5 Things to Know About Tokyo Fashion Week

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Fashio week
Source: Jason Hargrove

Fashion week is a fashion festival, lasting roughly one week. It is held twice a year in the “Big Five” cities where designers and brands showcase there latest collections to buyers and the media. This is where new trends are born for the upcoming seasons. The major fashion capitals of the world (Big Five): New York, London, Milan, Paris and Tokyo are the most prominent locations were these events are held.

1. Fashion Week is Fun

Show goers in Japan aren’t afraid of experimenting with color in a world where many fashion people tend to back to the men in black or all-black uniform. Even if you pocket only allows you to have such a wardrobe, this style ideas will tempt you to add a little color to into your life. It is not only fun to see the designer’s collections, but you have the opportunity to chat and share ideas with other fashion lovers.

2. Brands and Designers Showcase their Talents

To allow the press and buyers to have an opportunity to preview fashion designs for the next season, fashion weeks are held a few months in advance of the season. The autumn and winter collections are showcased in February and March while spring and summer are held in September and October. This is also to give time to retailers to purchase or include the designers into their marketing vends.

In Tokyo designers are in abundance and these events serves as a platform for upcoming designers on the point of breaking out and establish names. Some of the best brands are: and wander founded in 2011 by Keita Ikeuchi and Mihoko Mori, Avalon established back in 2013 by Susumu Miura, Discover Founded in 2001 by Tatsuya Kimura and Sanae Yoshida, and many more.

3. Awesome Street Style

Japan’s street fashion has become famous around the world for its amazing style.  Harajuku is the heart for Japanese street fashion for decades. Brands like BAPE and Undercover became household names by making their names on the street of Harajuku. Many designers with their latest collections got their start from this small neighborhood of Tokyo. While there might be other locations in Japan were street fashion thrives, Harajuku remains the unbeaten heart of Japanese street fashion scene.

4. A Cars Fashion Week

One could never think that there is a fashion show promoted by a car brand. Well, one of the Tokyo’s fashion weeks is the “Mercedes-Benz Fashion week Tokyo (MBFTW)” Japan Fashion Week Organization (JFW Organization) is the host for this event that is held two times a year that is on March and October.

Japan’s newest creations are showcased from different locations in Tokyo centered at Shibuya Hikarie and Mercedes-Benz Connection.

The Gender-bender dressing

By sporting in women’s attire the 17 years old Jayden smith has become famous. Many times he has participated in fashion campaign for Louis Vuitton women’s wear. Besides Jaden Smith, no one is good at gender-bender dressing more than the Japanese and for sure they can give Jayden Smith a run for his money in the boys who wear dresses area. Their attitude is always good and gives attention to details on the outfit they wear.


  • Name: Tokyo Fashion Week
  • Address: Tokyo, Japan
  • Period: February – March, September – October
  • Website: http://tokyo-fashion-week.jp/

The fashion week is the best time to explore what Japan has to offer. You may not be a fashion lover but this will be a worthwhile experience when you visit Tokyo.

Have a good trip and travel!

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