good trip and travel!

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