7 Reasons to Go to Okinawa American Village

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American Village
Source: Jonathan Leung

Surrounded by blue and green waters, the island of Okinawa is the most striking place to visit once in your lifetime. The place offers you more than just scenic views and memorable trip that you will remember throughout your life. Here are some of the reasons that why should you visit Okinawa-American Village.

1. Come Across The Most Romantic Sailing Time

View of American Village
Source: Nelo Hotsuma

You can have fun while sailing from Okinawa-American village to the Ishigaki Island. While traveling to the other island on a yacht, you will witness the breathtaking sunset. As the night grows by, a thousand stars on the night will gather up around you. Grab a drink and relax on the yacht with a sea breeze.


  • Name:Okinawa America Villag
  • Trip: Sailing from Okinawa to Ishigaki Island.
  • Activities: Sailing, Fishing, folklore music.

2. Heavenly Beaches

There are many beaches in Japan and Okinawa has got this credit to host many of the stunning beaches alone. You can see the beaches like Sunayama, Nirai, Okuma, Yonaha Maehama, Aragusuku, Kondoi and Nishi No Hama. These beaches are full of natural beauty and have got crystal clear water. With the rocky mountains standing right in a middle of the water, it gives an attractive view.


  • Location: Okinawa Beaches
  • Name: Yonaha, Kondoi, Sunayama, etc.
  • Attractions: Prestine water and rocks.

3. Darts shop jackalope

Designed professionally by the Japanese, these darts will meet your love for darts playing. You will find soft and hard darts both here, choose the one that you like. The quality of the darts here meets the requirements of the regular players very well.


  • Name: Darts shop jackalope
  • Location: Depot Island BLD
  • Niche: Amusement

4. Bokunen Art Museum


A Japanese artist Bokunen Naka, who was famous for his block print work. The museum shows off his work on large size canvases. This museum shows the permanent exhibitions. Whereas, in every season, there is a different theme for the exhibition. Naka used to work with his technique called Urazaishiki.


  • Name: Bokunen art museum
  • Location: AKARA
  • Attractions:
  • Art works by Bokunen Naka

5. Tattoos and body pierce horikaze studio

Whether you ask for the original tattoo design or for the refinements, the experts in Horizake studio will do it for you within no time. If you want to consult before having your tattoo design, then the designer will help you in explaining things. There are western style and Japanese tattoos, both. Piercing can be done on the first floor so if you are looking for something new during your visit at the Okinawa-American village, then does visit this place.


  • Name: Tattoo and body pierce Horikze
  • Services: tattoos and piercing
  • Location: Carnival park Mahima

6. Pink Dracula’s

Items from casual occasions to the party ones, this shop are the well known amongst the local girls. The shop has got items from casual occasions to the party ones. There are heels, shirts, tees, jackets, accessories and much more for your dressing needs.


  • Name: Pink Dracula’s
  • Specification: Girls’ dresses
  • Items: tees, shoes, accessories, etc.

7. Gabriel steak

If you like to have ham and steaks in all American flavors, then this is the best place in the Okinawa-American village. The place started in 1977 and since then it is favorite of the town. While sitting on the terrace and listening to the music, nothing is a better place than this one to spend your time with your loved ones.


  • Name: Gabriel steak
  • Famous dishes: steak and ham
  • Location: Oak Fashion BLD

As you see that these are the core seven reasons that why you must visit the Okinawa-American village. Escape from these rushing and chaotic city days by stopping over in the calm and soothing environment of this island. The best season to visit this place is spring and autumn. Even in winter, you will find it warm while in summer, the weather is fresh and breezy.

Have a good trip and travel!

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