Best 10 Places to Enjoy Nightlife in Takayama

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 Takayama at night
Source: Gustavo Jeronimo

Is planning for traveling Takayama with your family and beloved one? Are you interested in enjoying a nightlife romance with your partner? If your answer is yes, then here is our list of 10 places to enjoy the nightlife in Takayama that really have been given you real satisfaction.

 1. Morgan’s Gibier Bar n Grill

It is a bar, pub and grill restaurant in Takayama. This is a very surprise pub for the tourists. Best food, best drink, and the most importantly is the owner who has a friendly manner. Anybody can drink and chat all night long. The venison medallions and kalua boar are very much tastier. The restaurant will give you the real taste of good nightlife. It’s really the best place for whom, who actually enjoy their nightlife.


  • Name: Morgan’s Gibier Bar n Grill
  • Price: Average USD 9-27
  • Address: 24 Asahimachi, Takayama 506-0017, Gifu Prefecture
  • Phone: +8190-3258-9333

2. Red Hill

Takayama is a quiet town in the night. Red Hill is a great little  bar in a small winding street. A very cozy bar with great choice of music and a friendly owner.  Nice place, nice drinks, beer, and great music make your night awesome and fabulous. The owner is super friendly with the customers. This is a cool place. The décor and the music are awesome. It is really good for a great bar scenery.


  • Name:  Red Hill
  • Price: Average USD 5-15
  • Address: 2-4-2 Sowamachi, Takayama 506-0007, Gifu Prefecture
  • Phone: +81577-33-8139

3. Heianraku

If you are a vegetarian, you should not miss this restaurant. The food is so good. The ambiance is great. The people are amazing. Staff’s are very friendly and very dedicated to their services. They go at length to make you feel at home. They make your  taste different dishes, dishes that you have not ordered including Miso soup, appetizers, local sweets dishes. This is a fantastic restaurant.


  • Name: Heianraku
  • Price: Average USD 7-14
  • Address: 6-7-2 Temman-Cho, Takayama 506-0025, Gifu Prefecture
  • Phone: +81577-32-3078
  • Opening: Everyday 11:30am – 9:00pm

4. Thai Restaurant Thanyaporn

This is a lovely little-relaxed restaurant that serves authentic food. The chief currently cooks all the food freshly as you order it and they are very accommodating when making vegetarian special food for people. Thai Restaurant Thanyaporn presents the best food which is delicious. This place is wonderful. Best recipe from this restaurant fried noodles which are excellent. The green curry is awesome here.


  • Name: Thai Restaurant Thanyaporn
  • Price: Average USD 9-23
  • Address: 1-15-3 Hanaokamachi, Takayama 506-0009, Gifu Prefecture
  • Phone: +81577-62-9578
  • Opening: Everyday 11:30am – 11:00pm

5. Ajino Yohei

Ajino Yohei is a great bar, pub, steakhouse in Takayama. Their Hida beef is awesome. It is fantastic and great value for money. Their sukiyaki and beef are so tasty. Their miso, salad, rice, tofu are also very much good to taste. It is a great place for dinner and night outing. You can enjoy a great nightlife here.


  • Name: Ajino yohei
  • Price: Average USD 14-36
  • Address: 105 Kamisannomachi, Takayama 506-0025, Gifu Prefecture
  • Phone: +81577-32-0016
  • Opening: Everyday 11:00am – 8:00pm

6. Chapala

Great fresh Mexican food prepared by the Japanese expert chef who has traveled in many countries such as Mexico and he speaks Spanish. The edge Burritos and Nachos are great from this restaurant and so is the Margheritas. Heianraku is famous for their Mexican food with very co-operative staffs. If you want to get a little exotic food while in Japan. Good music is available here. Nice small restaurant with the great taste of flavor.


  • Name: Heianraku
  • Address: 1 Hanakawamachi, Takayama 506-0025, Gifu Prefecture
  • Phone: +81577-34-9800
  • Opening: Everyday 6:00pm – 11:00pm

7. Maruaki

It is a great Japanese bar-b-q house in Takayama. Very popular, cozy place for nightlife. Enjoy the music with beef steak has really added a good sound of taste in one’s life. Their Hida beef is very much tasty. If you are interested in enjoying nightlife with your family and child, then it will be your best choice for them. A great new environment with tasty food makes your life more colorful.


  • Name: Maruaki
  • Price: Average USD 7-18
  • Address: 6-8 Tenmanmachi, Takayama 506-0025, Gifu Prefecture
  • Phone: +81577-35-5858
  • Opening: Everyday 11:30am – 9:00pm

8. Hida Takayama Kyoya

Hida Takayama is an excellent place for nightlife. Come here with your friends. Food is fresh and tasty. Service is excellent. Their hide beef, chicken, and pork are so much tastier. Their premium, luxury and hobo leaf Hida beef are marvelous. The hot sake is really very tasty here. Hospitality staff, great food, will back you again here. You can taste some Japanese and Asian ,Chinese are good and available here.


  • Name: Hidatakayama Kyoya
  • Price: Average USD 8-24
  • Address: 1-77 Oshinmachi, Takayama 506-0851, Gifu Prefecture
  • Phone: +81577-34-7660
  • Opening: Everyday 11:30am – 9:00pm

9. Teuchisoba Ebisu

Ebisu was established as the first best drinks (soda) restaurant in the town. The original Ebisu restaurant is situated in the national important traditional building. The street is known for Teuchisoba Ebisu. The building of this restaurant is very much well designed with the touch of sophistication. The restaurant is well-known for its old fashioned food and atmosphere. They can enjoy the garden through the wooden window of the restaurant with music.


  • Name: Teuchisoba Ebisu
  • Price: Average USD 4-15
  • Address: 46 Kamininomachi, Takayama 506-0845, Gifu Prefecture
  • Phone: +81577-32-0209

10. Tavern Kinoene

Beer and sake selection are good and reasonable here. Food is good too, covering light bites all the way to a full dinner. Their snacks and drinks are fabulous.  Their Yakitori is genuinely good.  The menu in English is available. It is a good choice for enjoying nightlife with your beloved one. You can enjoy the music and you can dance here with your lovely partner.


  • Name: Tavern kinoene
  • Price: Average USD 5-20
  • Address: 23 Asahimachi, Takayama 506-0017, Gifu Prefecture
  • Phone: +81577-35-0092

Have a good trip and travel!

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