10 Best Beaches You Must Go in Lanzarote

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Source: Simon Turkas

Located in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Africa in approximately 80 miles, Lanzarote is one of the renowned Canaries Islands. Regarding population size, Lanzarote is the third most populated island among the canary’s island that includes others such as Tenerife and Grand Canary respectively. The vast number of islands in the Canaries often confuses holiday makers on where to make merry of their holidays. Lanzarote quite distinctively separates itself regarding its beaches that are far much more unique from the others. Notably, Lanzarote is a Spanish island.

1. Playa de Papagayo

Just as the name implies the ‘mother beach’. Playa de Papagayo is one of the many beaches in Lanzarote, but it doesn’t mean it’s quite big. Interestingly about this beach is that it is easily accessible by road but for the advantage it has its losses regarding many facilities. It’s quite disappointing in that it has very few services limiting the number of the customer to accommodate. The beach is right for its one-kilometer-long sandy beach, but it becomes desolate with few people. For someone who just wants to enjoy a peaceful time with nature with a little bit of mountaineering, this is the beach to go as it has all that mother nature offers.

2. Playa Chica

Playa Chica
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The Playa Chica is a relatively small beach but of the best standards regarding facilities. Its proximity to the old town. Play Chica offers an entirely different adventure as from the beach you can enjoy drinks in the old town or preferably watch the sunset. The small size of the beach is different from its facilities compared to the mother beach. The beach has got restaurants, a small snack bar, and resorts. Deep sea diving can be done in the waters of the Playa Chica as well as enjoying the sun while resting on the shores of the beach. It is a must-visit for anyone visiting the Lanzarote beaches.

3. Playa Grande

Playa Grande
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This iconic beach is the favorite for groups of people wanting to enjoy the beach as a group. Families can come for a great time here with water attractions available for kids to pass time and long walks for love birds. The beach is also quite big with lots of sand beds that are exceptionally clean. Playa Grande is an ideal beach to enjoy meals and just pass the time with top class catering services and necessary lifeguard duty. Not forgetting to make of sand models with the sticky sand at hand.

4. Playa Matagorda

Just immediately along the coastline after Playa Grande, you get to the beach named Playa Matagorda. The sand in this beach is a bit darker though not black which is unique from the popular white sandy beaches. The beach receives a small number of people hence it is quite good for walks along the coastline. Playa Matagorda characteristically has a narrow coastline with available fruit vendors and ice-cream vendors. There are massages also offered at the beach. Playa Matagorda quite nature makes it ideal for relaxing visits.

5. Playa Honda.

Playa Honda is directly east of Playa Matagorda and is below the Arrecife Airport. With passing planes over the beach, it is not that a good site for holidaymakers. Despite the busy airport, Playa Honda is quite resourceful due to the large number of facilities available such as restaurants, shopping malls, apartments, cottages and the beach its self. The Playa Honda Beach is a good place to have a taste of the famous Spanish tapas and has evening walks along the five-kilometer stretch of golden sand coastlines.

6. Playa Del Reducto


Playa Reducto is a unique beach as it is an urban beach located outside a town in Arrecife. It is endowed with rich golden brown sand good for children to play around and calm ocean waters that consistently creates cool breezes. The beach is ideal for families and children in general. Playa Reducto is not that big covering a small area of about five hundred meters long by fifty meters wide. The size is small, but it has all facilities one could need from restaurants to hotels and mostly visited by the locals.

7. Playa de las Cucharas

Playa de las Cucharas a local’s favorite beach with surfing academy located at the beach. Waters in this beach are filled with trade winds hence its good for surfing. The beach’ location is in one of the largest resorts in Lanzarote called Costa. The resort is frequently fully packed on weekends by the locals where they come to enjoy themselves with drinks. The beach is quite big and serves a large capacity of people hence, there are ships, restaurants and bars are in plenty. Thus, it’s also preferred by visitors on summer vacations.

8. Playa Bastian


Located on the long promenade, that is a long strip of pavements connecting several beaches in Costa Teguise.Playa Bastian has surroundings of Mediterranean flower gardens maintained by the locals and several facilities ranging from hotels, apartments and restaurants such as the Villa Toledo. The Playa Bastian has many rocks along its coastline and together with its vast size, sunbathing is much easier and enjoyable.

9. Playa Famara

Source: Antonio Ortega

The spectacular sight of kite surfs is what is a trademark for this beach located past the village of Famara Playa Famara is also famous for the massive cliffs that form right diving platforms. The beach also has local tapas to enjoy under the umbrellas. Local cafés in the town provide refreshments for the sports men, and the long coastline with sand beaches offer a chance for long evening walks and watching the sunset and sunrise. The Playa Famara area mostly visited due to their peace. Hence, it ranked the second most visited.

10. Playa Blanca

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Located in the southern parts of Lanzarote, it forms among the most visited beaches in stated town. The environment along the beach is quite peacefully the reason for the most visitors it receives. The beach just like others run along the city of the coastline. The sand along this beach is white, a liking to merriest makers as it supports mostly walks along the beach and sunbathing. The Playa Blanca has got several facilities located close to such as restaurants, shopping centers and hotels that accommodate the visitors it receives to capacity. Lanzarote is indeed a town of it kind with quite enough beaches to attract everyone’s attention.

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