5 Things to Know about Takayama Jinja

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Takayama Jinya MAIN
Source: Kumiko

One of the famous historical places in Takayama is Takayama Jinya. A visit in this place is related to the glorious history of the rulers of the region. Specially, if you want to visit the old Japan, this is a must visit for you. And this article might help you to plan a great tour in Takayama Jinya.


1. History

Takayama Jinya 01
Source: LuxTonnerre

Takayama Jinya is the oldest local government office built in Edo period. The history goes back to 1692 when Takayama along with Hida province was under direct control of Tokugawa Shogunate. The building was rebuilt in 1816 but the original structure was maintained as the same. Among all other headquarters and offices during Edo period, this is the only one remaining today. The place had the public administration office, public affair office, official’s living quarter, messengers’ hall, grand hall, store house and more. At the present day, this is a significant historical landmark of Japan.

2. Present Day Condition

Takayama Jinya 02Source: Kimon Berlin

The place is popular for getting the authentic view of old and traditional Japan. The visitors love to explore the historical structure that was built centuries ago. Each room of the place has signs describing the name and the purpose of the room in English. Also, English speaking guide is available if you ask for them. Tourists also enjoy visiting the Takayama City Archives Museum which is located across the Nakabashi Bridge.

3. Jinya Asaichi – Morning Market

Takayama Jinya 03Source: Bryan

Takayama Jinya Asaichi, the morning market located right outside of Takayama Jinya, is a popular tourist attraction. It is considered as one the three best morning markets in entire Japan. Like the government office, the tradition of this market is also historical, it started in 1922. Local farmers’ fresh products such as fresh vegetables, fruits, pickles, flowers are available here.


  • Name: Jinya Asaichi
  • Address: Right outsideTakayama Jinya
  • Opening hour: 6.30 am to noon

4. No Shoes Allowed

Takayama Jinya 01
Source: Bryan

Takayama Jinya is still a place of great respect to the locals. Therefore, they do not allow shoes. Sometimes they provide the visitors slippers. So, you can use those. But if you are planning to visit, it would be better if you carry socks on your own, just in case. Sometimes they provide plastic bags to wrap around your feet instead of slippers.

5. Sanmachi Suji

Takayama Jinya 04Source: Nisa Yeh

A must visit place near Takayama Jinya. The streets still carry the structure from Edo period. And the place is full of restaurants, gift shops, local craft stores and sake breweries. The place might be more crowded than inside Jinya but you will enjoy the view and the products. And also the interesting street food of locals favorite is a great experience.

Have a good trip and travel!

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