10 Places to Go Shopping in Yokohama

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Yokohama Skyline
Source: Takashi Hososhima

There is no shortage of shopping opportunities in Yokohama. No matter what you have come to the city for, you are bound to find it and plenty more! The city’s streets present the shopper with plenty of choices in traditional gifts as well as brand name products.

1. Motomachi Shopping Street

Motomachi Shopping Street
Source: OiMax

Motomachi Shopping Street is an outdoor shopping district spanning an area of five blocks. Shoppers are greeted with phoenix-shaped structures flanked at both ends of the street. While most visit the Motomachi area to admire the city’s best boutiques for top quality traditional Yokohama dresses known as Hama Tra, the shopping street also offers a variety of accessories, furniture, and street fashion. A large-scale  bi-annual sale dubbed the Charming Sale occurs each final week of February and September, attracting an influx of shoppers from around the nation.


  • Name: Motomachi Shopping Street
  • Address:  1-14, Motomati, Naka-ku, Yokohama
  • Website: http://www.motomachi.or.jp/en/

2. Minato Mirai 21

Source: Yoshikazu TAKADA

Affectionately known by locals as MM21, Minato Mirai 21 is essentially a large entertainment complex encompassing a variety of shopping options. Conveniently situated adjacent to Yokohama Station, the area is littered with trendy restaurants, upscale and modern hotels, and entertainment venues such as an amusement park, a theatre, and museum. This district, established on what once was a large shipyard prior to 1980, translates to “harbour of the future.” and is a premiere shopping destination for many due to its beautiful location along the Yokohama waterfront.


  • Name: Minato Mirai 21
  • Address: Minatomirai, Nishi Ward, Yokohama
  • Website: http://www.minatomirai21.com/eng/

3. Yokohama West Entrance Area

Takashimaya Yokohama
Source: OiMax

The Yokohama West Entrance Area located in the Kanagawa prefecture of the city is the largest shopping area in its district. It has established itself as a favourite hangout space for teenagers due to the area’s extensive collection of karaoke bars and arcade centers. In addition to large scale department stores such as Tokyu-Hands and Takashimaya, Yokohama West Entrance Area is also host to upwards of 1000 individual shops and boutiques, providing any shopper with ample choice.


  • Name: Yokohama West Entrance Area
  • Address: Yokohama Station West Entrance

4. Anpanman Children’s Museum

Anpanman Museum
Source: tenaciousme

Anpanman is the protagonist of a hit children’s television series in Japan, whose stories are also available as books. Anpanman’s Children’s Museum is a haven for all Anpanman fans. Its facility showcases a number of displays of Anpanman figures, play structures, restaurants, and even a themed hair salon. Children are engaged in meet and greets by Anpanman and his sidekicks, as well as screenings of the show.


  • Name: Anpanman Children’s Museum
  • Address: 4-3-1, Minato Mirai, Nishi-ku, Yokohama
  • Price: 1500 Yen
  • Opening Hours: 10AM-6PM
  • Website: http://www.yokohama-anpanman.jp/main.html

5. Mitsui Outlet Park Yokohama Bayside

Situated 25 minutes by train from Yokohama Station, Mitsui Outlet Park Yokohama Bayside is a resort outlet on Japan’s largest marina. Designed after the streets of Nantucket Island on America’s east coast, the grounds’s towering lighthouse, clock tower and windmill create an exotic atmosphere for shoppers. The roughly 85 factory shops including Coach, Michael Kors that compose Mitsui Outlet are managed directly by the brand.


  • Name: Mitsui Outlet Park Yokohama Bayside
  • Address: 〒236-0007 Kanagawa Prefecture, Yokohama
  • Opening Hours: 10AM-8PM daily
  • Website: http://www.31op.com/yokohama/english/

6. Isezakicho

Source: ko_bak

Isezakicho is a favourite shopping street among locals spanning 1.2 KM in length across the district of Naka Ward in Yokohama. Isezakicho also happens to be a choice destination for pregaming. So if you’re in town and in search of a party, start with the drinking establishments of  Isezakicho!


  • Name: Isezakicho
  • Address: Isezakicho, Naka Ward, Yokohama

7. Takashimaya

As one of Japan’s oldest luxury department stores, Takashimaya is also one of the nation’s most respected. Featuring both national and international brands, shoppers are presented with multiple floors of Western and Japanese goods. The basement is home to the most impressive food hall, one of the busiest in the area, where patrons are drawn in by their mouth-watering display of bento boxes ready made foods. Takashimaya’s seventh floor is dedicated to Yokohama souveniers.


  • Name: Takashimaya
  • Address: 1 Chome-6-31 Minamisaiwai, Nishi Ward, Yokohama
  • Opening Hours: 10AM-8PM daily
  • Website: http://takashimaya.co.jp/yokohama/store_information/index.html

8. Motomachi Union Supermarket

Motomachi Union
Source: shuzo serikawa

A quick glimpse into a local supermarket reveals many details about their daily life, and as such, a wander through the food aisles will teach you about their daily diet. Yokohama’s Motomachi Union Supermarket carries a wide range of food products, and is a great place to stock up on local snacks and drinks either for yourself or as souveniers.


  • Name: Motomachi Union Supermarket
  • Address: 4-166, Motomachi, Naka-ku, Yokohama
  • Opening Hours: 10AM-10Pm daily
  • Website: http://www.motomachi.or.jp/en/shop/shop72

9. Bic Camera

Bic Camera is Japan’s national discount chain selling everything and anything under the electronics category. Because of the nature of its business, each Bic Camera varies slightly in stock, but each floor of its multi-level facility is stocked piled with cameras, computers, home appliances, and even toys and sporting goods. Bic Camera is a must-visit for any techie.


  • Name: Bic Camera
  • Address:  〒220-0005 Kanagawa Prefecture, Yokohama
  • Opening Hours: 10AM-9Pm daily
  • Website: http://www.biccamera.co.jp.e.lj.hp.transer.com/shoplist/shop-005.html

10. Yamato Antique Market

Japanese Antiques
Source: spinster cardigan

Occurring on the third Saturday of each month is the Yamato Antique Market, a lively flea market that features over 200 vendors. Because of the market’s location, the event attracts various traders from both Yokohama and Kanagawa, and over the years has established a reputation for selling top quality traditional kimonos, arts and crafts, and handmade accessories and clothing.


  • Name: Yamato Antique Market
  • Address: Yamato Station
  • Opening hour: 6AM-4PM every third Saturday of the month

Shopping in Yokohama is an exciting and engaging experience, and most end up spending more than what they anticipated.

Have a good trip and travel!