15 Things To Do in Nakano Japan

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Nakano Things
Source:Danny Choo

Nakano draws a lot of visitors all throughout the year. There are many things to do in the place and you will definitely not get bored. There are parks, shopping places, shrines, temples, and nature. We’ve prepared a list of what you can do in Nakano. You’ll see everything after the jump.

1. Shop at the Nakano Sun Mall Shopping

As the name suggest, it is a shopping mall in Nakano which is lined up of wide varieties of shops and stores. It has more than 225 meters covered pedestrian lane with shopping arcade seen on both sides. The place was well planned as it took the account of the shoppers and visitors, making them feel comfortable when they go to the stores, without worrying about the extreme heat of the sun or being soaked in the rain.

2. Feel the Japanese Modern Culture

A must for visitors in Nakano is to be immersed in the Japanese culture. Fortunately, you can do that with the help of a guide. One of the popular attractions for tourists is manga and anime themes. It will never be a boring tour if you learn some of the things that make Japanese culture unique. In Nakano, you can find guides to help you out to learn of the culture in a day.

3. Taste the version of Nakano Ramen

In your visit in Nakano, you may have seen a lot of historic places as well as modern sites. However, you will surely experience hunger pangs which will make you look for food. Get a bowl of ramen while you’re in Nakano to fill your stomach. Did you know some of the basic flavors? These are “shoyu” (soy sauce), “shio” (salty), “tonkotsu” (pork), and miso (fermented bean paste). Most of the time there varieties of toppings and flavorings in ramen.

4. Play sports at the Egota Park

The Egota Park is a pleasant park you definitely want to visit in Nakano. There are usually many people throughout the day from eight in the morning up to around seven in the evening. Egota is just a small park compared to others but it has many benches you can sit upon. There is also a small area that provides a community service point. The place also has a big open field for sports, exercise and play activities.


  • Address: 3-14 Egota, Nakano, Tokyo 165-0022, Japan
  • Phone:+81 3-3389-1111
  • Hours: 7am to 8pm
  • Availability: Open all year
  • Activity: Park, nature viewing

5. Ride at the JR Nakano Station

Source: Hiroaki Sakuma

If you’re going to go around Nakano, make sure to take the main transit that can help you go around the city. You should take a ride at the JR Nakano Station as the city is big and would be challenging to navigate by foot or other vehicles. If you take the JR Nakano Station, you will also see a lot of different parades, presentations, shows, stores, and shops. The place is lined with cherry trees as sightseeing can always be an option.

6. Walk with the locals at Nakano Street

After you exit Nakano Station, you may want to stroll in Nakano Street to get a feel of the neighborhood. The place is filled with shops, stores and diners. You will also see some street performers and street musicians. Walk the whole distance of the street to get the vibe of the locals and the residents. This should give you lasting impression of Nakano.

7. Visit the Zenjoji Temple

The Zenjoji Temple pretty much symbolizes the city of Nakano. You can see somewhat of a Buddhist altar as you go to the main area of the Zenjoji Temple. The place is within the vicinity of Nakano Station, so you should check this place out. It is a historic temple that goes way back to the Edo period. There are eateries lined up along the way to the temple so you may want to check out the local delicacies as well.

8. See cherry blossoms at Araiyakushi

There are a lot of great places to visit in Nakano and Araiyakushi is one of them. It is very near to the Nakano Station, which is just a walking distance and can take around 15 minutes by foot from the station exit. There are times that it is crowded as festivals are sometimes staged in the place. Make sure to bring your partner around as the cherry blossoms are a sight to behold.


  • Address: 5-3-5 Arai, Nakano 165-0026, Tokyo Prefecture
  • Phone Number: +81 3-3386-1355
  • Hours: 8am to 6pm
  • Closed: Open all year to the public
  • Activity: Park, nature viewing to see the colorful cherry blossom tree

9. Be amazed at Tetsugakudo Park

The Tetsugakudo park is a beautiful and cute park, pretty much typical for all Japan parks. It is very clean and well maintained. In a lovely sunny day, it is something you will definitely enjoy as the views are quite amazing. The place is quite popular for locals and residents as most tourists have not yet discovered the place just yet. It is also a walking distance from the Nakano Station, so you will not kiss the place.


  • Address: 1-34-28 Matsugaoka, Nakano 165-0024, Tokyo Prefecture
  • Phone Number: +81 3-3951-2515
  • Hours: 8am to 6pm
  • Closed: Open to the public all year
  • Activity: Park, nature viewing

10. Shop fish at the Tsukiji Fish Market

If you like to get a hold of some seafood, fish and marine products, you take a ride from the Nakano station and get off at the Tsukiji Fish Market. You have two options such as you can take the train as well walk, which can take you around 45 to 50 minutes. If you enjoy strolling around that shouldn’t be a deal breaker. If you like to get your hands on some tunas, salmon, squids and other fish products, then you should not miss the opportunity to go here if you’re in Nakano.

11. Visit the Nogata Standpipe

This is a popular landmark just beside Tetsugakudo. The place showcases the ruins of the finished water supply facility from the early Showa period until around 1940s. The standpipe is an interesting cultural property as towers more than thirty-three meters. The Nogata Standpipe was designed by Eiji Nakajima, known to be the modern water supply founding father. The place has a unique appearance and you will not miss it in Nogata.

12. Have fun at the Heiwa no Mori Park

The Heiwa no Mori Park is known to be a favorite locale’s square as the residents pretty much hangs around the park to walk and have a good breather from their daily life. There are not as many tourists just as yet as you would see some foreigners here and there. The park, however, is just a walking distance from the Nakano station and shouldn’t be a problem finding it within the vicinity. There are a lot a lot of runners in the place as it has 400 meters running course.

13. Visit the Rengeji Temple

The Rengeji Temple is located in Egota Nakano and its a place you will definitely don’t want to miss. The history of the temple goes way back to the Muromachi period. If you enter the main gate, you will see lines of trees and a bell tower which leads to the main hall. It is said that the place houses the tomb of Enryo Inoue. If you’re a great fan of history, you will surely appreciate visiting the Rengegi Temple in Nakano.

14. Shop at the Nakano Broadway

The Nakano Broadway is one place you will never miss as it is quite an escapade for hobbyists. There are lines of stores, with items such as ball joint dolls, acrylic figures, anime toys and even fashion gears. It can take you around 45 to 50 minutes when you walk. The place is referred as a shopping haven in Nakano for those looking for collectibles, merchandises, and souvenirs.

15. Taste the coffee at Excelsior Cafe

Nakano is such a big place with a lot of areas to visit. You will definitely need a couple of days or more than a week to get to see most of the interesting places. Most of the time you will look for some exquisite coffee shops or cafes to try, far from the usual American cafes. One of the cafes you can try is the Excelsior Cafe. It is conveniently located in Nakano Sun Mall going to the Nakano Broadway.


  • Address: Japan, 〒141-6002 Tokyo, Shinagawa, Osaki, 2 Chome−1−1, Think Park 2F
  • Phone:+81 3-3779-1132
  • Hours: 7am to 9pm
  • Activity: Cafe, drinking coffee
  • Website: http://www.doutor.co.jp/exc/menu

It’s sometimes great to travel light, without a lot of baggage and bags. You may want to schedule shopping for souvenirs and merchandise at the last day of your stay in Nakano.

Have a good trip and travel!

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