10 Places to Enjoy Skiing in Japan

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Japan Ski
Source: Kikuko Nakayama

Japan has such a superb reputation when it comes to skiing. This fun-filled activity is one of the many reasons why multitudes do all that they can just to make it to this astounding country. But which are the places that folks can enjoy skiing once they are in Japan?

1. Grandeco Snow Resort

Source: Makoto Nakashima

Grandeco Snow Resort is a definite great powder magnet! A quiet resort, such as it is, it has outstandingly well-developed amenities for day trippers and hooded brisk quads which are a godsend on atrocious weather days. This atypical Ski Resort has some exceptional off-piste terrain although the steps are a little short and offer snowboard and ski hires. The staff can communicate in English, and the place is less westernized. The people around are very friendly and the atmosphere very calming. It’s a great uncrowded place to enjoy skiing. Don’t waste time, come and have fun!


  • Name: Glandeco Hotel & Ski Resort
  • Address: Japan, 〒969-2701 Fukushima Prefecture, Yama District, Kitashiobara, 桧原荒砂沢山1082−93
  • Hours: 8:30 AM – 4:00 PM
  • Phone: +81 241-32-3200
  • Website: http://www.grandeco.com/

2. Moiwa

Source: Kzaral

The Moiwa resort receives impressive bummers of snow but deficient of the hordes. It is serviced by two chairlifts, a 2-seater lift, and a covered high-speed quad, which provide admittance to six runs. Most of the courses are delightfully spruced up, but the main event, through the trees, is the many off-piste lines and the good backcountry that is a short hike away. It also offers fat powder skis, snowboard, and ski hire. The modern day lodge has hefty changing rooms and a powder room one could swear that it is out in the Moiwa backcountry!


  • Name: Moiwa
  • Address: Niseko 448, Niseko-Cho, Hokkaido, 048-1511
  • Phone: 0136-59-2511
  • Opening hours: Weekdays: 8:00 – 16:00 (Holidays Inclusive)
  • Website: http://niseko-moiwa.jp/

3. Hakuba Cortina Ski Resort

Source: Petra Bensted

Cortina Hakuba is the place to have fun, as it stands out as the best resort for powder hounds with the off-piste policy very relaxed. There are tree skiing, more snow, and the terrain is steep. There are gobs of fantastic lines off ridgelines that drop into large trees with moderate to steep acclivities. The side country, easily accessed, provides more delights for powder hounds, and the neighboring backcountry is ideal for blustery days and some fun high declivity groomers. It’s very family friendly, and practically a deserted ski resort with good groomed runs for upper-end beginners to intermediate riders.


  • Name: Hakuba Cortina ski Resort
  • Address: Japan, Nagano Prefecture, Kitaazumi District, Otari, Chikuniotsu, 12860−1
  • Phone: +61-403682008
  • Opening hour: Mon – Sun: 8:30 AM – 8:00 PM
  • Website: http://www.hgp.co.jp/cortina/ski/access/

4. Niseko Ski Resort

Source: Roderick Eime

Niseko Ski, cheap and cheerful, is mostly frequented by beginners; nevertheless, it still caters for powder hounds that prefer steep and deep powder lines. It is located quite close to Chitose Airport, barely 3 hours from the resort. The best part of skiing in Niseko is the off-piste excitement and also the side-country adventures. TheNiseko resort is perfect for a family trip or tour, and it also offers night skiing on its lanes. They provide childcare for children below six years, and also a kid’s square for kids to go sledding and tubing. The powder found in the resort is pristine and immeasurable. It’s fun-filled!


  • Name: Niseko Ski Resort
  • Location:Hokkaido
  • Website: http://www.powderhounds.com/Japan/Hokkaido/Niseko.aspx

5. Hachimantai Resort Panorama Ski Area

Hachimantai Resort
Source: Noriko YAMAMOTO

In the Hachimantai Resort Panorama Ski Area, great quality powder falls in incredible quantities. There is fascinating tree skiing, off-piste and eminent quality lift infrastructure that keeps you thermic in the cold days. It’s suitable for snowboarders and skiers of most abilities including those who dare powders. Hachimantai Resort has an avalanche of activities for kids, and the accommodations are easily accessible. For a non-Japanese speaker, it’s quite easy to visit places without a tour guide since there’s a lot of signs in English and the staff is eloquent in speaking English. Risk taker? Originality is the real deal that Hachimantai Resort boasts always!


