10 Interesting Things You Must Buy at Daiso

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Source: Danny Choo

Owned by Daiso Sangyo Corp, Daiso is one of the most famous chains of the store in Japan. It is a tremendous franchise of 100 yen shops in Japan with more than 100,000 unique products of which 40 percent of the products are imported from different nations. There are around 2,800 stores in the nation while there are several stores in South Korea, and numerous in nations like United Arab Emirates, Australia, Cambodia, Indonesia. Macau, Taiwan, Hong Kong,Thailand and different nations. There are a huge number of 100 yen shops crosswise over Japan, extending in size from multi-story “retail establishments” to little corners in shopping centers. By and large, the vast majority of the things are priced 100 yen while there can be items which my cost minimal more than 100 yen. Here are some best things to purchase from Daiso Stores.

1. Fun Eraser For Kids

One of the best item which you can provide for your child or gift it to other kids. These fun erasers are extremely adorable in looks and are made up of good quality. There are a number of varieties of these kinds of erasers, which extend in shape from desserts and noodles to fruits and other items. They are made as if they are real which makes it amazing product to buy from Daiso Stores. They come as three for every pack, and they look so beautiful that you will be enticed to gather all the varieties of erasers.

2. Egg Timer

An astounding item which can help you to heat up the eggs consummately. Boiled eggs are used in various cuisines in Japan like for ramen and rice. So boiling an egg perfectly is a tough task and this where egg timer from Daiso comes handy. Simply put the egg timer and eggs into the heating pot, sit tight for the shading on the external edges to change from yellow to white, and haul the eggs out when the white region shows the solidness you need in the eggs. There are instructions for how you want to boil your egg.

3. Leek Cutter

One of the best kitchen items , it helps you in cutting leeks. This is a cutter with seven sharp edges that is perfectly customized to cut leek into dainty cuts. Utilizing an ordinary kitchen blade is tedious and frequently prompts uneven cuts, however, this cutter empowers you to cut leek in perfect slices in the blink of an eye. This prominent item is frequently appeared on TV and in magazines also.

4. Push Wash

Here is an item from Daiso that will make your kitchen and housework easier. Push Wash is a scouring brush for the kitchen with a cleanser gadget which is generally a detergent dispenser. Basically, push down with one hand to pull out the quantity of the detergent you want to wash the utensils or even floors and tiles. This implies you will never need to quit washing to stack up more cleanser. Push Wash can likewise be utilized on garments and tiles.

5. Microwave Ramen Cooker

Japan has a large variety of ramens which cook instantly in Styrofoam containers when you pour hot water into the cups, but the noodles never appear to turn out tasting entirely as great those sold in packs that you hurl in a pot cook it. And it takes the time to cook those perfect ramens. Unless that is, you happen to utilize Daiso’s Microwave Ramen Cooker. Just add the water needed to cook the ramen and then add the noodles, pop the entire thing in the microwave, and you’re ready.

6. Gardening Equipment

Most of us love gardening and we all need some equipment or tools to simplify the work and making it easy. A significant number of these apparatuses comes expensive. Be that as it may, Daiso has tremendous varieties of the item which can help you in gardening your lawns. You can find a large area of Daiso shop dedicated to these types of tools, and you can also find some very basic things which can help you in gardening. From tool stash, to full-estimate cleaning brushes, and basically anything sort of hardware you may require for maintaining the garden.

7. Kotokoto-kun

It is one of the most amazing product in Daiso, which helps in preventing the boiling item from flowing overflow from the equipment. You should simply drop Kotokoto-kun at the base of a cooking pot, and it’ll keep the substance from bubbling over. This is a to a great degree convenient thing to have in the kitchen, since as we know as long as we are there we will manage the boiling thing not to overflow but when we can’t watch over it, we can use this amazing product to watch over it.

8. Dust Roller

The dust roller is only a basic roller that has a substantial number of extremely sticky sheets wrapped around. Just remove the case, and begin moving over anything you need to clean. Once the appended sheet has gathered a great deal of dust, peel it off and utilize the following one. Dust Roller, for the most part, accompanies a second roll that is effectively joined once your initial one has been spent. You can likewise purchase bundles of simply the sticky sheets, so when it runs out you don’t have to buy a new one.

9. Stainless Soap

An amazing product by Daiso which removes odors from your hand instantly. Now you don’t have to worry about the smell which sticks to your hands and takes the time to fade away. Using this soap you can get rid of it really fast and it costs only 100 yen. The electric charge of stainless steel cleanser evacuates solid smells like fish, paint, and onions from the hands that are generally difficult to remove from hand instantly using soaps. Simply rub the soap and wash your hands.

10. Tube squeezer

Most of us would have tried squeezing out the paste from a toothpaste tube. It might be a time taking the task, but now here is a tube squeezer from Daiso which will save your time and will help you in taking out every bit of paste in the tube. It is a famous product used by many locals in Japan and it appears to have ended up sufficiently famous enough to be sold in the significant stores. Simply put it to the end of your tube and give it a turn to get each and every dropout. It additionally appears to accompany a gap in it so you can hang it in your washroom.


100 yen shops of Daiso features an amazing number of items, huge numbers of which are their own store marked merchandise, at a value that is frequently underneath the item’s genuine value. Daiso additionally has a huge choice of snacks, candies, and beverages that you can buy at great rates.

Have a good trip and travel!

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