10 Things to Do in Japan Summer

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Source: Reginald Pentinio

Summer in Japan might be extremely hot, but it is still a season that has so much to offer. Nature becomes green and flowers appear everywhere, creating the perfect opportunity for city escapades. But it does not stop here! We present you a list of 10 things to do  in Japan during summer!

1. Climb Mount Fuji

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Who hasn’t heard of Mount Fuji? A volcano that is considered Japan’s symbol, the 3776-meter volcano houses the most climbed trails in the whole country. The climbing season is opened every year in early July, when the snow permits accessing the trails. During the climbing season, many mountain huts and other facilities are available for tourists. The climb does not require any special skills, but is quite tiring because of its length.

2. Attend a festival

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Attending a festival can be a very good way of experiencing Japanese culture. While festivals are organized in any month of the year, the most interesting are the summer ones. You can see various interesting activities like parades, mikoshi (portable shrine) transportation, dances or musical performances, play festival games or enjoy the delicious street food.

3. Eat summer foods

Sourcr: Norio NAKAYAMA

What else can be better during a hot summer day than some food that will help you cool down? There are many Japanese foods that are traditionally eaten during summer such as hiyashi chuuka (cold noodles and vegetables dipped in a sauce), somen (cold wheat flour noodles that are served next to a dipping sauce) or kakigori (shaved ice with syrup).

4. Chill in Hokkaido

Source: Hajime Nakano

With its northern location and the many mountains in the area, Hokkaido has a milder climate than the rest of Japan. During the summer, when most of the country is very hot and humid, the temperatures on the island are comfortable. This is what makes Hokkaido a perfect summer destination. When temperatures in Tokyo are over 30 degrees, the ones in the north rarely go past 26 degrees. Many people travel to Hokkaido during the summer to escape the heat in the big cities.

5. Go hiking

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Summer is perfect for hiking trips. Not only you enjoy nature, but you also get to escape the temperatures in the big cities. And Japan has a lot of beautiful hiking options, like Mount Rokko (Kobe), Mount Takao (Tokyo), Noboribetsu (Hokkaido), Mount Yoshino (Nara), Daisetsuzan (Hokkaido), Mount Koya (Wakayama) and much more. There are trails fitted for everyone, from easy leisure walks to more difficult climbs.

6. Go to the beach

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Japan is abundant in beautiful beaches with fine sand. Summer means beach time! Go swim, play beach games, do water sports, enjoy sunbathing or simply take a long walk while barefoot. Some good destinations are: Shirahama Beach (Izu), Zaimokuza Beach (Kamakura), Emerald Beach (Okinawa) or Maiko Beach (Kobe).

7. Go kayaking

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Japan has plenty of waters suitable for river or ocean kayaking. Various kinds of tours can be organized which are usually lead by an experienced guide. This way, even inexperienced people can feel safe and enjoy the ride! The tours can last from one hour to as much as six hours and are usually organized when at least two persons apply. Small children have to be accompanied by a guardian while those under 3 years old cannot participate.

8. Go flower viewing

Source: Chi King

Summer brings with it many beautiful flowers like hydrangea, roses, irises, sunflowers and lavender. Why not go flower hunting? Some good destinations are Hase Temple in Kamakura (known for hydrangea), the Furano Flower Fields in Hokkaido (known for lavender and sunflowers) or Gunma Flower Park in Gunma Prefecture (known for irises and roses).

9. Go cycling

Source: Jim

There are many bicycle renting centers in the major cities throughout the country. Exploring Japan by bicycle can be very interesting, allowing you to discover many other interesting places than you would otherwise miss. Cycling in areas like Hokkaido can be very pleasant thanks to the low temperatures and the empty roads.

10. Go horseback riding

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Enjoying the scenic landscapes of Japan from the back of a horse will surely become a life long memory. There are many tours in different locations that will let you enjoy horseback riding with benefiting from the guidance of a private instructor. The tours usually range from 1 hour to 2 hours and feature a lesson in an enclosed arena followed by the actual walk.

Enjoy summer in Japan!

Have a good trip and travel!

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