  • Name: Hachimantai Resort Panorama Ski Area
  • Address: Dai 1 Chiwari-509-1 Matsuoyoriki, Hachimantai, Iwate Prefecture 028-7302, Japan
  • Phone: +81 136-46-3111
  • Website: http://www.hachimantai.co.jp/

6. Kamui Ski Links

Kamui Ski Links provides plenty of opportunities for snowboarding and powder skiing! Kamui receives 8m of snow per season on average; nevertheless, the snow quality is often aberrant! There are a lot of areas fun for tree skiing since off-piste riding is permitted. This exotic resort is often uncrowded and regularly accepts freshies on offer, yet more skiers tend to head there. They are a family friendly resort and the staff mostly warm and welcoming. They offer an option of combining skiing with cat skiing too! That’s quite an epic adventure!


  • Name: Kamui Ski Links
  • Address: Kamui Ski Links Nishioka 112, Kamui-cho, Asahikawa City, Hokkaido 074-1181 JAPAN
  • Phone: +81-166-72-2311
  • Opening hours: 9 AM-4:30 PM Daily
  • Email: info-k@kamui-skilinks.com

7. Tomamu Ski Resort

Source: MIKI Yoshihito

Tomamu Ski Resort experiences very light and dry snowfall of about 10 meters. Due to its low temperatures and elevation, the snow is often well retained. Tomamu has a superfluity of activities on offer to keep you regaled like cat skiing, snowmobiling, kid’s parks, fishing, dog-sledding, tubing and there is competent English speaking staff. The skiers get to have fun without any worries of inhibition from doing anything as off-piste skiing is permitted. It’s especially child-friendly with a clump beginner slopes and kids’ activities. The resort is great to visit, and it’s closer to other central ski resorts in Hokkaido.


  • Name: Tomamu Ski Resort
  • Address: Nakatomamu, Yufutsu-gun, Shimukappu-mura 079-2204, Hokkaido
  • Phone: +81 167-58-1111
  • Website: http://www.snowtomamu.jp/winter/

8. Sahoro Resort

Source: Hokkaido Man

The Sahoro ski has 17 cuts, below the treeline, running through the forest. Snowboarders and advanced skiers aggrandize the off-piste since skiing in the trees is a lot of fun and fresh tracks easily made. Sahoro Resort offers other activities like evening grooming tours, snowshoe tours for 3hours, snow field horseback trekking for almost 50 minutes, fishing, snow rafting behind the snowmobile, sledding and tubing. The Sahoro is friendly with hotels and accommodations close to it. This resort offers great viewing point across the alluring scene of the Tohachi plains.


  • Name: Sahoro Resort
  • Address: Karikachi-Kogen, Kamikawa-Gun, Hokkaido 081-0039
  • Phone: +81156-64-7111
  • Fax: +81156-64-6282
  • Opening hours: 9:00 – 18:00 Daily

9. Myoko Kogen Resort

Considering the opportunity to get off-piste in some areas and the quantity of snow, this resort is must do for powder hounds. Myoko is one among the Japanese ski resorts that offer group ski, snowboard lessons in English and child care.Myoko Kogen area offers, at the height of the season, some of the most in compared skiing with a medium base of snow walls building up to four meters. There is also an imperative dip in the onsen hot springs and tranquilizing places to visit after a whole day of skiing. It’s family friendly and exotic!


  • Name: Myoko Kogen resort
  • Address: Akakura Onsen 549-25, Myoko-shi, Niigata, Japan 949-2111
  • Phone: +81255-78-7828.
  • Fax: +81 255-78-7830.
  • Mobile: +8180-8817-4888

10. Furano Ski Resort

Source: Lionel Leong

Furano is filled with greatly blessed nature and located in the heart of Hokkaido Island in Japan. There are a variety of snow activities to make your holiday more exciting and memorable. They include; snowmobiles, snow trekking, hot air balloon ride, banana boat, ice hole fishing and also snow rafting. It’s a sizeable resort where kids of 12 years and below ski free and is ideal for on-piste riding from beginners to advanced riders. Nearby there are backcountry areas. Furano, being family friendly, caters for English speaking children reasonably and provides unusual and exotic Japanese cultural experience. Check it out sometime!


  • Name: Furano Ski Resort
  • Address: Kitanomine Furano, Japan 076-0034
  • Phone: +81 167223667
  • Opening hours: 16:00 – Last entrance at 20:00 daily.

Have a good trip and travel!

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