15 Things To Do in Miyazaki Japan

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Miyazaki Moai
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What are the things yo expect to do and see in Miyazaki? You can see some beautiful shrines, temples, parks, gardens and scenic views. We’ve gathered fifteen things you can do in Miyazaki. Read them all and don’t forget to bookmark our page.

1. Enjoy the view at Kodomo no Kuni

If you’re in the mood for some park fun with your kids, then you should have Kodomo no Kuni on your itineraries. This is a good spot to let your guard down and just be carefree for a day with your family. The ground is pretty spacious with lots of space to walk around or play with your kids. You’re within the vicinity of the sea front, so you’ll also feel the sea breeze. The place is also a good area to take photos of cherry blossoms in spring season.


  • Address: 7275-1 Kaeda, Miyazaki 889-2161, Miyazaki Prefecture
  • Phone Number: +81 985-65-1111
  • Activity: park, nature viewing
  • Hours: 6am to 9pm
  • Best time to visit: Spring, Summer, Fall

2. Be at peace at the Aoshima Shrine

Source: Naoki Tomeno

Aoshima-jinja is a Shinto shrine situated on beautiful place of Aoshima Island in Miyazaki. The shrine is famous for being a shrine of marriage. It has a comely statue of Benzaiten which is 1 of the lucky gods. There is a one and a half kilometer stroll on the beach with some canvas stalls selling keepsakes as you walk the way. At the middle of the island, you’ll see the colorful shrine Aoshima Jinja.


  • Address: Japan, 〒889-2162 Miyazaki Prefecture, Miyazaki
  • Phone: +81 985-65-1262
  • Activity: Shrine, cutural history
  • Hours: 8am to 6pm
  • Closed: Open all year except major holidays

3. See the natural geography at Onino Sentakuita

On a distinct day with a bluish sky, the Onino Sentakuita is a fascinating place to visit. You can also take some grub at the eating places here. The place is a rare find as there’s much to offer, but the beauty of geology and nature. It is known to be a natural phenomenon of Miyazaki’s coastline.

4. Know about Emperor Jinmu at Miyazaki Shinto Shrine

Dedicated to Emperor Jinmu, the Miyazaki Shinto Shrine holds a wide range of festivals annually. The most anticipated happening is the Aki-no-Taisai held in the month of October. You see participants in a costume parade in memory of Emperor Jinmu, which is Japan’s first emperor. You will some women featured in beautiful dresses and stunning wedding kimono.


  • Address: 2-4-1, Jingū, Miyazaki, Miyazaki 880-0053
  • Website: www.miyazakijingu.jp
  • Hours: 9am to 5pm
  • Closed: Open all year except major holidays
  • Activity: Shrine, cultural history

5. Enjoy the Takachiho Gorge stream

Takachiho Gorge is a narrow gap traverse the rock by the Gokase stream. The nearly sheer cliffs lining the gorge are created of slow forming volcanic rock columns that fit the scales of a dragon wherever the stone twisted and flowed. There are 2 views from that to fancy the gorge. The first is from below that is completed by row down the stream.

6. Have a leasure fun at Nichinan Coast

Don’t miss the opportunity to see Nichinan Coast in your tourist visit to Miyazaki. You will have a beautiful view of beach fronts, coastal stones, seashores, and sands. It is a major attraction in the city and a place you should never miss as you go around. In fact, you can spend the day just to leisurely walk and relax in the area.

7. Be amazed of Manai Falls a Japanese waterfall

Manai Falls is one of popular in Miyazaki and the best Japanese waterfalls. It is 17m tall. Legend said, this waterfall was made as a result or because there was no water around there once the 1st emperor named Jinmu arrived here. At summer, it will be unwind. You can access it from Hakata by utilizing route 218 to Takachiho.


  • Address: Japan, 〒880-0834 Miyazaki Prefecture, Miyazaki
  • Phone:+81 985-60-8000
  • Hours: 9am – 9pm
  • Closed: Open all year except holidays
  • Activity: Nature, sightseeing

8. See animals at Miyazaki City Phoenix Zoo

The Miyazaki City Phoenix Zoo is strategically situated in the open pine woods in the coastlines facing northern Miyazaki City and the coast of the Pacific Ocean. It has popular amenities including amusement theme park, a cool river pool, animal exhibition area, Asian garden, Africa orchard, child villages, cafes, food stalls, and much more.


