10 Things To Do in Toyohashi Japan

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Source: Keiichi Yasu

Toyohashi Japan blooms on both industrial and agricultural capacities. It’s privileged to have a port used for worldwide trade, Mikawa Port. The Port is a locus for international imports and exports. Besides being an industrial precinct, Toyohashi is also active in vegetable production. One of Japan’s top quail producers is Toyohashi too.

1. Yoshida Castle Ruins

Yoshida Castle

Source: Kasadera

This castle is one of Japan’s historical grounds that is open to the public. Sadly, only bits of the original structure remains. But all hope is not lost, as a modern reconstruction of the castle now stands at the site. It is more or less as majestic as the previous structure. This three-storied Yagura is one of the awe-inspiring constructions of old. From the moated enclosing to the fortified gates, the castle has been transformed into a museum for articles regarding the local history. Just the right place for you to learn a little more about the local history!


  • Name: Yoshida castle Ruins
  • Address:  Japan, 〒440-0801 Aichi Prefecture, Toyohashi, 今橋町3番地
  • Year Built: 1505
  • Phone: +81 532-51-2430
  • Demolished: 1872
  • In Use: Edo Period
  • Website: http://www.city.toyohashi.lg.jp/6568.htm

2. Mount Ishimaki

Mount Ishimaki

Source: Alpsdake

Mount Ishimaki is a 384 meters high mountain and is suitable for hiking while taking a spiritual journey into the beliefs of the Japanese. At its side are the Ishimaki Shrine and a small museum. Not to forget the magnificent view of the landscape below from the peak of the mountain. You will not want to go back down. The view is even much better during the night.


  • Name: Mount Ishimaki
  • Address: 1,174 ft / 358 m
  • Height Rank: #11 in Aichi #1981 in Japan
  • Location: Aichi, Japan

3. Aquarena Toyohashi

Aquarena Toyohashi

Source: Lombroso

Is it fun time yet? If you happen to be in Toyohashi and looking for a place to have tonnes of fun, get up and head to Aquarena. They have ice-skating rinks in winter. Activities range from ice-skating shows to competitions. Your summers are also taken care of; the arena offers swimming. You are spoilt for choice no matter the season.


  • Name: Aquarena Toyohashi (アクアリーナ豊橋),
  • Located: Toyohashi, Aichi, Japan

4. Cocola Avenue

It is the newest shopping mall in Toyohashi. The 16 story building acts as a shopping mall, office and restaurant space. There are adequate coffee houses e.g. Starbucks coffee. Also present is a French Restaurant for some French experience to both the locals and visitors alike. Hotel Arch Riche is in this same building.


  • Name: Cocola Avenue
  • Address: 1-135 Ekimae Odori, Toyohashi 440-0888, Aichi Prefecture
  • Website: http://www.cocolaavenue.jp/index.php#_=_

5. Toyohashi Museum of Natural History

The Toyohashi Museum of Natural History is the place to be for a brief yet fun Geography lesson. This museum dedicates itself to the understanding of nature in its original state. Besides, you get a terse description of Toyohashi and its environs. Don’t forget to pass by the Central Tectonic Line and Shiokawa Higata display booths. You can’t fathom what you’ll have missed.


  • Name: Toyohashi Museum of Natural History
  • Address: Oana-1-238 Oiwacho, Toyohashi, Aichi Prefecture 441-3147, Japan
  • PHone: +81 532-41-4747
  • Website: http://www.toyohaku.gr.jp/sizensi/

6. Toyohashi City Public Hall

Toyohashi City Public Library

Source: Lombroso

It was termed a National Asset in 1998 and was built by Yoshihei Nakamura, who also made the Shizuoka Municipal Hall. The two halls have arcades reminiscing the Islamic ones. The hall is of Romanesque nature due to the early Spanish influences in Japan. It is a perfect place to appreciate some of the remnant outside forces in Japan.


  • Name: Toyohashi City Public Hall
  • Address: 1 Imahashicho, Toyohashi, Aichi Prefecture 440-0801, Japan
  • Phone: +81 532-51-2111
  • Opening hours: Mon – Fri: 8:30 AM – 5:15 PM, Weekend: Closed
  • Website: http://www.city.toyohashi.lg.jp/

7. Enjoy Fireworks at Toyohashi Park

Toyohashi Park

Source: djNIV

Are you just from the Toyohashi Temple Ruins and all you want to do is rest? The ruins are encircled with the Park, which is the right place for you to relax. It used to be a training camp for the 1884 Imperial Japanese Army. What is left of it is the little sentry post at the gate. However, it is now an excellent place for peace and quiet with a kids section and a variety of sports equipment. Luminous Fireworks are a common theme in this part of the prefecture.


  • Name: Toyohashi Park
  • Address: Japan, 愛知県豊橋市今橋町

8. Kamo Hanashobuen

Ever dreamt of a fairytale meal, sumptuous and surrounded by beautiful shades of different flowers? Kamo Gardens makes this a reality. It is a Japanese iris garden in a rural setting. The flowers in their bloom are tantalizing. Visitors are offered with traditional foods that have been made traditionally. What better way to go down memory lane and get in touch with your roots for the Japanese. For international visitors, this is the place to have a taste of Japan.


  • Name: Kamo Hanashobuen
  • Address: 110 Harasato, Kakegawa City
    Shizuoka Prefecture
    436-0105 JAPAN
  • Phone: +81-537-26-1211
  • Fax: +81-537-26-1213
  • Email: kakegawa@kamoltd.co.jp
  • Website: http://www.kamoltd.co.jp/kakegawa/english/

9. Takashi Ryokuchi Park

Takashi Ryokuchi Park

Source: Umako

This Park is among the most popular parks in Toyohashi with its paths lined with pine trees. It is suitable for cycling, jogging and also holding picnics. It has four playgrounds with large playsets for children. There’s also an area dedicated to horseback riding. The pine trees provide excellent shade for joggers and those on a picnic.


  • Name: Takashi Ryokuchi park
  • Address: Japan, 愛知県豊橋市高師町字北原

10. Yoshida Shrine

Yoshida Castle

Source: KEPEI

Yoshida Shrine is a glamorous Shinto shrine situated in the ward of Sakyō-ku in the charming city of Kyoto. Deep in history, the sanctuary boasts years and years of being an imperial patronage from an era so long ago during the early Heian period. The history of this ravishing place speaks for itself, all that remains is just for you to pay a visit.


  • Name: Yoshida Shrine
  • Address: 30 Yoshidakaguraokacho, Sakyo Ward, Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture 606-8311, Japan
  • Phone: +81 75-771-3788
  • Website: http://www.yoshidajinja.com/

For sure, there’s a lot to experience and be part of in Toyohashi Japan. Shopping avenues, parks, and arenas are there for you to have the time of your life. In abundance are also great sights to see.

Have a good trip and travel!

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