7 Things you have to know about Harajuku Lovers

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Source: Ian Muttoo

Harajuku Lovers tour is the first solo concert which was made by famous American artist Gwen Stefani for the promotion of her debut album Love. Angel. Music. Baby. She made many tours to promote her album with her band but this was one of the famous tours. Some important information and things to know about Harajuku Lovers tour are given below:

1. Introduction about Harajuku Lovers Tour

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The tour consisted of only one leg and includes three months performances in which visiting Canada and the United States was the main focus. She appointed famous hip hop group The Black Eyed Peas and singer Ciara to perform with her in the opening acts of the tour. The video album of her tour was also released named as Harajuku Lovers Live.

2. History of Harajuku Lovers Tour

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Gwen Stefani decided to promote her album by performing a tour on 27 June 2005 and gave all the details of dates. The tour started on 16 October 2005 and ended on 21 December 2005. She initially refused for the tour and later regarded her tour as illegal because she did not intend to do it and also apologized her fans for breaking her promise. But because of the popularity of her album she had to do that Harajuku Lovers tour.

3. Outline of the Harajuku Lovers

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The show started with her performance on the song Harajuku Girls backed by her famous dancers and the video image of the song was also played on screens. The next performance was on the song ‘What are You Waiting For?’ Then next song was ‘Crash’ and the audience was divided into males and females and every half sang the lyric ‘Back It Up’ after her. After this, she performed on the song Luxurious, Rich Girl, Danger Zone, Long way To Go, Wind it up and many more songs from her album.

4. Criticism of Harajuku Lovers

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Critics of Harajuku Lovers tour have different opinions about this. They said that Stefani had performed only twelve songs from her Love. Angel. Music. Baby. Album and not acted on her previous works which she had done with No Doubt Band. Her performance at MTS centre was given three and a half stars by critics out of five. The music of her tracks was considered as “eminently forgettable”.

5. Broadcasting and Recordings of Harajuku Lovers

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The tour was recorded as Harajuku Lovers Live and was released on 5 December 2006. It was directed by Sophie Miller and it has all the songs from Love. Angel. Music. Baby and two songs from her new released album The Sweet Escape. The DVD also recorded interviews with musicians, dancers and how the tour was prepared. It was certified gold in Australia and platinum in Canada by various famous music companies.

6. Opening acts of the tour and Setlist

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The opening acts of the tour were performed from 16 October to 14 November by Black Eyed Peas, by M.I.A from 16 November to 1 December and by Ciara from 3 December to 21 December. The set list of performances was changed later on and a newly revamped list was issued. All the performances in the tour were made according to this revamped list of performances.

7. Products of Harajuku Lovers

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Gwen Stefani was famous for her fashion and eclectic styles. She followed the street fashion of Japan so she introduced a number of fashion products and fragrances with the name of Harajuku Lovers. These products include perfumes, toys, watches, love gifts and much more. The most famous product are the perfumes which are about 28 in number and were created in collaboration with perfume brands.

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