15 Things to Buy in Haneda Airport

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Haneda Shopping
Source: Antonio Rubio

Haneda Airport is located in Tokyo and it is a very unique and interesting airport that will provide you with plenty of fun while you wait for your flight. You can lounge and relax in various restaurants and cafés, but you can also use your free time to do some last-minute shopping and get yourself a couple of interesting souvenirs from Tokyo if you missed your opportunity while you were in the city.

1. Anime items

Tokyo Pop Town sells a variety of anime related items. There you can purchase very interesting clothing items that are limited editions and probably unavailable or sold out in the city. Every anime lover will enjoy shopping in this store because they have a wide selection of amazing items.

2. Starbucks tumbler

If you are collecting limited edition tumblers, it is good to know that you can find two Japan inspired tumblers here at Haneda Airport. The first one is the typical Japan tumbler sold at all airports, and the second one is the special Haneda Airport tumbler that changes colors once you put a hot beverage inside of it.

3. Gomaki

These unusually looking sweets are sold at just a handful of shops in Tokyo. One of them is located at Haneda Airport. You will be able to enjoy this delicious treat made from black sesame that is very healthy and nutritious while you are waiting for your flight to arrive.

4. Hello Kitty Daifuku

Avoiding Hello Kitty in Japan is quite impossible. If you are craving something sweet before you board the plane and start your journey, our suggestion is that you try Hello Kitty daifuku cookies. They are super creamy, soft, and very delicious. Plus, Hello Kitty daifuku cookies look so adorable!

5. Yojiya Products

Every girl likes cosmetics and browsing through Yojiya’s store is a dream come true. They offer a variety of high quality beauty products you cannot get outside of Japan so use the opportunity to treat yourself to some of their cosmetics. Your skin will be grateful, that is for sure.

6. Green Tea Cookies

Green tea is very popular in Japan and it is used in deserts as well. If you want to try a traditional dessert with a bit of a twist, green tea cookies are perfect for you. You will be pleasantly surprised at the taste and the sweetness of these cookies and we are sure you will be searching for a recipe as soon as you land.

7. Uniquely flavored Kit Kats

Source: Jordi Sanchez Teruel

Foreigners are always fascinated by a variety of Kit Kat flavors that are available only in Japan. So if you are in the mood to try a Kit Kat with wasabi or perhaps with green tea, you are in the right place. You can buy entire packages of these popular sweets at Haneda Airport.

8. Itoya Stationary

If you love collecting cute pens and notebooks, Itoya Stationary is the perfect shop for you. Japan is known for making adorable stationary so you will be able to add some interesting pieces to your collection. Plus, stationary is a great gift for pretty much everyone so if you forgot to buy your best friend something in Japan, head out to Itoya Stationary and choose a gift.

9. Royce Nama chocolate

Royce Nama is made of matcha which is one of the signature Japan ingredients and it is used in many desserts. So if you are looking for a lightweight souvenir that will represent this country perfectly, Royce Nama chocolate is very fitting. Plus, it looks very decorative and flawlessly made.

10. Toraya’s Youkan

Youkan is a very famous treat in Japan and many tourists are simply thrilled when they try it for the first time. It is a sort of solidified jelly that is made in different flavors. Toraya pays a lot of attention to packaging and the visuals so a box of Youkan sweets is an excellent gift as well.

11. Tea

haneda airport
Source: Connie

As simple as it might seem, tea is the perfect souvenir from Japan. Especially if you go for  more expensive tea leaves that are packaged in beautiful boxes that can be displayed on a shelf once you use up all the tea inside. There are plenty of tea shops at Haneda Airport so you will be able to find the perfect tea flavor for you.

12. Yoku Moku’s Cigare

These tasty cookies are rolled into a cigar shape. They are very light and perfect as a quick snack if you need some energy while you wait for your plane to arrive. Yoku Moku’s Cigare are made from natural ingredients and also very delicious. They are available in several stores at Haneda Airport.

13. Makanai Cosmetics

If you love organic cosmetics without a single trace of chemicals in the list of ingredients, you have to check out Makanai store at Haneda Airport. They do not test their products on animals so if you are against animal cruelty, this is a brand for you. Your skin will absolutely adore Makanai Cosmetics.

14. Mini Souvenirs

There are several vending machines scattered around Haneda Airport that offer these miniature figurines once you put in some coins in the machine. They are very detailed and usually depict local sites and attractions. Plus, you never know which one you will get so these vending machines are super fun.

15. Honihhi Apfelbaum

This limited edition dessert made by Karl Juchheim is created to be sold at Haneda Airport only. It is a very delicious treat made from apples and it is huge among both locals and tourists. Honihhi apfelbaum is simply amazing and you have to try it if you happen to be at Haneda Airport.

All in all, waiting for your flight at Haneda Airport will be an enjoyable experience. With so many things to see and try, we re sure that you will have lots of fun.

Have a good trip and travel!

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