  • Address: 3083-42 Shioji, Miyazaki, Miyazaki Prefecture 880-0122, Japan
  • Phone:+81 985-39-1306
  • Hours: 9am to 5pm
  • Closed: Open all year except holidays
  • Website: www.miyazaki-city-zoo.jp/univ/en/

9. Swim and enjoy the Aoshima Beach

If you like sunbathing, windsurfing, snorkeling, swimming and just relax and doing nothing, then Aoshima Beach is for you. Miyazaki has a range of coastlines and if you can try to visit all of them in your visit to the city. The sandy beach is warm, get an ice cold beer and watch the activities of other people.


  • Address: 2 Aoshima, Miyazaki, Miyazaki Prefecture
  • Phone: +81 985-21-1791
  • Hours: 8am to 6pm
  • Activity: Beach and nature viewing
  • Best time to visit: Spring and summer

10. Look at beautiful flowers at Florante Miyazaki

The Florante Miyazaki is a gorgeous botanical garden park where you will appreciate the seasonal flower blooms and refreshing greenery. The beautiful lawns are magnificently green all throughout the year, as the gardens show different species. They also offer gardening lessons, but you would have to make a reservation. It’s a great thing to just surround yourself and your partner with many flowers and greenery. It’s lovely.


  • Address: 414-16 Hamayama, Yamazaki, Miyazaki City
  • Access: 25 min. via Hitotsuba Toll Road; 10min. from Miyazaki Station
  • Hours: 9am to 5pm
  • Phone: +81-985- 23-1510
  • Website: http://www.florante.or.jp/

11. Enjoy luxury activities at Phoenix Seagaia Resort

The Phoenix Seagaia Resort goes way back to the seventies as it holds a high-end tag for a luxury resort in Miyazaki. They have a good staff to help you with your needs in your stay. There are lots of things to do like golf, Frisbee, walking a course, Nordic tour and more. Get a full view of everything and have some souvenir photos.


  • Address: Japan, 〒880-8545 Miyazaki City, Miyazaki Prefecture Yamasaki, Hamamatsu Hill
  • Phone:+81 985-21-1111
  • Hours: 8am to 9pm
  • Closed: Open all year
  • Activity: Luxury resort, beach

12. Have a good photo at Heiwadai Park

The Heiwadai Park is also called the Peace Tower Park is located in Miyazaki. It is built in the nineteen forties, essentially with a tower easily recognizable as the city’s iconic landmark. The stones used in the park came from other countries in Asia. The park is said to symbolize unity in the world, with a phrase in the tower saying ‘United under one roof’.


  • Address: Japan, 〒880-0035 Miyazaki Prefecture, Miyazaki, 下北方町越ヶ迫6146
  • Phone:+81 985-35-3181
  • Hours: 7am to 6pm
  • Closed: Open all year
  • Activity: Park, nature viewing

13. Visit stunning Sun Messe Nichinan tour

This beautiful park close to Miyazaki has a terrific beautiful massive and wide panorama of the Pacific and full reproductions of the Easter Island with the awesome Moai statues scattered around. Here is the only place within the world wherever restoration of those Moai statues has been allowed with permits. There are additionally feeding facilities and a guest ranch.


  • Address: 2650 Miyaura, Nichinan City
  • Phone: +81-987-29-1900
  • Hours: 9am to 5pm
  • Access: By bus it takes 60 minutes from Miyako City. Get off at Moai Cape.
  • Website: www.sun-messe.co.jp/

14. Visit the Miyazaki Prefectural Office to know history

If you’re going to Miyazaki, you should include the Miyazaki Prefectural Office on your list of places to visit in the city. It is a historic government structure that it has now become of one of the top destinations in Miyazaki. The building has been expertly preserved with tropical forests, woods, and greens surrounding the area. You will not see this sight in other prefectural offices in the country.


  • Address: 2-10-1 Tachibanadorihigashi, Miyazaki, Miyazaki Prefecture 880-0805, Japan
  • Phone:+81 985-26-7111

15. Beautiful viewing spot of Sea Cross

You can get your fill of ocean-side shrines and also the lovely inexperienced Park, which sits near Miyazaki the most beautiful terminus within the entire prefecture. There are lovely lookout points, as well as Sea Cross, a natural rocky and rugged formation with the sacred shape of a cross, with the turquoise waters of the Hyuga-nada Sea flowing through it.

You should not limit yourself in a single interest when you visit a certain place. You may want to diversify and immerse yourself in the culture of a certain area. But of course, always enjoy your journey.

Have a good trip and travel!

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