10 Things to Know about Malaga Train Station

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Malaga Train
Source: Hugh Llewelyn

The Malaga Train Station is also known as the Maria Zambrano Train Station. The station is located a few kilometers from the Malaga City Center.So, you don’t have to worry yourself about getting there. It began its operations as from 2007 and has since grown to its now acclaimed stature. The station is a favorite to both locals and tourists alike. I bet that you will have to use their services at least once when you happen to be in the beautiful city of Malaga. Here are some features of the train station that you may want to know beforehand.

1. Accessibility

The train station is an easy place to find. Being centrally located, it is adjacent to the Malaga Bus Station. This makes the change from one mode of transportation to another, simpler and faster. It is also a few kilometers from the Malaga Port and Airport. Now, you can understand why I said earlier that you may have to use it at least once. This centrality makes it a commonly used means of transport in the city of Malaga.


  • Name: Málaga María Zambrano Train Station
  • Address: Explanada De La Estacion S/N 29002 Málaga
  • Opening hours: 6.00 – 23.00 daily
  • Phone: +34 902 43 23 43
  • Website: http://www.adif.es/es_ES/infraestructuras/estaciones/54413/informacion_000240.shtml

2. Shopping within the Station

Shopping Center
Source: John Perry

Yes, you got that right; you can go shopping at Malaga Train Station. It has a total 30000 sq. ft., dedicated to shopping stalls. These stalls have a diverse variety of goods on sale. If you happen to have forgotten something to carry with you, you can duck into one of the shops and buy it. You could also purchase something little to eat as you wait for your train. There is also a cinema and ten theaters there. This will be the right place to spend the few hours remaining until your train arrives.

3. Getting to your Destination

Source: Mikel Ortega

4. Restaurants

There is a four-star rated hotel located in the vicinity of the train station. When you feel like you can’t wait until you get to your next stop to have a fill, feel free to have a seat at the restaurant and order for something. You will be charged, definitely but lucky for you, the prices are fair and the dishes served are sumptuous. You will have a good meal and a comfortable voyage.


  • Name: Barcelo Malaga
  • Address: : Calle Héroe de Sostoa, 2, 29002 Málaga, Spain
  • Phone: +34 952 04 74 94
  • Website: https://www.barcelo.com/es/hoteles/espana/andalucia/malaga/hotel-barcelo-malaga/

5. Parking Area

Source: Hugh Llewelyn

There is a large underground parking at the train station. You will, however, park for a fee, also depending on the number of days you plan to leave your car there. The charges are, however, somewhat costly but if you an afford it, why not? You will be charged about 0,03 euros per minute and 1,85 euros per hour. On a positive note, the parking is well spaced and getting in and out is not as tedious. In short, there’s a smooth flow of traffic in and out.

6. Car Hire Offices

For those who don’t feel like they have traveled without them having a lot of luggage, then this will be a great opportunity for you to rent a car for use. Due to the station’s proximity and connection to the airport, you won’t have a hard time maneuvering around with your carry on. Hire a car there and get on your way to having fun. This will also be a great option for those who won’t like the idea of using the buses but need to get to the city center.

7. Tourist Information Center

At the Train Station
Source: Andrew Nash

Well, the station has got your needs at heart. This is where you get to ask the questions you have and also to ask for direction if you are not sure of where you need to be and at what time. Their friendly staff is always ready to give out a helping hand to those who may not know their way around. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or even for directions. The locals will also help you around, and you will feel more than welcomed.

8. Taxi Bay

Taxi parking
Source: Bogdan Migulski

Yes, you are not constricted to walking, using the bus or hiring a car. There are taxis lined up in this area ready for someone to hop in and off they go. You could get a taxi and get going, more so, if you are in a hurry. This applies mostly to those who may have had flight details and need to meet a particular deadline. You can beat it, do not despair. Get a taxi and be on your way.

9. Withdraw your Cash in a Jiffy

It happens to us all. Sometimes we underestimate the cost of things, and you find yourself in a fix. You have no one to turn to for assistance. Well, the ATMs available, offer you a second chance. Get you card out and withdraw the amount needed to book your ticket, hire a car or eat out. You may even have a sudden urge to see a movie, don’t sit down there bored. Get the cash needed and get yourself into one of the theaters open. See that film and have a splendid time.

10. Other Amenities

Source: Mario Sánchez Bueno

There are numerous services offered to those at the train station. A check-in facility to go check and confirm the time that the train will arrive. A cafe, to have some hot cocoa as you wait for the early morning train. A bar, as you have the last time hanging out with friends. There is a VIP Lounge for those who need some peace and quiet. Maybe you are still sad by the ‘sudden’ end of your tour. At the station, they’ve got all your needs covered.

Maria Zambrano Station is an ultra-modern train station that is fully equipped to meet the needs of its users. Whether you are a first-timer or a frequenter, you will always feel welcome at this train station.

Have a good trip and travel!

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